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Product Manager, Opera Mini for iOS. Still passionate about coding and a mountain-biking enthusiast when not working.

New Opera Mini for iPhone and iPad now reduces video buffering


Isn’t the buffering wheel really annoying? We understand. Losing minutes every day because of video lag is no fun. So, we’ve created a solution for it: video boost. Today, we’re giving you the first internet  browser with video optimization — Opera Mini 9 for iOS, with video boost. This means less buffering while watching videos....

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Easier online reading with Opera Mini for iPhone and iPad

Reading online and want to check the definition of a word? It’s easier with Opera Mini for iPhone and iPad. Just tap on a word to highlight it, and you’ll see that you can choose from Copy, Define or Search. If you want a quick answer, tap Define. It takes you to the built-in dictionary...

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Opera Mini for iOS: Text wrap and zoom options

Opera Mini for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad moves to version 8.0.2 today. In this new version, we’ve placed the text wrap and zoom options back into the app. Here’s how you can activate them on your iPhone and iPod Touch: 1. Set Data Savings mode to Opera Mini. 2. Tap Advanced Settings. 3. For...

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Opera Mini for iOS: How to activate single column view

We’ve updated Opera Mini for iOS to version 8.0.1, which includes stabilization improvements and a few bug fixes. The most visible change should be good news for those of you using Opera Mini on iPhone and iPod Touch: single column view is back. Single column view transforms webpages to fit the screen width. This way,...

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Opera Mini for iPhone and iPad: A complete makeover

Get going with the all new Opera Mini for iPhone and iPad! It comes with a completely new look. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll see what a great fit it is for your iOS device. And, don’t worry, it still comes with Opera Mini’s popular compression technology that saves you mobile data. Choose which compression mode is...

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