Do you still remember your first mobile phone? Not your first smartphone. Well, for many of us it might have been a smartphone. But for the rest, it was a basic phone with a keypad. Was it the size of a brick? Did it have a camera?

Before the world started rushing into smartphones with more developed operating systems, basic feature phones were the coolest things ever to have in your pocket. So long as you had that little color screen and were able to connect to the internet on a 2G network,you were the happiest person on Earth.
Hereโ€™s the Opera team sharing memories of their first phones:

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  • Mi first moblie phone was a Siemens A53, it has a little monochrome display, but was great. Mi first phone with internet access was a Nokia 3220, with the cool lights ๐Ÿ˜€

  • garry

    I still have every mobile phone I’ve ever owned;
    Nokia 3210
    Nokia 6510 (My first phone with basic WAP internet connectivity)
    Nokia 3230 (My first real smartphone in 2005 running the venerable Symbian OS and the first phone I used Opera Mobile on)
    Sony Ericsson W960i
    Nokia 6700 (back to a feature phone and not so much of a backward step after the abysmal W960i)
    Nokia E6
    BlackBerry Q10
    Nokia N9 (Beautiful phone running the very promising Meego Harmattan OS. Oh what could have been if Microsoft never got it’s vulture claws into Nokia. Never used as main phone)
    Nokia X2 (Bought as a cheap novelty for being one of the only Nokia branded phones running Android. Also never used as main phone)
    WileyFox Storm…

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  • I remember my first phone. Many years later, people will ask about our youth’s phones. Im sure they will be surprised when they see today’s phones. Thanks for topic