Get easier access to what you want on the web

From today, you’ll see a brand new bar in Opera Mini right on top of the search and address bar. This lets you choose what categories you want from your searches – from photos to videos to news.

You’ll see this new bar in Opera Mini’s classic layout. Give it a try and see how much faster you can find what you’re looking for.

Opera Mini Android Search Google New Address Bar

Control your downloads better

This new version isn’t just about finding great stuff on the web. We want you to be able to download your favourite music, videos and articles and have them at your fingertips whenever you want. In fact, downloading on your phone is becoming more and more important.

Since you’re downloading more, we’ve created some extra ways for you to take more control of your downloads. Here’s how:

Tame big downloads

If you’re a movie fan, addicted to a bunch of TV series or want to download entire albums of music at a time (because just one Justin Timberlake song just isn’t enough, let’s face it), you can decide how to handle these bigger downloads in a way that best suits your connection and data plan.

In Opera Mini’s download settings, choose Wait for Wi-Fi if you want to avoid data charges, Download directly if you want it straight away no matter what or Always ask if you want decide each time what best suits you.

Opera Mini Android Download Large Settings

Queue up a bunch of downloads

Maybe you like to select a lot of files to download or want to queue up a bunch before you get home to the comforts of Wi-Fi. If you tap Concurrent downloads, you can select how many files you want Opera Mini to download at one time before moving on to the next.
For example, if you have 10 files waiting to download and select 2 in the Concurrent downloads option, then the first two will start downloading straight away and, when they’re done Opera Mini will start on the next two. This is really handy for managing your data and prioritizing different downloads.

Opera Mini Android Concurrent Download Settings Control

Fine-tune your downloads

You can also Always show download list and decide if you want to be shown your downloads when they start or continue browsing while they finish in the background.

And if you want Opera Mini to ask where you want to store each download just tap Ask before downloading.

If you don’t have it already, download Opera Mini and try out your new swiss army knife of ways to download.

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  • tarkus

    Are we going to see flash support (many videos & streams are still using flash) & extensions (especially adblock since ads are dozens, awful and always get in the way)? Unfortunately I have to use a secondary browser – much worse than Opera – to cope with the afore-mentioned problems.

    • Ruth_opera

      Unlikely to have extensions but we are discussing ways of tackling ads (we agree they can be a pain in the…). It’s a shame about the Flash situation. Unless Adobe and others involved have a change around then it’s unlikely we’ll start supporting it, especially when it’s being used less and less. Although I know it’s still used in places. Interested to see what happens with it in the next few months

      • tarkus

        Thanks for the immediate response! Another thing: Opera is the only (literally the only) browser not compatible with videos from I cannot watch any stream from this site.

        • Ruth_opera

          Hmm yeah weird, having lots of issues with it even on the desktop browser. I’m chatting to the teams about it now see what the deal is. Thanks for the poke!

          Edit: OK, so (on desktop) with Flash up to date it mostly works OK but, to be honest the amount of ads was NUTS and it even caused my browser to restart twice :S Tried on the mobile browsers but even Opera for Android’s popup blocker struggled to filter all the horrid adverts, which made testing difficult 😛 I’ll see what else I can find out but the site isn’t making it easy haha

          • Are there a lot of animated ads? I have noticed a lag recently with sites with a lot of animated content.

            Adobe stopped support for Flash Player on Android many years ago, recently they are also pushing HTML5 for video content.

      • monkeyfish

        How about a ‘tap-to-play’ option on flash/html5? Actually a click-to-play feature on html5 videos is one that’s missing from desktop opera as well. A block animated gifs option would be nice on all them too. I’m fine with normal adverts, it’s just the moving ones I want to block.

  • David Challinor

    Hey Ruth,
    After 4yrs I have just made the jump from iOS to Android and I am really enjoying the new experience. The first thing I did was download ‘ Opera Mini’ and ‘Opera Max’ ( not available yet on iOS ) both FANTASTIC!!! data saving apps… and they are FREE!!!
    I have been a massive Opera fan and used Opera for browsing for several years and I enjoy the journey of progression Opera are making in this field. Data use on mobile devices is only going to increase and become more and more important to the user.
    With Opera’s apps on my device I feel very much in control of my browsing experience and more importantly I am in control of my data usage. Using these apps I don’t just save a little data I save a lot and I can see my savings clearly illustrated to me. This means more browsing, more watching videos… and less data use 🙂
    Thank you for the latest update, Opera are right downloading to your mobile device and watch offline when it is more convenient is very important. The new additions to Opera Mini are great and very welcome.
    Thank you Opera.
    P.S. my only wish list feature would to be able to change the apps background ( you could do this on the iOS version – though not make it black ) I like the dark themes and black backgrounds,

    • Ruth_opera

      Hello there David! It’s so great to have you as part of the Opera family 😀 really glad you’re liking our Android apps too and feel it gives you more control. More and more important these days I think. Really appreciate your kind words and feedback!
      I’ll certainly pass on your comments about being able to change the background, maybe it’s something we can look in to next year but I’m not sure on the status of it right now.
      Keep letting me know what you think of our apps and enjoy the rest of your week 🙂

  • Danny

    Recently I have learned that my hotmail email account was hacked multiple times; and was almost making a research to find out how I was exposed at such unprecedented level. The process took me a while as I had to inspect all 3rd party applications on my computer one by one but I ended up with no success!
    My next target was my smart phone and I followed the same approach by manipulating my passwords and removing all the apps leaving the ones from ‘trusted’ sources like Opera! . . .again ended up with no success…
    Finally I landed on a working solution after learning about IP2LOCATION ( which is a web based tool to trace back IP addresses and I couldn’t believe my eyes reading where the hacking originated from. The IP address used to hack my account but maliciously registered as if it was from ICELAND was in fact from the US; and both the ISP & the DOMAIN indicated OPERA SOFTWARE ASA or OPERA.COM were sources of the abuse.

    I wish I could post evidences, but, anybody who is reading this can go to and find out the truth; I’m wondering if OPERA will ever give me explanation on such unethical behavior. . .

    • Ruth_opera

      Hi Danny,
      With these services be sure to check the “forwarded from” headers, this shows who actually made the requests to those servers in question. If you still have concerns please email us any time at so our teams can take some more info and investigate further.

  • Michał

    Hi! i wanna ask U if will be possible in Opera Mini, Opera for Android and Opera for WIndows chang search engine on Duckducogo, or other. I ask U because some people don’t like google private stategy and prefer other search engine 🙂

    • Ruth_opera

      As a DuckDuckGo user I agree! You can change them now but they revert back to Google if you close and re-open again. To be honest there’s nothing on the cards for full search engine switch yet but will probably be talked about more over the coming months. I’ll pass on your comment as feedback

  • monkeyfish

    Any chance of an option to change the colour of the red bar? I know it’s the opera colour, but it’s quite a bright one. It goes grey when clicking, how about grey normally and red when clicked?

    • Ruth_opera

      Not at the moment but I’ll pass your feedback on 🙂 if you don’t mind not having a bottom bar you can switch to Phone layout and the top bar is changed just to the normal grey one