Let’s face it, you have several choices of smartphone mobile browsers, and choosing the best one for you may be tricky.

Opera alone has five options. Our different mobile browsers have slightly different features to fit the type of device you’re using, but they all carry Opera’s compression technology. Compressing mobile data means you can get faster internet access even in bad network conditions. Also, when you save mobile data, it means you can also avoid any nasty shocks on your phone bill.

To help you choose, here’s a quick guide through our mobile browser family:

Opera Mini for Android

Get this mobile browser if:

  • You have an older or less powerful Android phone.
  • You often browse in slow mobile networks.opera-for-android

Opera Mini has both high- and extreme-compression modes. You can switch between them depending on the network quality.

If you download files on your phone, Opera Mini tells you when your files are finished downloading.

Opera for Android

Use this mobile browser if:

  • You have one of the recent, more powerful models of Android phones.
  • You watch a lot of videos.
  • You want to save storage on your phone.
  • You want to see pages as they would look on a desktop computer.video-compression-opera-for-android-1

Opera for Android is a full browser, which means you can see websites as they would look on a computer. But, of course, if your connection is bad, you can still turn on compression.

If you watch a lot of videos on the go, then Opera for Android is perfect for you. It has a video compression feature. This means you save on mobile data and get faster video in poor connections.

One of the handy things this browser can also do, on top of the essentials, is delivering some relevant articles straight to your start page. Also, you can add icons for your favorite sites to your phone’s home screen – you get quick access even without having to install their apps.

Opera Mini for Windows Phone

This mobile browser is for you if:

  • You want to use an alternative browser other than the default.
  • You want to browse faster.opera-mini-for-windows

This browser gives you a daily, weekly and monthly view of data savings. So, you can easily see how much megabytes you spent. On top of that – private tabs, background themes and some additional keyboard features make it a great alternative to the default solution.

Opera Mini for iOS:

This mobile browser is your best match if:

  • You watch a lot of videos.
  • Data savings is important for you.
  • You like to personalize your device.opera-mini-for-iosOpera Mini for iOS is known for its efficient video optimization. If you watch a lot of videos and hate waiting for them to load, this is the way to go. Along with other popular Opera features like tabs, bookmarks, Speed Dial and Discover, you can also personalize this mobile browser by changing the background image.

Opera Coast for iOS

Use this mobile browser if:

  • You want an entirely different way to browse.
  • You like discovering new content.opera-coast-for-ios

Can you imagine a browser without any buttons? It exists – it’s called Opera Coast. The navigation is gesture based, leaving all the screen space to the websites. Check out these features that can help you make the most of Opera Coast.

Which Opera is your browser of choice?

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  • Nachiketa Ramesh

    I wan’t Opera Coast, on Android. But that’s probably not happening. :-<

    • Ruth_opera

      Actually it’s being worked on now 😛

      • Nachiketa Ramesh

        AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy right now. You totally made my day.

        • Ruth_opera

          No problem 😛 hey, if you’re interested in testing the beta when it’s ready send me an email to social-networks@opera.com and I’ll make sure you’re on the list

          • Nachiketa Ramesh

            Done. Awesome XP. Thanks so much

          • taudorinon

            Can I join, too. I would really like to test coast browser.

          • Ruth_opera

            Sure thing! Send me an email to the email address above and I’ll make sure you’re on the list 🙂

          • taudorinon

            Just dropped a mail. Thanks a lot.

  • netwolf

    I want a Reader Mode in Opera, like available in all default mobile browsers (Safari, Andoid browser). I’d exchange every kind of compression against Reader Mode without a second of hesitation, there’s nothing better for browsing on mobile devices (don’t even need an adblocker anymore…).

  • Those browsers just need a good download manager for all media files/sites and an Ad-Blocker or even supporting extensions -.-

    • Ruth_opera

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂 we’re discussing ad blocking at the moment. We’ve got some more changes to the download manager for Opera Mini on Android but if you have specific requests for any of the browsers of course let me know!

    • matpower

      Same here, I would switch to Opera for Android if it had adblocking(or/and a reader mode), right now I’m using Lightning+(since it got both) and Opera Mini when I need to browse using data. 😛

  • my smart phone is iphone 6 and in generally ı usually use to safari. Safari is browser to ios system. For instance google chrome is fast to another browser but safari is the best browser.

    • Ruth_opera

      Fair enough! iPhone/Apple also make it extra easy to keep using Safari. Would love to hear your feedback on Opera Coast though, it’s quite different I think. They’re also bringing some more cool features to it in the near future

      • jedy123

        Private browsing or better way to delete browser history, cookies etc.

  • AlaaGh

    [Opera Mini iOS] History/password synchronisation, for then ?

  • Siko69

    Please Update Opera on Windows Phone because actual version isn’t very good …

  • At a time when there’s a big active community ‘jailbreaking’ & ‘rooting’ to get phone real estate back and be rid of bloat…opera heads towards 100Mb. I get more functionality, & no data hog ‘discover’, on an 800Kb browser presently, unfortunately not Opera.