It’s celebrations all around with the recent, exciting launch of the new Opera Mini. Within 24 hours, there were 1 million downloads of the new Opera Mini, and it became a worldwide high-ranking, trending app. A big thanks to everyone who’ve used Opera Mini for a long time and welcome to those new to the Opera Mini family!

But, we’re not stopping there. If anything, we’re more excited to give you improved features like night mode.

Browsing at night: Beware the blue-violet light

night mode

Being night owls ourselves, we’ve been trying different approaches and comparing notes to find out what works best. But, also being engineers, we have studied a lot about the effects of the light, especially light from smartphones, on our sleep patterns. It is not only tomorrow’s finals that are keeping you up all night, it’s also the blue-violet light coming from your screen!

Sleeping problems may also appear because of this blue light. Light is one of the best biological cues that tells our body what time it is. A tone of blue light, emitting from the smartphone, tells your brain it’s daytime, keeping you in get-up-and-go mode, stopping you from relaxing into a good sleep state.

Browsing in night mode: The Opera Mini way

We’ve been thinking about a way to give you the best night-mode browsing. Altering the look and feel of a webpage, which, in many cases, has been carefully designed to reflect the author’s style, felt wrong – there had to be a better way.

So, today we are presenting you night mode done right. We have a combined setting that allows you to select how dim you want your screen to be, but we also have a “reduce eye strain” mode, which changes the tone of the light emitted by the screen from blue-violet to warm red-orange, which is more pleasant at night, reduces eye fatigue, and won’t keep you awake. So, next time you are reading in bed, you can choose whether you want to read to fall asleep or to prepare for tomorrow’s exam.


To use it go to Settings > Night mode… / Enable. Then, choose the option to reduce eye strain and adjust the brightness level

For more help on getting started with the new Opera Mini features, check out this handy, step-by-step guide.

If you have more questions, you can join the discussion on the blog, comment below or come say “Hi!” on Twitter and Facebook. 🙂

Sweet dreams!


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  • Alugandula Saikiran

    oh finally…thanks

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  • NoName

    Great with a night mode! But why are speeddial as well as the default background-color still in white? Would be nice with a dark-greyish color instead.

    This is also an issue for me on Opera Mobile. The white default background is flashing my eyes when navigating.

    • Ruth_opera

      Thanks for your feedback 🙂 Is it still a pain with the night mode activated? Either way, I’ll pass on your comments /Ruth

      • NoName

        I have only done some quick testing , and while I really like the feature, I still see room for improvement.
        The default background color is the worst one. Navigating on a dark site can cause flashes from black to white, and then back to black again.
        This is of course a worst case scenario. On bright sites (most sites today), this is obviously not a problem.

        I actually currently use an app that does pretty much the same. It’s called “Screen Filter”, and can do dimming for all apps.
        It has a slight performance hit, but it’s worth it at night. (But it don’t have the “Reduce eye strain” feature 🙂

        I have used this app for some years now, so extra dimming is not a new experience for me.
        I’m usually using Opera Mobile, and the problem with the white flashing on navigation has always annoyed me.

        Even more feedback:
        The Opera UI is white. When you are on a dark site, the white UI bar is quite bright. And yes, that’s with extra dimming. Everything is relative when it comes to light…
        Sadly you can’t just make it black with night mode, cause you use the black color for private mode 🙁 – That could cause some confusion.

        I hope you find some great solutions.

        • Ruth_opera

          We’ll work hard to keep improving for you 🙂 In the future we’ll be adding even more customisation so hopefully that will tick a lot of these boxes with reference to UI setup.

          Very much appreciate your support in the meantime. Keep me up to date with your experience!

  • Adoxographist

    Would be nice if the night mode was more easy to access. Like in the “O” drop down menu instead of in settings.

    • Ruth_opera

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂 The poor little ‘O’ menu might start to get a big crowded with everything in there! We prioritise that space for access to things people use the most frequently. If Night mode becomes one of them then it might sneak its way on there /Ruth

  • Sidney Moraes

    We could have that feature on Opera browser for Android!

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  • Bilginin Evi
  • thanq u so much… can u give night themes

  • ali

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  • oh finally.. yeah, thanks opera, my website is work fine on opera browser

  • Elazığ oto kiralama

  • Very nice and Thanks.

  • I’m confused !! what is special in this night mode browser?

  • oh shit , every time before sleep i do that with bright mode 🙁
    thanks for this information


  • Night mode can save power. This is the creative invention for us.

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  • Rudi Nugroho

    It is possible at night mode,
    make the background become black, or dark color.