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Opera Next 20.0.1387.59 update

We are getting closer with each day to the final release of Opera 20. This update contains the important fix for the dangling processes some of you encountered after closing Opera window. Please check if it’s fixed for you :) Have fun testing, thank you for the feedback.


  • Fought off zombie invasion from invisible windows/processes


Full changelog

Opera 18 developer stream

As summer glides away to be replaced by the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, we're releasing the first iteration of Opera 18 in the Developer channel. If you don't notice that much differences from latest O17 dev stream, don't worry, this is our 18 "early bird", which will be refined and enhanced until features are frozen and it moves into the Next channel for bug fixing. There is more to come!

The initial new features are

  • Moving tabs between windows works on Mac and Windows
  • Installing themes is stabilized and enabled by default
  • Lots of bugs are fixed: full changelog
  • New engine version

As we make updates, you'll hopefully see enhancements to Quick
Access Bar, tab handling, more settings, right click on edit fields to create searches, improvements on HDD usage, Synchronization (Opera Link) might be available in two weeks time, and others.

Note that features will be shipped when they're ready, so the list above may change if we encounter showstopper bugs or UI nasties, in which case they'll be rolled over to another release. For the same reason, it's possible that features may be removed before Opera 18 goes to the Next channel.

There is no Linux version of Opera available yet. As always, we'll be delighted to hear comments about bugs or UI.

Known bugs

  • DNA-11123 Popup sometimes fails to be displayed


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Opera Next 16 – for weekend testers

A weekend without testing new Opera Next build is just no fun at all,
so we are giving you another build to play with. This time it contains
mostly bug fixes around tab bar area and couple of crashers, neatly
eradicated by our developers. Check out the change log below for more
details. Have a nice weekend, stay tuned for future updates.


  • Disappearing text in Google search is no more!
  • Number of fixes for tab bar
  • … and more

Full changelog


Known issues

  • DNA-8270 – Most of HTTP sites don’t load with off-road mode enabled.

Opera Next 16 update

Hi folks! Temperature in Wrocław is way above 30 Celsius degrees, but that doesn’t mean we are not working on our browser. We decided to provide you another update of Opera Next stream, this time we provide fixes for annoying issues that didn’t make it on Wednesday update, fresh Chromium and bunch of other improvements.

Thank you for your feedback after last update. Enjoy your weekend and have fun testing :)


  • Upgrade Chromium to 29.0.1547.32
  • Sprayed fly spray on DNA-8918 (a windows 8 dialog saying “No apps are installed to open this type of link (about))
  • Swatted DNA-8133 – On Windows XP opera_autoupdate.exe throws an error with credui.dll library.
  • Various other fixes

Full changelog


Known issues

  • DNA-8751 – Disappearing text in Google search
  • DNA-8270 – Most of HTTP sites don’t load with off-road mode enabled.

Ctrl+Z of Ctrl+D

Hi, I’m Krystian Kolondra, Manager for Opera Desktop.

After our recent post on the vision behind Opera 15 and beyond, it’s time to give you some more information on our plans for our desktop browser.

After yesterday’s Chromium update to Opera 15 stable (on Windows there will be one more update today), Opera 16 will be soon available in the Next channel (most of the team are having a break now it’s temporarily stopped snowing in Oslo).

We said that we’re currently focussed on Opera Link, improved tab handling and themes. However, after listening to your feedback,  the first thing we have done is to make sure to prioritize the work on native bookmarking functionality.

Why we didn’t have it in the first place? Here’s a peek into some of the stats we collected to find out more about our users.

Since 2007 we’ve been asking randomly-selected people if we could anonymously collect information from their Opera install (via opera:config#UserPrefs|EnableUsageStatistics) so we could see the features they use. Some of these users have volunteered to give us this data since 2007.

Based on the group of 100,000+ users, we saw that more than 90% of our users never actually added a single bookmark to the ones shipped with Opera. What most people actually do is:

- keep their favorite sites open all the time
- use above together with sessions
- use Speed Dial

We have seen also that quite often people do need Ctrl+D/Cmd+D functionality – just to store things so to be able to come back to them later. The result for many was actually several pages of bookmarks in the root folder, making them quite unusable if someone wanted to access them from the menu. That’s where Stash with visual indicator and fulltext search comes in handy.

But we understand that removing bookmarks entirely for the people who actively use them is a big change, so we are going to build bookmarking functionality as a priority.

I can’t give you a date, and it won’t be a clone of Opera 12, but I wanted to tell you that we are listening to you, and that I realize that not having bookmarks as people are used to makes it harder to switch to Opera, whether you are coming from Opera 12, or from any other browser.

Thanks for all your feedback to our VERY passionate community :)

Russian translation

Opera 15


We are starting the summer season in a good mood today. While we are still working on the 12.16 version, which you should expect really soon, we have released the stable version of all-new Opera 15 for Windows and Mac. I'll get back to 12.x later in this post, but for now let me focus on the great new release we have today.

In Opera 15, we've refreshed Speed Dial to allow you to group your entries in folders and to filter them easily. We have introduced the Discover feature, which brings you new content with just one click. Now, you can also add pages you want to keep to your Stash and create a visual list of any web content you want to compare or come back to later. Also, our combined address and search bar makes searching easy and straightforward. Last, but not least, is a great UI, completely new, built from the ground up and deeply integrated with the platform.

Opera 15 is released, but it doesn’t mean we're relaxing now. With our new rapid-release cycle, we are already hard at work on the next versions. Right now, we are focusing on synchronization (aka Opera Link), enhanced tab management (visual tabs and so on) and support for themes – and these are just a few of the features you can expect to find soon in our next releases! So, stay tuned for some of the most loved features to return soon, better than ever.

Together with the new Opera, we've introduced release streams:

  • Opera (Stable) – Released every couple of weeks, this is the most solid version, ready for mission-critical daily use.
  • Opera Next – Updated more frequently than Stable, this is the feature-complete candidate for the Stable version. While it should be ready for daily use, you can expect some bugs there.
  • Opera Developer – A bleeding edge version, you can expect a lot of fancy stuff there; however, some nasty bugs might also appear from time to time.

When you install Opera from a particular stream, your installation will stick to it, so Opera Stable will be always updated to Opera Stable, Opera Next to Opera Next and so on. You can choose for yourself which stream is the best for you. You can even follow a couple of them at the same time!

We have neither asked nor forced our 12.x users to upgrade to Opera 15, as we know that some features that are important to you are still to come. So, while you are very welcome to test and use Opera 15, Opera 12.x will still be alive for some time. You can expect that we will keep Opera 12.x up to date and secure. In the future, once we are comfortable with the feature set, we may ask you to upgrade.

So … have a great summer and enjoy the product we are proud to release today! Download it now!

12.13 Final released

First final version of Opera in 2013 is here! We have just released Opera 12.13, this is a recommended stability and security update for all users. It also includes couple of bugfixes, most noticeably fixes for not loading any pages when Opera was started without Internet connection and internal communication error on Facebook. We would like to thank you all for helping us with testing 12.13 :up:

You can get your favourite browser on opera.com. Changelogs are available here.