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Working at Opera since January 2009. Currently I am team lead for our Linux desktop browser.

Update to Opera developer 28.0.1750.5

The stabilization of Opera 28 is now underway, meaning that all new features and major changes will be going into Opera 29. In this build we have fixed the most common crashers and we have updated Chromium. We think this build is getting close to beta quality, though there are a few more issues with...

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Update to Opera developer 28.0.1747.0

Another day, another update to Opera developer, with 30+ further fixes and improvements since the build we put out on Friday! There are two nice highlights for this release. Firstly, the heart is now shown as disabled when bookmarks are moved to the trash via the “Remove” button in the bookmark popup. Secondly, we continue...

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Update to Opera developer 28.0.1738.0

Happy New Year! Most of the desktop team have returned from their holidays and are back to working on your favorite browser, so we thought it might be a good time to give you another release. Additionally, the annoying known issue from the previous build is now fixed. So no more crashing when activating find...

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Opera developer 28.0.1719.0 update

Today we update Opera developer to version 28. It includes a major version upgrade to Chromium (41.0.2236.0). It also includes more than 150 key fixes and improvements to Opera. As always this is just the first 28 developer build, so expect further fixes and improvements in the future. Known issues Opera crashes on activating find...

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