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Working at Opera since January 2009. Currently I am team lead for our Linux desktop browser.

Centered images in Opera developer 29


Today’s update includes a small (but frequently requested) tweak to how we display links to images. Previously they left aligned and now they are centered. So no more turning your head hard left, when viewing images on your wide screen monitor! Here is a screen shot to show how “perfectly balanced” the image display now...

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Update to Opera developer 29.0.1778.0

Today we updated Opera developer to 29.0.1778.0. This release is mainly about bug fixes and small improvements. A few common crashes found via our automated crash logging tool have also been resolved. One minor, visual change you might notice is to the share dialog, which now better represents the bookmarks you are sharing with others....

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Sync your bookmarks with the new Opera beta 28

Today, Opera 28 reached beta quality and is ready for wider testing and feedback. Opera beta 28 includes a number of interesting improvements, particularly regarding bookmarks. For example, you can now sync your bookmarks between computers and/or Android phones, and get bookmark suggestions when you type in the address field. We made some nice Mac changes, such...

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Update to Opera developer 28.0.1750.11

Today Opera developer 28 receives further stability enhancements to help bring it up towards beta quality. In addition, the internal Chromium version has been updated to 41.0.2272.35. Thanks in advance for your comments and feedback. Changelog and download links Opera developer for Windows Opera developer for Mac Opera developer for Linux Full changelog

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