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Opera 21 Developer stream today!

We are releasing Opera Developer 21 today.

This developer release got somewhat delayed due to unforeseen problems. However, we are back on track and eager to show off the new version.

The main highlight is integration of Aura on Windows. Aura is a hardware-accelerated rendering of the browser, including the user-interface. This enables less-taxing UI animations and a general sleeker and more responsive feel to the whole UI.

From big things to a small thing (but which will please many of you): there’s now a setting to make Opera browser always show the absolute address in the address field. While many consumers appreciate the emphasis on the domain name and just the essential information; our power users and web developers often need to see the full URL. Simply go to “Settings | Advanced: Show always full URL in address field” and it’s “Hello, absolute address!” from then on.

Mac now has full keyboard support for web apps such as Google Docs and GitHub.

Hope you are all as eager to try out Opera 21 Developer as we are about shipping it! Make sure to skim through the changelog to find more gems.

As always, please let us know about any bugs or oddities.

Known issues

  • Non-native scrollbars and buttons on internal pages
  • Norwegian partner content (Speed Dials) may show up in other regions on Windows XP


Full changelog.

Opera 19 is going stable!

Opera Internet Browser 19

Opera has now come to version number 19. Or is it 20… Hmm, this version numbering is getting out of control. We have a fast developing cycle. The reason why we have a version number inflation is because of the way we work now.

Version numbers are of course very useful for change logs and technical documentation, so we’ll stick to that for now.

Bookmarks bar

The bookmarks bar gives you a fast access to your favorite sites, just turn it on in settings. This is a simple way of storing, accessing and modifying your bookmarks. For easy modification you can create bookmarks by dragging and dropping from tabs (windows only). Think of it like a quick access bar to get around fast to your favorite sites. Moreover, the full bookmarks API is also live now. Play with it and check it out!

Wallpapers for your browser

Now, you can use any image as a wallpaper in your Opera browser. Just right click on an image and choose, “Use Image as theme.”


You can now pick from more than 700 extensions for your Internet browser, and this number continues to grow. The newest release provides blacklisting of extensions, inline install and a few other improvements. The full bookmarks API is also exposed, so we expect some great, new extensions shortly.

Check out our extensions catalogue.

Hardcore mode – Advanced User Options

Rip up the Opera cabinet and get ready to get dirty on the inside of our product. Sorry for the cheesy marketing sentence, but we’re honestly excited about this and can’t wait to hear how you will use it. There are only two or three new settings for now, but we’re planning to add more. The most important thing is that this feature now exists in Opera and we’re committed to adding new features and open up Opera even more.

Coming soon

Within the next two weeks, we’ll promote the experimental Opera Developer build to the feature-complete Opera Next stream. The developer channel will be also updated to the newer version, so you can try out some new stuff.

We have provided many important bugfixes too, read the full changelog for details.

Download Opera

Opera Next 19.0.1326.9

Hello there! It’s been a while, but for the most part of the last week most of Opera Desktop Team members were in Sweden, attending an engineering seminar and mingling with Opera colleagues from around the business and around the world.

Opera Browser 19 developer build is ready to advance, so here is the list of the features you can expect to appear later in final 19. We want to stabilize it now and make it rock solid for you.

Bookmarks bar

The Bookmarks Bar is ready, you can enjoy better animations now, improved editing/deleting items on Mac and bookmarklets support. So yes, bookmarks support is on the road to hit final.


You are now able to make your own themes  in your desktop browser. Simply choose your picture and you are good to go. Make it yours. Make it beautiful.

Advanced/power user options

 As promised, there are some features for power-users. This is just the beginning. We plan to add more of them to let you customize Opera web browser for your needs. Go and dig in Settings in Browser section. to let you customize Opera web browser To name some of them, it’s possible to:

  • disable 1 px spacing on top of the tab bar (my personal favorite small thing)
  • adjust number of columns on Start Page
  • hide the search box on Start Page (you remember Konami code, don’t you?)


- Chromium updated to version 32.0.1700.19
– Bug fixes
Full changelog


Welcome to the new home of Desktop blog

Hello World :)

Welcome to the Opera Desktop blog’s new blogging platform.

Here, discussion capabilities are better for everyone. Comments are threaded, and you can rate them. Hopefully this will let you see our Monday replies to your Friday questions, and make the most important points easier to access.

With the blog change, we plan to be more active in discussing with you. We also plan to give more behind-the-scenes information about what we’re working on and how we’re doing it, as well as news about specific builds.

Stay tuned for more!

ps. if you like to get more information about my.opera, this can be found at the old blog.


Opera 17 goes Stable

So here we go, Opera Desktop 17 has been promoted to Final, which means that summer-backed features are now polished and available to you officially. Some highlights include:

  • Pinned tabs – got tabs you want always open? Right click on a tab to pin it so you can’t accidentally close it.
  • Startup options – by default, Opera always starts where you finished the last session. Go to O>Settings and, in “On startup” choose between “Continue where I left off”, “Open the Start Page”, “Open a specific page or set of pages”.
  • Custom search engines – besides pre-installed search providers that Opera ships, now you can add your own searches. For example, to configure “d” to search DuckDuckGo, choose O>Manage Search Engines, and under “Other Search Engines” add “DDG” in the first input field, “d” in the second to define the shortcut and “” in the third. This tells Opera which URL to send your search query to, and “%s” is where it adds your search query. We’re working on a search field context menu option to make it even easier to do this.

For developers

Opera Desktop 17 is based on Chromium/Blink 30. New extensions APIs are supported:

  • chrome.bookmarks.*
  • chrome.commands.*
  • chrome.webNavigation.*

Read more about developing extensions for Opera.

What’s new and what’s next

See the detailed changelog.

Work continues on bookmarks support, synchronization, tabs enhancements. Opera 18 Next should be available very soon.

Download Opera 17 for Mac and Windows.

Opera 18 developer stream

As summer glides away to be replaced by the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, we're releasing the first iteration of Opera 18 in the Developer channel. If you don't notice that much differences from latest O17 dev stream, don't worry, this is our 18 "early bird", which will be refined and enhanced until features are frozen and it moves into the Next channel for bug fixing. There is more to come!

The initial new features are

  • Moving tabs between windows works on Mac and Windows
  • Installing themes is stabilized and enabled by default
  • Lots of bugs are fixed: full changelog
  • New engine version

As we make updates, you'll hopefully see enhancements to Quick
Access Bar, tab handling, more settings, right click on edit fields to create searches, improvements on HDD usage, Synchronization (Opera Link) might be available in two weeks time, and others.

Note that features will be shipped when they're ready, so the list above may change if we encounter showstopper bugs or UI nasties, in which case they'll be rolled over to another release. For the same reason, it's possible that features may be removed before Opera 18 goes to the Next channel.

There is no Linux version of Opera available yet. As always, we'll be delighted to hear comments about bugs or UI.

Known bugs

  • DNA-11123 Popup sometimes fails to be displayed


Continue reading

Opera 17 Next

As the Opera rapid release cycle beds down, today we’re promoting Opera 17 from the Developer channel (highly experimental) to the Next channel, which is our feature-complete line and the last stage before being released to the world as the stable product.

Besides bugfixes, the highlight of things of this Opera 17 Next release:

  • More settings and preferences, like startup handling options, manage search engines,
  • Pinned tabs,
  • DPI aware on Windows,
  • Enhanced extensions APIs and possibility to hide extensions buttons.

We read all your bug reports and feedback (thanks a million for giving it to us). We’ve decided to postpone Quick Access Bar as it still needs some tweaking and bug fixing. Synchronization can’t yet be turned on while we finalise the server-side support and add support for more data types in the browser.
Of course, you will find all the feature switches in opera:flags

Opera 18 Developer should be released very soon. Besides Quick Access Bar, Synchronization, you should soon see further work in the area of tabs handling improvements, better autofill, themes, addressbar improvements and many others.

Thanks in advance for your bug reports and comments. To save some of you a little trouble, there is no Linux release of Opera 17, but there will be Opera for Linux.

Full changelog (since last Opera Next)


Opera 17 – First developer stream preview

As the summer continues, our offices have the best airconditioners in Norway and Poland, so our developers have been in them, working to bring you Opera 17 Developer stream. This stream is our bleeding edge development; features will be piloted, and may be shelved, taken back to the drawing board, or taken forward to the Opera Next stream – feature complete, but potentially buggy. Once the bugs have been ironed out, the features are released as stable, and once every few weeks the streams are all refreshed. You can follow all three if you want, but please note that you shouldn’t entrust valuable data to anything other than the released stable stream.


Opera 17 Developer for Mac
Opera 17 Developer for Windows

So, what’s new in Opera 17 Developer? Amongst the others, we have prioritized some of the things you have been asking for.

  • Start up mode option – yes, more options! You can pick one of: last session, speed dial, set of pages
  • Pinned tabs – a nice beginning of future tabs improvements.
  • Rocker gestures – (left->right click, right->left click)
  • Extension APIs – more API stuff to play with: bookmarks, commands, omnibox, webNavigation. Separated article with detailed API’s explanation will be shipped later.
  • Search engine manager – On top of the current shortcuts to search in the addressbar, (enter the one character shortcut plus your shortcut: “b” for Bing, “g” for google) you can now customize your searches, so go ahead and add “d” for duckduckgo, “m” for your own site, “o” for Opera desktop team blog, or anything else!

Full changelog

Candidate features near ready for O17 (currently turned off in opera:flags)

  • Themes – you can now download themes for Opera. These are backwards compatible, so themes that worked in Opera 12 will work in Opera 17 Developer.
  • Camera/mic – we’ve re-plumbed the web cam and microphone, so your getUserMedia fun is reinstated! This is not working on Mac correctly yet, but feel free to check it out on Windows.
  • HiDPI Support (Windows) – for the ones running in hi-resolution on small screens, we are delivering you better pixels experience.

Coming soon

As summer turns to autumn, we’ll turn our attention to improved tabs handling: vertical tabs, visual tabs, tab cycler, move tabs between windows, quick access bar (aka bookmarks bar), synchronization.. We’ve planned further bookmarks enhancements, further synchronization development, site preferences, and more. (Hint: so please don’t fill up the comments asking when they’ll be released – the answer, as always, is “when they’re ready”. Like autumn berries, they need to be ripe before they’re picked.

Note that in this version we present more changes than in O16. Yet till O18 hits next stream, you should be able to see even more changes included :D. As the vacation time is getting over :cry:, the rapid development cycle becomes really rapid :)

Happy testing!