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Opera developer 34


Hi Guys, Opening webpages via typing URL in the addressfield is for sure one of the most popular action that you do in your browser. Focusing on the addressfield, we would like make your daily actions easier and faster. Today we have UI addition for you to check. When clicking addressfield with mouse, tiles with...

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Opera developer 32.0.1910.0 – Netflix edition

Hi, We are approaching the time when Opera will finally support Netflix properly. You can already test this out in our latest developer version. Assuming you have Netflix account, just make sure you have latest Opera developer build, visit and verify that the Widevine plug-in is installed (it should download automatically once you visit...

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Opera developer 32.0.1910.0 – bookmarks tree view, heart popup and synchronization improvements

Hello, In this summer-vacation-on-our-side-of-the-globe developer release, we added a new set of features! Developer 32.0.1910.0 includes improvements to the bookmark manager, a hidden feature for the heart menu and some major rethinking to sync services under the hood. Bookmarks tree view Our bookmark manager now delivers the well-known concept of nested folders in the sidebar. You...

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Opera Stable 30.0.1835.88 minor update

Hi, today we have a minor update for you. It contains: Chromium upgrade to 43.0.2357.125 Fix on bookmarks not accessible trough Opera menu Further MSE & H264 fixes, which also means fix for Windows N not displaying pages. We are also changing our auto update process. Effectively, it might take some time for you to receive the auto...

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Opera Stable 30.0.1835.59 minor update

Hi, today we’ve minor update, dedicated especially for those of you having 32 bit Windows 7 version. With this Opera 30 update you should be able to watch YouTube again. Downloads: Opera Stable 30 for Windows Opera Stable 30 for Mac Opera Stable 30 for Linux Full changelog

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YouTube on Windows 7×32 fix

Hello, thanks to your feedback we’ve identified that Opera 30 on Windows 7 x32 is not playing videos on YouTube properly. This is connected with HTML5 support, requiring MSE and H.264. Today we are releasing browser.js workaround, for Beta channel first. Please help us verifying the solution works well. First you should check that you have the latest version...

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