Today we have prepared a beta update for you with some fixes for the Speed Dial and bookmarks bar. We also repaired the possible crash on Linux start up with a clean profile.

David Ma, Виталик, Pro_info and Nashuim – we fixed the bug corrupting extensions after a restart :).

As usual, the full changelog is here.

Installation links:

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  • nanana1

    Thanks for this nice bug-fix Opera 50.0.2762.18 beta update !

  • andrew84

    strange that there were no news about stable(49.0.2725.47) update a few days ago.

    • Andrey

      Preview version w/o linux and mac builds.

      • andrew84

        ok thx for clarifying.

  • 2112

    thanks for this snapshot.
    Any progress with DNAWIZ-17438?

  • Gordon Freeman

    Now Opera ignores the number of colums in Speed Dial !
    I set Maximum number of columns to 6 and Opera only shows 5 !
    My settings are 1920*1080 – Windows is user scaled to 125%
    and Speed Dial Zoom is set to 110 %

    • xirit64

      As far as I know the max number of columns is only relevant to zooming out, in other words its the maximum it will show at any zoom factor below 100%, it’s not the number of columns one would like to have on any zoom factor.

      • Gordon Freeman

        It´s working till now in every Opera Version and last Beta
        till Opera 50.0.2762.18 beta update was released.

        • xirit64

          I think it’s related to what jedy123 said above about one less column by default :/

  • xirit64

    The animation of opening folders in Speed Dial got smoother even on older systems, very nice 🙂 , even though “adjust for slower hardware” seems to not be applicable any more. (With more than 7 items it starts to be laggy here)

    Some translations in german are still missing right? Also the verb “Drücken, […]” which is displayed when hovering on the cross for opening a new tab is I think not correct it should be “Klicke(n)” (as click), because drücken is like press (a real button) with your thumb. 🙂

    Furthermore in Bookmarks, if you have a folder page with a lot of tiles (where you need to scroll down to see everything) accessing that particular folder on the left makes the rendering on the right occur twice.

    • Kornelia

      Translations will be polished till Stable. Thanks for the hint!

  • jedy123

    Speed dials seem to be smoother when zooming out and adding more dials to each row. Only problem now, I get one less dial in a row when at 100%. This is a little annoying. Please use the whole width of the browser to maximise the number of dials. This is how it was before and the main part I’ll miss.

    • xirit64

      Is it me or are the contents of the folders though a lot more blurred? Also they seem smaller.

      • jedy123

        The contents are smaller as I now have too zoom out to get the same 7 dials in a row I had before at 100%. Looking at the changelog, none of the issues reported were happening to me (on Win 7 64) with previous speed dial. Whilst I understand bugs (for other OS’s I guess) need fixing, I do hope Opera see sense and revert back to using the whole browser width for dials.

  • FluffyBoyo

    Something that needs a little work. Using speed dial and then the ‘easy setup’ top right button. Using a super wide windows/opera scrollbar width obscures the wall paper > button to go right and view other wall papers. So cannot scroll the wall papers in the easy setup section. Maybe you could make it sense a wide windows/opera scroll bar width and adjust accordingly. Happens in current stable and beta.

    Also, clicking get more wall papers, they all report Opera is not installed when clicking the green add to opera button. Happens for me at least with current stable Opera and beta.

  • Sergey

    Please, repair Linux download links on the page http://www.opera.com/ru/computer/linux

    It still offer to download Opera 45 instead of last stable version both for deb and rpm packages.

    • Ewa

      Hi, it’s already reported and waiting for fix.

  • jedy123

    When loading a webpage, the loading animated icon in the relevant tab continues to animate indefinitely until I press the stop button.

    Version: 50.0.2762 beta -18 Windows 7 64-bit

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Known issue.

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    Now the same mistake is back as in the developers before: I can not use the ENTER key (TAB ENTER) on the download page (CTRL-J) to erase the list of downloaded files. 🙁

  • Thank you so much for LastPass fix! =)

    • Ewa

      You’re welcome 🙂

  • FluffyBoyo

    Please can opera have tab bar kinetic mouse scrolling back and forth for the tab bar. Look at this screen grab below of daily open tabs. Tiny little slithers to find and click on. Tab scrolling with kinetic scrolling action would be great, a perfect solution for those wanting 100-300 open tabs. With kinetic scrolling settings for acceleration and deceleration etc.

    tab bar, not tab menu. Although the tab menu could also benefit from adding kinetic mouse scrolling.

    screen grab

    • jho

      I am always interested to know why someone is using 100+ tabs at once and is still able to use the browser in a convenient way. If I would see someone at work with so many tabs I would assume that he is not well organized.

      • FluffyBoyo

        If you must know, I am disabled and home 24/7. Opera is open 24/7 (unless doing a clean restart). With all my daily tabs open I can just look up at the tab bar and click one. This is now not very easy because there is no tab row scrolling like found in FF browser. I do not want to have to go back to FF, but do think Opera would be even better with scrolling tab bar for lots of tabs like this. Tab bar kinetic mouse scrolling back and forth is a good idea, worth considering by the devs.

        I also use the extension ‘The Great Suspender’ to unload tabs from memory when done with checking that tab. So load and unload as I need them.

  • Adi B

    There is a hanging issue on “www.nba.com/standings” after the latest stable update. Can you please look into this? The issue persists with this Beta update.

  • oxymor0n

    Am I the only one who’s Google Sheets files are not loading completely anymore?

    Yellow highlight text “Still loading…” in top left corner doesn’t disappear and sheets formula and conditional formatting doesn’t load completely.
    fyi: my google sheet file contains a dynamic range.

  • David Ma

    Thanks for fixing the broken extension bug 🙂

    • Ewa

      You’re welcome 🙂

  • sgrandin

    What’s the status of the Yahoo circle/loading fix? I’ve occasionally come across other sites where it occurs as well.

    • Ewa

      Hi, it’s already fixed internally, will be available with next developer update.

  • Hello,
    any chance we’ll have the opportunity to switch off animations? Thanks for reply, have a nice day.

  • view-source address connection problem to be fixed?

  • Cryio

    Any chance for Opera 50 still releasing this year? ^.^

  • sgrandin

    Don’t know if it’s related to the Never Ending Loading…In MyYahoo – https://my.yahoo.com/ – after going to a stock/fund from a link in My Portfolio, which takes one to the Yahoo Finance site, the Back button skips over My Yahoo and returns to the Speed Dial. In general, going Back has become more difficult in Yahoo because of its use of pages that are like pop ups, with an X up in the corner. I find myself having to use the browser’s drop-down Back list quite frequently.

  • L33t4opera

    New build – Opera beta 50.0.2762.28 😉
    The change log, and the announcement.