Opera 48 inches closer to its next stage of life as a browser: beta. Until then, we have some nifty improvements to share with you.

Snapshot improvements

Our new snapshot tool, adapted from Opera Neon, received some upgrades. Today’s build places a snapshot option item in the Opera menu and fixes a known issue with “Capture Full Site”. Now it takes a snapshot of the whole site, not just the visible area.

You can quickly call up the snapshot tool with Ctrl + Shift + 5 (Windows) / ⌘ + ⇧ + 5 (macOS) then press ENTER to capture selected area and share it with just one click (macOS and Windows 10).


Your reports are flying in! But, we would like to see more to help us make improvements everywhere possible. Keep those feedback responses coming as they are crucial to enhancing your browsing experience.

The feedback you provide informs our developers with problems within a domain address. Attaching a comment with the reported issue helps us quickly track down and tackle the problem.

Remove history suggestions

Starting from today’s developer, it’s much easier to remove history items suggested in the address bar. Whether that’s a mistyped search or a page you want to forget about, you can get rid of it with just one click. Deletable search or page URLs will have an ‘X’ on the far right end of the entry in the combined search and address bar dropdown. Previously, you had to dig into your history log to delete it.

Note: Removal of history suggestions is available on Windows and Linux.

Other changes worth mentioning

  • Fixed seeking and volume control problems on Vimeo.
  • Fix for crash when trying to delete a bookmark from a nested folder on the bookmark bar.
  • Added refresh button to error page shown for messengers in sidebar.
  • Fix for high CPU usage on Google and Yandex maps if hardware acceleration is disabled.
  • List of recently closed tabs and windows is stored between sessions.
  • [Windows, Linux] List of recently closed tabs and windows added to History section in O-Menu.
  • [Windows, Linux] ‘Export bookmarks…’ option added to Bookmarks section in O-Menu.
  • [Windows 7] Fix for rare situation when UAC was shown every time Opera was launched.
  • [macOS] A long URL could overlap displayed number of blocked ads.
  • Chromium updated to 61.0.3163.25.

Known issues

  • There are issues with snapshot on HiDPI screens.

Check the changelog for the full report.

Installation links:

Maciej Kocemba

Product Manager, Opera for computers. Previously Product Manager in R&D department and Opera Mini for iOS. Joined Opera over 10 years ago. Still passionate about coding, mountain / road biking when not working.

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  • Eugene B.

    Wow! Long changelog! Thanks! 🙂

  • nu4a

    Hell,yeah, it was about time…

    -> Remove history suggestions <-

    • Rafael Luik

      They were already removable by highlighting and pressing Shift+Delete though…

  • Zero Kiryu

    When I capture the full site, the picture becomes VERY small and unreadable. Is this a bug or intended behavior? http://imgur.com/5XAgS5K

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Yes, it is really very small and doesn’t fill the whole vertical space in the image programm (like IrfanView). And if I want to copy only the content of the normal selection, nothing is copied to the clipboard and nothing I can paste into IrfanView.
      And how can I close or remove this snapshot window? Only with the mouse? CTRL-W or ESC does not work.

      • Capture fill site causes issues…

        As for closing the window it should behave like any other window and macOS you can close it with cmd + w and on windows you could be able to close it with for instance alt + f4.

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          ALT-F4 works, but I was afraid I would close the whole Browser. For only one window (tab) inside the browser it shoud be CTRL-W.

          • We’ll look into this.

  • FluffyBoyo

    Any chance we can get the font smoothing Mactype to work in Opera please.


    github – snowie2000 – mactype

    And also my two usual other requests:

    Extending the Dark UI mode to all back end settings pages. Extensions, experiments, settings etc. Making the dark mode UI fully integrated dark mode in a web browser. Like Vivaldi.


    Adding Tab Bar mouse wheel scrolling left and right. Using Kinetic scrolling (with kinetic settings) For those of us using 100-200+ tabs open. Moving the mouse over the top tab bar and mouse scrolling left and right just feels right. This was you can can see the full fav icons and not tiny tiny slithers of tabs which are almost impossible to click on. Couuld also add kinetic scrolling to the tab menu as well. Although I prefer the left right top tab bar mouse scrolling. Like FF, but with your own Opera flavour of doing things.

  • firuz_u7

    for AdBlock, you need an option to block an element of advertising on the page manually.
    пример: http://jpegshare.net/38/17/3817038a4e21da20dd594ca12f940268.png.html

    • We’ll consider it when improving ad blocker.

      • firuz_u7

        Thanks I’ll be waiting impatiently

  • _artem_

    can’t believe!!!!!!



    you did it guys. you did it!!!!

    p.s. and THAT’S not worth mentioning it???????

    UPD: and you don’t even have to cast page… EVERY(???) video player online now shows chromecast button so i can cast only the video.. fullscreened tab (when you cast fullscreened tab it’s someone misscaled and when you just cast video itself it has correct ratio/format)

    you had to call title of that update – OPERACAST is back

  • Ghirahim

    “Today’s build places a snapshot option item in the Opera menu.”

    That’s nice and all BUT I would like to have the icon in my address bar.

    • Step by step. Missing option in menu was a pressing matter.

      • Ghirahim

        Nice to hear that.

        • Nekomajin43

          It usually means it won’t be done for years…

    • Michal

      I would like to have the icon on the left side, below the Messenger icon or something.

    • nanana1

      It’s would be nice to save the snapshots in the same folder as selected in the Download location under Settings rather than the default desktop 😉

  • Regnas

    Very small image, when capturing full site: http://i.imgur.com/ByKmVkD.jpg

    • Kornelia

      We’re aware of full site capture issues.

      • Regnas


  • Ricardo J. Barberis

    “Snapshot improvements”
    No Linux support? I was going to say “meh” about the actual feature (I already have a great snapshot capture tool…) but capturing the full webiste could certainly be useful!

    “Remove history suggestions”
    Yesss!! Thank you so much!

  • Biohazard

    how to active the suggestions in address bar???

    • You don’t need to active them. Sites you have visited and searches you have done, will be suggested after you start typing. This developer build allows you to selectively remove certain elements from history, so they are not displayed.

  • Tratsing

    Options ,,New tab”, ,,New window”, ,,New private window” in Windows jump list of taskbar has again broken icons. Picture about it here: https://www.upload.ee/image/7334584/5.jpg
    Last version fixed it.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It’s OK here.

    • Lookso

      did you try to unpin and pin it again to your taskbar? this looks like windows registry issue

      • Tratsing

        yes, I have tried that. didn’t work
        is the solution hidden in registry change?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Did you try a reinstall?

          • Tratsing

            I am afraid to loose all my settings and bookmarks if I reinstall.
            Also, how to reinstall it – is there an option for a reinstall/repair install when opening Uninstall tool of Opera?

          • Leonardo Gomes

            A reinstall should not remove your data but you can always do a backup.

            To reinstall just run the installer.

          • Tratsing

            Windows ,,Programs and features” show me that I have installed two versions -> https://www.upload.ee/image/7361616/5.jpg
            Which one to reinstall?

          • Leonardo Gomes

            There’s no need to go there, just run the installer.
            If you no longer have it, just do the download again.

          • Tratsing

            I downloaded the installer again from https://net.geo.opera.com/opera/developer?utm_medium=sm&utm_source=desktop_blog&utm_campaign=developer&utm_defbr=false&utm_fsce=false. After opening it and reinstall, the same situation. It did not helped.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Maybe you need to un-install Opera first. Make sure that when asked you do not check the option to remove your data.

          • Tratsing

            This was not asked but after reinstall, all data is back.
            But now all the options ,,New tab”, ,,New window”, ,,new incognito” is gone. Only ,,Opera Developer”, ,,Remove from taskbar”, ,,Close window” is there.
            I have the same latter problem with Google Chrome.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            The option to delete personal data is on the first screen of the un-installation process.

          • Tratsing

            I had only Uninstall option.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Here: http://imgur.com/P6YBi6a

            Don’t you see such option when un-installing?

          • Tratsing


          • Leonardo Gomes

            That’s strange.

          • Tratsing

            I have now only these options: https://www.upload.ee/image/7367798/5.jpg

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Did you Opera automatically pinned itself to taskbar? Or did you do it manually?

          • Tratsing

            I did it manually.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Opera should have done it automatically. At least this is how it has been working here.

            Anyway, did you pin launcher.exe?

          • Tratsing


          • Leonardo Gomes

            And Opera was installed for all users?

          • Tratsing

            I guess cause that was not asked before install.

        • Lookso

          I found something similar. You can try this: https://superuser.com/a/829367

          • Tratsing

            Thank you for the hint but it did not worked.

    • Юлия

      Delete IconCache.db file located in:
      Then restart explorer.exe (or the entire PC)

      via cmd:
      del "C:Usersyour_user_nameAppDataLocalIconCache.db"
      Replace your_user_name with your user name in Windows

      • Tratsing

        This did not fixed it.

  • Rudric

    Dear Opera, are you going to incorporate/unify extension bar to the Reborn UI? Seeing Reborn UI (sidebar) is HTML5 and Speed Dial is open for modding – can Reborn UI (sidebar) be modded too? For extension purposes? It would really help having some direction here done by Opera. It seems that to avoid bigger the mess extension bar would be unified with Reborn UI? Any word on this Opera?

  • PakSae

    Still suggestion icon issue in Address bar…

  • Nekomajin43

    Guys, I’d like to ask you to fill a survey to somehow quantify the feature requests: https://goo.gl/forms/RtwV9af9Ot3I7waB2

    We have more than 230 answers! Thanks for everyone who participated.

    Some features (bookmarks export, expanding the number of recently closed tabs in the tab menu) are landed in th stable branch. Others (unit converter, screen capture tool) are already being developed. (They will be removed from the list once they reach the stable branch.)

    Loading pinned tabs from previous session in startup is new on the list. If you have already submitted your votes, just open the link again, and you can vote for the new additions.

    I know it’s not representative, but it may help to show the trends and the top most wanted features. We’ve got some positive words from the devs, no promises though.

    If you find anything missing from the list, please comment here or in the forum: https://forums.opera.com/discussion/1883544/opera-browser-feature-survey

  • zohozer

    Where’s the Telegram? I can’t find-it anymore.

  • Alberto

    Great, wanna try it when it reaches the stable version. Wanna know what changes will have Opera 49 Developer.

  • Continue to work on memory management. Compared to other “developer edition” Chromium-based browsers Opera falls behind at the moment. Made some quick tests with the latest versions of Canary and Vivaldi on about:blank and while playing YT video, without any extensions (incl. built-in ad blocker in Opera and default Google Docs extensions in Canary), and here are the results (as measured after 60 seconds of browser running):

    Chrome Canary:
    about:blank – 47.1 MB
    YT “Despacito” – 175.0 MB

    Vivaldi Snapshot:
    about:blank – 108.0 MB
    YT “Despacito” – 227.1 MB

    Opera Developer:
    about:blank – 129.2 MB
    YT “Despacito” – 320.0 MB

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Here I got ~10MB with about:blank and peaks of ~240MB with ‘Despacito’ on Youtube.

      • Are you sure you’ve sumed up all browser processes? 10MB seems very unlikely.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Well, I thought you were talking about that tab oNLY.

          Including the tab process it goes to ~180MB.

    • Ariane Lu

      Which tool you used to check memory usage? I’m using built-in task manager, got ~10MB with about:blank

  • Rudric

    What… Both Stable and Beta are at 47.x 😀

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Please, not this again. 🙂 It always worked this way and there is no problem with it.

      • Rudric

        Is 48 beta on the server already?
        I’m thinking of ditching Stable and start to use Beta again… Hmmm.
        I want features faster!

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Not yet but I guess it should be there soon.

          If you want features faster then use developers’ channel builds.

          • Rudric

            Is 48 better than 47? I mean 47 seems like they added tons of chinese spying code…

          • Leonardo Gomes

            In my opinion, it is.

  • Tratsing
    • Hans Hansen

      Yes, because the converter only supports “USD” or “$”. But you’re right, it would be a good idea to implement the full word recognition like “Euro” or “Dollar”. But the problem is that “dollar” could also be Australian dollar for example in your case. 😉

      • Tratsing

        Yes, that is true. Perhaps adding an option by which the user can choose which dollar to use can be the solution.

  • PakSae

    Tab dragging is canceled by Alt+Tab, but not link dragging.

  • PakSae

    Still VPN toggle crash issue…

    • What are the reproduction steps. Can you share more information your setup?

      • PakSae

        It needs to simulate Opera VPN not work or not well.
        Then try to start Opera with some tabs and toggle VPN while connecting.


      • PakSae

        Dose Opera dev report crash automatically?

        • Nothing is sent unless you allow it to. There are dedicated options in settings to allow/disallow this. In case of crashes there’s
          “Automatically send crash reports to Opera” option.

          • PakSae

            It is already checked.

  • PakSae
  • Nekomajin43

    Is the browser able to determine the type of data in the clipboard? It would be a very handy feature to show the smart popup with a Paste option, when the user clicks into a text field and the clipboard contains text.

    • Yes, we can detect type of content in clipboard. What use cases do you see?

      • Nekomajin43

        The most common for me is to find some text or URL, and post it in an IM app or social site. For example, I want to quote something. I select it on a site, and I have a way to copy it with one click, but switching to the IM page, I have to use ctrl+v or the context menu to paste it to the input field. It would be just much more comfortable with one click.

        • I see your point. How about all other edit fields in the browser (not on pages)? Just out of curiosity, do you even use right click -> context menu -> paste when you can use ctrl + v ?

          • Nekomajin43

            Yes, I use both. Sometimes, when my notebook is in my lap, it’s easier to use the context menu. Also, using the keyboard can be difficult when it’s dark in the room.

            Extending the smart popup to the browser GUI would also be good.

            Traditional context menus MUST exist for compatibility reasons, but using floating toolbars with the most common options in various parts of the GUI and the page is a good way. For example, hovering over links could show a popup with the following options:
            – open in this tab
            – open in new foreground tab
            – open in new background tab
            This would give us superior control over links without having to know the shortcuts or if _blank was used on that link.

            It was just a quick example, but I am sure that this feature can be extended to page elements other than regular text or input fields.

          • Definitely worth thinking / exploring some more.

          • Nekomajin43

            One thing you should consider if you decide to move forward with this: Textual labels can be very long, so a nice, consistent icon set would be much better. It’s just one thing that it would look awful, but the toolbar has to be as compact as possible, if you want to make it the most comfortable. If I have to move my mouse hundreds of pixels to reach the outermost item, then it’s not better than using the context menu.

            Btw, not strictly related, but do you plan to integrate an inline translator into the popup somehow?
            – It could be an additional item, which changes the content of the popup to the translation on click.
            – It could be a keyboard modifier to show the translation immediately instead if the other items.
            – Or it could be right click selection to show the translation.

          • We have lots of discussions internally about various topics. This one is definitely a good example. Icons vs labels tends to be problematic. On one hand icons are smaller, there’s no need to do any translations. But they tend to be less explicit (especially in case there’s no obvious icon) and in many tests we did with users they are less appealing to be used. That’s one of the reasons why search popup has text labels.

            We’re well aware of the translation requests (we do keep track of various requests that we get through different channels). We’re considering that tool, especially after recent improvements to search popup (units, time zones and easier triggering). However at this stage it’s to early to say anything.

            Btw. Would one way translation be good enough, translating whatever language you highlight into “home language”?

          • Nekomajin43

            1.) I definitely see the problem with icons, but I have two remarks here. The first one is if you don’t use icons, users will never learn their meanings. Someone has to start. There was a time when even the floppy icon was ambiguous. The other one is that you are not necessarily restricted to 16×16 square icons. You can use a bit bigger rectangles, even some animation to make it more obvious.

            2.) For an inline translator, I don’t see how you could do anything other than you wrote. There are very good toolbar extensions for complex translations. (Although, it would be nice to have one in the sidebar, because you can keep it open permanently.) But if you highlight some text on a web page, I guess you only want to translate it to your language.

            I think this converter/translator combo could be at least as powerful attraction factor for users than the native adblock. Because the internet is a huge mix of languages and systems, it can be appealing even for users from English language areas.

  • PakSae

    Please add a function to remove search result in History.

    • I’m not sure I understand. All items from History can be removed either after clicking “Clear Browsing Data…” or manually with an “X”. This option is especially useful when you want to remove certain elements from history that you searched for. For instance I want to remove my search for “Brownie recipe”: http://imgur.com/a/SA2jS That “X” button appears once you hover a cursor over each item.

      • PakSae

        The search result has 30 items, then must click “X” 30 times to remove them.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          How Opera would know that a entry on history is a search?

          They could allow selecting multiple entries in history and delete/open them all at once.

          • PakSae

            Then How Opera show search result in History?
            Opera can remove them same way to search

          • Leonardo Gomes

            You mean in History? Well, it’s just a page like any other.

          • PakSae

            I mean to remove items filtered by keyword in History.
            In History, there is only search function, not to process them

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Then I think they should do what I suggested: allow selecting multiple entries to delete them at once.

          • PakSae

            It is not same what I mean.
            Multiple select has same click count as clicking “X” one by one.
            You’d better to click “X” rather than selecting

          • Leonardo Gomes

            There could be a select all option. Or even a delete all.

          • Vux777

            you can easily search and delete search results with “V7 History” extension
            here is a quick gif how to

          • Vux777

            the same way it knows when to show “exit search” button
            that is trivial thing
            problem is deleting history search results by url (only way one by one),
            it’s very slow process in chromiums

            edit: well…actually is not very slow, but just slow
            to delete 100 search results it takes around 1 – 2 sec

      • Ariane Lu

        As i understand, he need a feature like “remove all history in this site” in context menu, but the best solution at this time is use incognito mode.

  • Biohazard

    Come back DragonFly. 🙁

    • Ariane Lu

      That’s not possible, develop a new developer tool will take huge resource and spent too much times, if you think current one isn’t good, why not submit suggesting to Chromium team?

  • SiMcarD

    On “Yahoo Answers” part of the page after the first user question “slides” down continuously

    example: https://it.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20170812201713AAru7df

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      You mean, when I click on the question, it opens, I see again the question and the answer is running down the screen? Yes, I can see it. The same result with Firefox, but not with Google Chrome and Vivaldi.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      That page seems OK here. Also checked with Chrome, Firefox and Vivaldi and didn’t notice any major difference.

      • Lookso

        me too

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    Sorry for the question:
    Once I changed Opera by a commandline switch to download pdf files instead of opening them in the browser. How can I set this back to the old standard behaviour?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Did you try un-checking ‘Open PDF files in default application’ (or something like that0 in Settings?

      • Ralf Brinkmann

        Yes, that didn’t help. It was a kind of hard-coding with a command line like “opera.exe –pfd-reader-off” or something like that and I don’t find the trick again to disable it. It was in one of the blogs here, but which one …

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Strange, if you were using a command line then removing it should have made the original behavior to come back.

          Maybe the page is sending incorrect mimi type so Opera doesn’t know that you are trying to open a PDF file and therefore is downloading it?

      • Rudric

        I’m on stable and I was wondering this too… I mean the PDF plugin is activated while Opera isn’t the default pdf reader… So why isn’t the plugin in Opera disabled?

  • Opera new snapshot tool still does NOT WORK for PDF files.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Yep, it doesn’t seem to work with plug-ins.

  • Marko Koivuniemi

    Page crashes when using Basecamp 3 with latest Developer versio – I tried with and without Ad-blocker. WIth Beta-version it works just fine.

  • Eugene B.

    Where’s mah new developer build?! ;D

    • xirit64

      And where’s my new 48 beta build? 😀

      • Lookso

        maby soon I guess 😀

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I guess there will be a Beta first.

  • PakSae

    Currency converter does not work on “10,000円” (JPY)

  • Ariane Lu

    So long time to wait… hope the next developer release will fix several annoying bugs on Hi-DPI monitor