Hi all,

Did you know that The World Games 2017 are taking place in Wrocław right now? It has been an exciting time around the city for us as we have seen athletes from all over the world take part in these games. We thought that it’s a good opportunity to introduce one of our colleagues, John van Vliet, who recently took part in the American football matches of the games.

John competed for Team USA, who won the bronze medal by defeating the host nation Team Poland 14-7.

When he’s not looking scary on the field, he’s our text editor at Opera. He joined our staff back in December and contributes to our blog posts and assists in localization.

And now, back to the release. Today’s update brings a new chromium version and a major fix was made to a crash when trying to log in to certain sites on a synced Opera account.

The changelog, with the single update mentioned above, is here.

Installation links:

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  • Eugene B.

    Thank you for this new build! Is it release candidate or not yet?

    • Sebastian

      It’s not a release candidate.

    • yeah sebastian is right ! It’s not a release candidate.

  • FluffyBoyo

    How about trying out extending the dark mode UI to all settings and back end pages, to save our eyes late at night when we need to go onto one of the many settings/extensions pages. Make it the first fully dark mode UI in a browser.

    And, how about also trying tab bar scrolling with the mouse wheel. Using kinetic scrolling, with settings for acceleration and deceleration. Some of us wanting to have 100-200+ tabs open would like to just mouse wheel over the tab bar left and right so we can see the full fav icons as we scroll instead of tiny slithers of tabs, when using 100-200 tabs. Maybe even kinetic scrolling in the tab menu as well. Personally I prefer tab bar scrolling left and right. Like FF does, but with your own Opera flavour of doing things.

  • Alexander Chernig0v

    Comon 47 stable Final

    • Leonardo Gomes

      When it’s ready. 🙂

    • Hector MA

      1 or 2 weeks should be the time.

  • Dima Pursanov

    Pretty constant hangs (have to kill the browser process, eats up to 30% CPU while hung) during opening settings menu in this build.

  • sgrandin

    http://stream.golfchannel.com/golf-lpga?pid=34218# – Links to TV providers don’t respond here. Do in IE11.

  • Rudric

    What’s new in beta compared to stable?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      You can take a look at the changelog or in the posts related to Opera 47.

  • Gator5000e

    Have the issues with the window freezing whenever Google Maps is embedded or somehow part of the web page been fixed in this version? Every time I try to access a page with the current release version that has Google Maps somehow involved with the site, the page will become unresponsive. It’s becoming a real pain and I will have to change browsers if it’s not corrected soon. I never had this problem in versions 45 and earlier.

  • I guess it should be released at 47.0.2631.40+ stable version 🙂

  • L33t4opera

    New build – Opera beta 47.0.2631.34 😉

  • Alberto

    Great, i think my Opera account was deleted for inactivity about 2 years ago. Should i create another new one for could use the sync and other stuff? At the changelog of 27-7-2017 i can’t see the update to a new chromium version.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Yes, the old one most probably will not work.

  • This upgrade was such unuseful. Hope another one will be better