All changes for this beta release are listed below:

  • DNA-61764 Tooltips of sidebar icons are shifting when hovering over them.
  • DNA-62111 Cleanup tracking data handling to make it possible to rewrite it on the fly
  • DNA-62204 [Win] Only quarter of sync icon is visible
  • DNA-62386 O47 translations integrate with master O48
  • DNA-62387 O47 translations integrate with master Chromium O48
  • DNA-62562 Ensure MediaRouter is disabled
  • DNA-62600 Invalid WinInet responses on developer

The regular changelog is here as usual.

Installation links:

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  • nanana1

    Nice Opera Beta 47.0.2631.28 bug-fix update today !

  • Илья Найдов

    Unfortunately, still no fix for “webcam not working in Google Hangouts” (DNA-62362)…
    I have to use Chrome for that…

    • Kornelia

      What is your DPI setting Илья Найдов?

      • Илья Найдов


  • Eugene B.

    Please get back “Extended lazy session loading”. 🙂

  • 2112

    Can Opera Team translates “New window” and “New private window” from Opera shortcut context menu on linux to pt-br please? Thanks.

    • Kornelia

      I will report that, thanks.

  • pub 47 stable please 🙂

  • sgrandin

    With each beta recently, it fails to recognize the existing window size and has to be reset. This became an issue a few betas back when the bottom of Opera’s window all of a sudden went to nearly the bottom of the Win 10 taskbar, and so I had to readjust the window size. And I’ve had to readjust with each new beta, vertical and horizontal. Shouldn’t the existing user sizing be recognized?

  • Alexander Chernig0v

    If you turn on 2 applications with a flash player simultaneously, then after a while one of the applications freezes and does not work!
    Please correct!

  • Alexander Chernig0v

    Hang flash application if you open another window

  • Bug with tooltips of icons on pinned sidebar is fixed mostly, but not completely. Now these tooltips have become “lazy”, i.e. they appear and disappear noticeably slow. Try to quickly move the cursor over a row of icons in pinned and unpinned sidebar and you will see the difference.

  • Alexander Chernig0v

    The application flash hangs when you open one more window! You have to overload the browser!

  • Юлия

    Do yoiu really need to keep such an old post pinned on your main spot?
    All your new posts fall into obscuity because of this. You barely notice when there’s a new post.

    • Hector MA

      It works better for me to keep track of the last mayor release so I know better when to expect the next one.

      • Andrey

        You using beta or dev version?

        • Hector MA

          Nope, stable. I used beta and dev for many years, I got bored.

    • Ari

      Totally true, and confusing. I would pin it on a side not on top.

  • I’m afraid I’m having more and more issues with Opera beta(not sure if the stable build is much better). Windows 7 64-bit.

    Icons in sidebar is no longer showing up: &
    Page is not fully rendered (one of many examples):
    Internal Extension: Background Worker causing the CPU to go through the roof time to time.
    Some JavaScript APIs are exposed but not actually supported (webkitSpeechRecognition example) :

  • Andrey
  • Alberto

    Great, a step closer to the stable channel.