Highlights for today’s stable release are listed below:

  • Fixed crash when opening file dialog with Touch Bar (macOS)
  • Fix for links opened in a new tab which wouldn’t render (macOS)
  • Fix for adding bookmarks to ‘unsorted bookmarks’

Also, this stable build has been enriched with a security patch to prevent possible phishing with unicode domains (this patch is already included in the latest Opera beta). Sites with possible malicious intentions are much easier to spot. You can read more about this topic on our security blog.

As usual list of changes in our changelog.

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  • First

    • Alex Lozano


      Thanks at least!! 🙂

    • Ari

      Really man? How old are you

      • It is a thing leftover from the old MyOpera days and the desktop team blog

    • xirit64

      xD I had to laugh because there is not even a dot in that lol, that fast. 🙂

  • No crash to update

    • But My Vpn still makes my opera to crash. Makes me cry sometimes

      • What is the OS, and does it crash with a lot of tabs open or just a few when you try to enable the VPN?

  • AZR

    Czesc Kornelia!

    VPN isn’t working for me since this update. Any advice? Thanks!

    • Ari

      Clear third party data?

  • hassanraza

    opera use alot of cpu when we play any video on facebook or play any flash content. please fix it as soon as possible .

    • redfox

      Not confirmed on Win7/32 with html5, Flash not installed.

  • LauraYeo

    I checked for updates and it started to download.. than I was disappointed because it’s not v45 yet >_< when will v45 stable come out!? 😀

    • Ari

      What’s the rush?

      • LauraYeo

        I love big changes 😛

        • Leonardo Gomes

          There will be big changes in 45? Well, it may depends on what you call big change.

          • Matheus Bitencourt

            Reborn project + sidebar with whatsapp and messenger, I guess

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Isn’t the sidebar part of Reborn? And you forgot Telegram. 🙂

    • Leonardo Gomes

      The post title says 44 so why would you think that you would get 45?

  • Patrick H

    Since updating to this version, I am really missing the feature which automatically showed a Search and Copy Button when some text got highlighted 🙁 is there an option to re-activate it or will it be gone forever?

    Also, I’m not able any more to open the dialogue with the blocked adds to unblock some sites … is that intended?

    I am using Win10.

    • It’s a setting on the Browser page called “Activate search popup for highlighted text” (or similar, I use the German interface).

      • Patrick H

        Thanks for your reply. I found that setting and activated it, but nothing changed (restart of Opera also didn’t work). When selecting text, no popup appears :/

        • Hmm, it works for me, I’m on Windows 10 Creators 64bit and the new Opera 44 stable as well. Maybe restarting your computer changes anything?

          • Patrick H

            I am also on Win10 Creators 64bit and newest Opera stable. Just restarted the computer but sadly nothing changed. As I mentioned, the partial deactivation of blocking ads (through the button inside the address bar) also does not work for me. Maybe I’ll have to erase Opera completely and give it a fresh install?

          • Weird, perhaps disabling hardware acceleration enables the popup again. I have related problems on a PC with internal Intel G41 Express graphics chip and Pentium Dualcore CPU.

          • Patrick H

            Disabling “Use hardware acceleration when available” solves the problem at my combined graphics unit (NVidia Geforce GT540M and Intel HD Graphics). I was experiencing problems after complete installation of the Creator’s update, now trying to reinstall the NVidia drivers.

            If this won’t help, we should submit a bug on the option “Use hardware acceleration when available” …

          • Interesting, as I just have the issue with non-working browser buttons again on a different laptop with internal Intel graphics chip and Core2 Duo cpu. The download and VPN buttons will not react to clicking on them when hardware acceleration is enabled in Opera. This feature is more important than the non-working buttons for me, because I watch TV on my computers, sometimes in HD, and you can see a difference in performance then. So I enable hardware acceleration and try not to care about the non-working buttons.

            I already described this strange behaviour in the last thread about the previous stable version, but for different PCs.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            It seems to be related to a know Chromium issue on buttons not working if hardware acceleration is on.

  • redfox

    The horizontal link selection is still buggy (even more than in the prev build) – left clicks on hyperlinks are randomly ignored.

  • Oleksandr V

    Not able to update from 43.0.2442.1144 to 44.0.2510.1449. Opera starts to download update and after successful finish propose to restart, but update is not applied after restart (it download it again).

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Try run the installer.

    • Przemek Kudła

      Could you share the log file?
      You can find it in %temp%opera autoupdateopera_autoupdate.log
      Please file a bug https://bugs.opera.com/wizard/desktop

  • Valdos

    What about scaling correctly on fhd screens and system zoom of 125%? Something like chrome does, considering that opera is chromium based

    • Cryio

      I don’t know about DPi changing on native rez, but Opera renders perfectly on HiDPi screens, like 200% on a Surface Pro 4.

  • fearphage

    Printing is (and has been) broken. Try to print this document to a file:


    I just get boxes in the print preview and the resulting file instead of text. I haven’t tried printing to a real printer.

    Screenshot: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2400/scrot/selection_2017-04-27_061801.png

    Linux x64

  • amit singh
  • jr

    The problem I have is that every time I try to save a file (download), beforr the save dialog appears, the browser crashes. Any suggestions?

  • Adam Gajowy

    Dlaczego z personal news zostaly usuniete serwisy niezalezna.pl oraz tvp.info?

  • Andrey
    • redfox

      What’s new?

      • Leonardo Gomes

        We will know when it’s officially released.

        • redfox

          Still nothing, strange…

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Well, yesterday was a holiday in many places so maybe there will be something today.
            Or maybe it’s a silent update.

    • Cryio

      Thanks for highlightning that. Updated already 😀

  • Oleksandr V

    Can someone confirm the issue related to address bar suggestion selection.
    Try next scenario:
    Put any text in address bar, opera provides you with drop-down list of suggestion. Then move cursor to any line in the middle of the list (just move not click), the line under cursor will become selected(blue background). After that add some additional character in order to change the list of suggestion, now the line under the cursor will be unselected, while the selected is placed on the top of the list (until now it is correct behaviour). In this situation when you move cursor through the list, any line under the cursor should become selected, but it happenes, that while you moving this cursor over the lines, selection may randomly jump on the first line and back even if the cursor is not placed over first line.

    (Reproducebility near 50%)

  • Jozka Jozin

    Very often crash after copy text (cmd+c) and open new tab (cmd + t).

    Select text > copy > new tab > paste = crash.
    (cmd + c > cmd +t > cmd +v = crash)

    When disable search-popup (opera://flags) so works fine.

    Last Opera stable + MacOS 10.12.4

  • Ahmed AL-Jaber

    i use ubuntu, wahts new?

  • OldHickory30

    From everything I’ve read, I should be able to add StartPage as my default search, although I can add it, it will not be my default as I wish. Am I missing something?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Only pre-installed search emgines can be set as default one.

      • OldHickory30

        The FAQ’s with StartPage misleading. Hopefully Opera will add StartPage, better yet allow users to use any Search engine one chooses, as a default, like most browsers. Again I should have that option.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          What FAQ? Maybe you confused StartPage, the search engine, with Opera’s Start Page?

          • OldHickory30

            Your right, confused it with “adding,” still would be nice to be able to add as default, or any search engine.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Well, it has been a long time request.

          • OldHickory30

            Well maybe the powers that be, will finally listen!

  • KarenArzumanyan

    Opera 44.0.2510.1457 Stable – VPN disappeared!

    • redfox

      Not confirmed on Win7/32. Try to clear the third party service data.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Also in Settings? If so, where are you from?
      The VPN doesn’t work in some countries so users from those places don’t see the VPN.

  • Ivo Rusev

    With the new update I very often get a black screen when trying to open a link!

    • redfox

      I got a crash in ntdll.dll (0xc0000005) yesterday, with the build 44.0.2510.1457.
      Despite of it, I’ll have to keep the v44 as long as possible, to avoid the Reborn GUI in the future.

  • Yro

    is there an x64 edition of opera or not?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Yes, there is.

      • Yro

        where to find it?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Above, in the end of the post. The online installer should download the 64 bits version if your system is 64 bits.

          • Yro

            how to check my edtition architeture installed?

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Go to Menu > About Opera. if it says ‘wow64’ then you are using Opera 32 bits.

          • Yro

            44.0.2510.1449 (PGO) / Windows 10 64-bit (WoW64)
            so, how to grad the fulll offline installer x64?

          • Leonardo Gomes

            When running the online installer you need to change the installation path, otherwise it will download the 32 bits version.

            You can find the offline installer here: http://www.opera.com/computer

          • t0xic

            Could you tell me how to do this?
            In which directory should I install?
            Sorry for my bad english

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Run the installer and click on ‘options’. Change the installation path from c:program files (x86)Opera to C:Program FilesOpera.

          • t0xic

            Thx bro

  • Clicktoplay plug ins not working on http://www.9news.com/votenow

    macOS 10.12.4

  • redfox

    Please, does anybody know if there is a hidden settings to stop creating ssdfp files in the Opera profile folder? Thanks

  • L33t4opera

    The Opera 45.0.2552.635 has been promoted to the stable channel 😉

    • I get.geo what you did, I have seen that in the past tho sometimes it is pulled because of a bug.

    • redfox

      Sorry, but I still can’t find a change log for 44.0.2510.1457.

  • Should opera://components/ show Flash Player PPAPI if it is installed?

  • modemjunkie

    OK, Opera Stable seems to be at 45.0.2552.635 (PGO) but I don’t see any info about the latest update.. But question. When did the top bar become that pale blue white? boring boring. Themes are the least important reason for using Opera, but isn’t there some option besides using the “dark theme option: in settings to create a bit of contrast?

  • kriskazy

    This updates in question are not really well understood especially for me, i dont really like using opera to download songs or videos on my PC.

  • Osaro

    Opera is good, i really like the old andriod version, it allows me to download South African music fast

  • The new opera is stable. I find music downloads faster

  • Emmanuel Udeh

    i noticed media files cant be streamed online at Naija Mp3 Download kit only detects it on the page…