Today’s update brings a fix for the out of memory bug when using VPN. It was very important for us to bring it quickly, and it has been applied to all streams of the Opera browser.

Besides that, you’ll find a fix for a window redraw issue when resizing a new tab in Opera.

The changelog contains full list of changes.

Installation links:

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  • Ariane Lu

    Unable to download in China – This link is 404:


    [0412/202949.212:INFO:package_fetcher.cc(437)] Preparing to fetch the installer
    [0412/202949.213:INFO:wininet.cc(205)] Starting download from http://dl.opera.com/download/get/?id=41233&autoupdate=1&ni=1&stream=stable&utm_source=google_via_opera_com&utm_campaign=google_ose_via_opera_com&utm_medium=ose&niuid=16c0be72-94fd-46f6-af0c-42921ab8b180
    [0412/202951.400:INFO:wininet.cc(406)] Initial request completion
    [0412/202951.400:ERROR:wininet.cc(656)] Request completed with an unexpected HTTP status 404: Error (0x13D) while retrieving error. (0x2F76)
    [0412/202951.400:ERROR:wininet.cc(598)] Download failed

  • ady

    I don’t understand why i got the black screen when i open random pages, is very annoying

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Does it help if you disable hardware acceleration?

    • BK

      we are trying to fix similar error, it’s especially common on FB when open tabs in background. Is that your case?

      • ady

        particularly no, but yes when i open a link from facebook i got black and another random site gsmarena.com, etc

        • BK

          as a workaround you can try providing –disable-gpu-compositing option in command line to opera launcher.

          • ady

            is not work…
            I downgrade opera and i waiting for 45 version

  • Pavol

    Opera used to be the best browser. Those days are gone since they stop listening simple requests coming from their users (like for example to allow customization of the interface, change the position of bookmark toolbar,…). Now I have to admit, I see the future in Vivaldi browser.

    • Still waiting for the option to open a bookmark from the toolbar with a left click. Without the “Bookmarks by the side” extension I doubt I’d use Opera regardless of all the fancy gimmicks they come up with.

    • Ari

      If you only are looking for a pretty face browser then move on to another one.

      • Slimjet does what he’s asking for, and what I’m asking for below actually. As I said, it’s the extension that keeps me here, when the extension no longer works I’ll be gone unless they make the browser more configurable.

        • Ari

          Well I’m glad they’re more a backend browser than just a pretty face as I said.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I don’t think that most users nowadays really care that much about customization. They just want to access their daily pages.

      Not that I’m against customization but I don’t think it would make a huge difference in bringing new users or keeping current ones.

  • ratamies

    I quickly tested it – seems that memory leak was fixed. Thanks!

    • BK

      Awesome, thanks for confirmation.

  • hassanraza

    still not able to import data from to opera

    • BK

      hi, try downloading old Opera, like version 30, import your data from O12, and then let the browser update to O44.

      • hassanraza

        lets try

  • Clive

    The RPM download link does not point to Opera 44.0.2510.1218 Stable update but to the older version 1159. Please adjust


  • Humberto García

    I’m having issues with video playback. Mostly at youtube and netflix, sometimes there’s no sound, and it takes longer than usual to start playing the video.

    • If you are on Windows you could try enabling flag opera://flags/#media-windows-mf-demuxer ? In many cases it’s enough to get those videos working.

  • Christy050957

    Since updating to 44.0.2510.1218, The VPN will not connect. It turns orange, states it is connecting & remains that way. Opera will not connect to any page with VPN turned on.

    • Kornelia

      This could be a server problem. Please try after a while and let us know if it still exist.

      • Might be US server, I can’t connect to it on the iOS Opera VPN app at all, it just fails

        • @chasapple:disqus do you observe also problems on desktop?

          • Nope only on iOS might be a compatibility issue

    • @christy050957:disqus please try the following:
      Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Clear browsing data…
      select only “Third party services data” and click clear.
      Restart the browser.

      Please let us know, if that helped.
      P.S. No data from your browser (settings, bookmarks, etc) will be lost.

      • Christy050957

        TY so very much for your assistance. It worked! Have a wonderful weekend!

  • RussianNeuroMancer

    Getting fonts issue on more and more devices running Linux, this time on Ubuntu Gnome: http://imgur.com/a/Pu7Xt
    And there is screenshot that was attached to bugreport: http://imgur.com/a/hPWFU


    Please look into this. It’s hardly possible to use web-browser with such issues.

    • Kornelia

      I’ll check on this and make sure right people are CCed.

  • No crash to update this time

  • VeadarKin

    Why still no synchronization of extensions? And why is there no password synchronization with the browser’s mobile version? Doesn’t anybody want that?
    why needs regional blogs if they don’t update?

  • Izer0

    Switching to mobile device view in developer tools and back does not work correctly from version 44! It affects other tabs and resize viewport. Screenshot here: http://www.eplanet.sk/opera.jpg

  • Clicking on the download icon in the upper right corner does not open the list of downloaded files in this version, but it works in the previous stable.

    • redfox

      It works here, Win7/32.

      • Strange, it seems to be an issue with the PC where I installed it first, because on this computer it also works. Both have the latest greatest Windows 10 Creators update in 64 bit, by the way, and both use a Lenovo optical mouse.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Do other icons like VPN, ad-blocker, etc work?

          • The VPN icon also does not react to clicking on it, I have to go to the settings to enable or disable it. The other icons e.g. from installed extensions do work, also the bookmarks, refresh and navigation buttons. Still this only happens on one PC, two others with the same OS, mouse and Opera version with same settings do not have this problem.

            I don’t use the internal adblocker at the moment, because some users here seem to agree that uBlock would load pages faster, so I installed that one instead.

          • OK, it seems that the hardware acceleration has to be turned off on this PC. I can reproduce the issue when switching it on/off several times. The mainboard is an Asus P5G41T-MLX from 2011 (newer than the other ones), the cpu a Pentium Dualcore 2.4ghz E2220, so I think that it should be able to use hardware acceleration theoretically. I’m using the internal Intel G41 graphics chip, no external card, as it is fast enough for smooth TV watching on Zattoo etc.

          • redfox

            The integrated GPU might not be supported for the HW acceleration.

          • Good guess, but one of the other working PCs has the older version of the GPU (Intel G31) on a Foxconn mainboard, but with a faster Intel Core2 Duo 3 GHz CPU, so it might be related to the Pentium Dualcore perhaps. I have another PC with a similar CPU at 2.5 GHz and the Intel G41 GPU, so I will test that one today.

            Same issue on this PC, disabling hardware acceleration enables clicking on the download and VPN icons again and vice versa. So it seems to be a problem with the Pentium Dualcore (E5200 on a Fujitsu mainboard here) and/or the internal Intel G41 GPU.

            By the way, it was the same issue both with the latest and the previous stable Opera version.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Does it help if you enable opera://flags/#ignore-gpu-blacklist?

          • Thanks for your suggestion, but it did not help. After activating the option and restarting I still cannot open the download list or enable VPN on the PC with the Intel G41 GPU and Pentium Dualcore CPU.

            But I just found another button in the browser header that does not work, i.e. clicking on the tab menu fails to open it as well. All other icons and buttons do work though.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            What about disabling hardware acceleration?

  • BF Collider

    Sounds really good! 🙂

    • BF Collider

      – but i still have problems with the Quick Tab. The .gif i use, keeps freezing. It’s really frustrating.

  • redfox

    Is there a way to increase the font size of the Settings, History and Extensions pages (not web pages)? It is hard to read.

    • Yes, just zoom it to whatever percentage you want in the Opera menu. I use 125% on my 19″ flatscreen for example.

      • redfox

        Thank you.

  • firuz_u7

    After a certain time, scrolling on the site does not work, it should be opened on a new tab to make it work please correct

    Select link is not very convenient, Opera 12 has been better implemented Select link. In Vivaldi it is more convenient than in Opera but not more convenient than in Opera 12. Will this function be improved?

  • alexSuper

    One of my favorite news source disappeared causing endless waiting news reload.
    I have to long press mouse on “remove” instead of one click.
    Unfortunately i forgot the news source name.

  • Jozka Jozin

    Very often crash after copy text (cmd+c) and open new tab (cmd + t).

    MacOS 10.12.4

    • not enough info, which engine?

      • Jozka Jozin

        Last Opera stable.

        Select text > copy > new tab > paste = crash.
        (cmd + c > cmd +t > cmd +v = crash)

      • Jozka Jozin

        Select text > copy > new tab > paste = crash.
        (cmd + c > cmd +t > cmd +v = crash)

        Last Opera stable

  • Reijo

    I’ll check it out, I’ve been complaining about this issue for 1 year. If you address it congrats!

  • Dawid

    Pobrałem Opere Developer i stwierdzam, że działa świetnie. Jest szybka, przejrzysta, nie sprawia problemów, poza jednym… nie działa strona Outlook.com. Wyświetla się pusta karta.

  • Ryszard

    No tak, wersja stabilna, a ja mam problem z wyłączeniem/włączeniem wbudowanego adblocka od Opery. To samo dotyczy pobranych plików, nie mogę wejść w menadżera bo przycisk nie reaguje. Przy wpisywaniu czegokolwiek w pasek również się nie wyświetla nic. Przeinstalowywałem Operę, lecz bez skutku. Pobierać wersji BETA też nie bardzo mam ochotę. Z rozszerzeń mam tylko LastPass i tą pogodynkę od Yr w speed dialu.

  • Sanyam Kalra

    when i open any link in any site new tab that opens often shows a black screen and not the website

  • Vlad Violenty

    in this version and ubuntu 17.04 in unity i see Opera menu button. how i can return menu panel like chromium?

    • L33t4opera

      Hi Vlad, you can try to run the Opera from a terminal window as follows:
      XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=Unity /usr/bin/opera (or add it as a shell script).

  • Ariane Lu

    I can’t access opera.com and this blog by http with any Opera edition, stable, beta, and developer. Chrome & Firefox & EDGE works fine.

    All mine and my friends Opera does not show green lock icon on some sites, it show “ERR_CERT_UNABLE_TO_CHECK_REVOCATION” on security tab of Dev Tools, Try are using GeoTrust cert and LetsEncrypt cert

    Is this a known issue? My beta and developer edition is fresh install without any user data, I tried reinstall my OS, but problem still exist.

    EDIT: Now issue disappear, may caused by opera.com down?

  • Steven D.

    Any chance that bookmark export will come back soon?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Come back? It’s never been there in Opera Chromium.

      Anyway, I don’t really think it will come soon.

    • Ariane Lu

      Just install extension

  • yigido

    Awww… That is bad!

    • redfox

      Google’s fault.

    • please report in Jira, I will check in house and try to cooperate at this stuff

      • yigido

        How can I do this? What’s Jira?

  • Ahmed AL-Jaber

    Damn… at last .. Opera in Linux get rid of stupid menu bar.

    Now i will prefer OPERA to my friends

    • why stupid?

      • Ahmed AL-Jaber

        because only Geeks who use menu bar. millennials use ribbon button.
        hate me but i’m telling the truth

    • please input explanation in Jira

  • Michael Comley

    Hi, longtime Opera user. Since 44 update it crashes after about 5 minutes – nothing I do (full re-install etc) seems to change anything. So prefer to go back o a stable (for me) version.
    Cannot find how to download 43 – link please, thanks.

    • yigido
      • Michael Comley

        Thanks yigido. However have same problem – crashes within a couple of minutes. Now confused because all other software runs fine and no other change made. Appreciate any other ideas anyone might have.

        • ChuckMz

          Check plug-ins, extensions.

          • Michael Comley

            Hi, done that – no joy. Even 100% deleted every scrap of my Opera data/ code before completely clean install and same problem – coming to the conclusion it’s something else with my pc. Chrome working without a problem.
            Only change I’ve made is to clone the op system to a new ssd drive so maybe “something” else doesn’t like Opera ??

  • KarenArzumanyan

    YouTube H.264 don`t work! 🙁 for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQkVwoy59Wg
    Opera 44.0.2510.1218 Stable
    Ubuntu 17.04 (x86_64; GNOME)

    • L33t4opera

      Hi Karen, download the opera-ffmpeg-codecs package from the Herecura’s repo, and navigate to Opera’s root folder, create a new subfolder lib_extra, and extract libffmpeg.so from the package to this subfolder.

      • too much complications, shorter and more good if Karen restart whole engine, but careful

      • KarenArzumanyan

        Thanks, it worked!

  • @kornelia_m:disqus you read comments? not sure stable, maybe reopen in Jira, ok? Will check in house (to much work now)

    • @kornelia_m:disqus??

    • Vux777

      can you please explain what do you mean by “reopen in Jira”, “in house”, “engine restart” and that sort of phrases that you are using in your comments?
      do you have some problems with translation services (like Google translate)?

  • Piotr Komos

    I can’t click the right button, without Opera crashing instantly. 🙁

    • Robert Tomaszewski

      Hi Piotr,
      Can you share with us what is your operating system, or just send the User-Agent string (e.g. from echo.opera.com). Does the problem occurs every time? On every page?

      • Piotr Komos

        After I restarted my computer it the problem didn’t occur anymore. However when I have a resource heavy game opened in the background it still occurs, I think it has more to do with my computer being pushed a bit to hard, than with Opera itself.

  • ShintoPlasm

    I am once again unable to save new bookmarks in Unsorted Bookmarks – have you decided once again to deprecate this useful feature? Or is this a bug in this latest stable version?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Unsorted Bookmarks’ has been deprecated since a while. Those who don’t have bookmarks in it will not see that folder while the ones who had something in it will still see the ‘unsorted bookmarks’ folder but probably will not be able to add anything to it.

      • ShintoPlasm

        Shame about it… Thanks for clarifying, though, I’ve now moved my existing unsorted bookmarks to another location.

  • yigido

    When will you release the v45 stable

    • Leonardo Gomes

      First Opera 44 stable was released in March 21st. Based on the regular 6 to 8 weeks time frame between releases, I would guess Opera 45 should come sometime in May.

      • yigido

        Thank you Gomes 🙂

  • L33t4opera

    New build – Opera stable 44.0.2510.1449 😉

  • Thanks for this Update , Can I download it as offline?

  • Sedat

    Close button does not appear
    Screenshot: https://i.hizliresim.com/4PvyNp.png

  • Bernie Sparkes

    Cannot install Flash file with this version. I now have to use Firefox which I don’t want but you have left me with no choice.