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  • Vlad

    WTF?! Where the new developer version???

    • When it is ready they will post a new blog post

    • BK

      you mean WDV? 😉 next week I believe.

      • Raszlo

        Two weeks gap between releases… I anticipate tab stacking. 😉

        • BK

          Nice try. 😉 Haven’t hear about this for a while.

          • Nekomajin43

            When did you stop reading the comments? 😀

      • L33t4opera

        So I do belive – the first Opera developer 45.0.2522.0 😉

  • Opera crashed to update

    • Ewa Mieżejewska

      What platform?

  • Abdolahi

    still no fix for opera private window in maximum size !
    there is no close button unless resizing !
    fix that shit

  • Łukasz Janik
  • Mate Parlov

    Was the page resize issue when switching from fullscreen has been fixed? I am staying with 42.x until…

    • Ariane Lu

      Same issue in latest developer edition

    • Kornelia

      We’re still waiting for the fix. Meanwhile it can be worked around by disabling ‘Predict network actions to improve page load performance’ in Preferences -> Privacy & security.

      • Mate Parlov

        Good to know, thanks for the workaround.

      • Mate Parlov

        Tried again with the new version, unfortunately changing the setting ‘Predict network actions to improve page load performance’ does not fix the fullscreen mangling page sizes issue.

    • redfox

      The 42.x has a more serious bug – it saves zone information with every downloaded executable, regardless of Windows registry settings. This is why I upgraded to v.43.

      • Mate Parlov

        What is a “zone information” of the executable?

        • redfox

          If you use Windows, all .exe files downloaded with O42 will show a warning window, when executed: “This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer.”. This is because Opera saves the (internet) zone information with the file, even if you disable it through registry or group policy editor. Very annoying.

          • Mate Parlov

            I see, I am on Linux, I don’t see this issue.

  • Ariane Lu

    Can’t update: New version available > download failed, tried 20 times

  • Mike Robinson

    Flash on Debian 64 is still not working. It’s been broken for like 2 months now.

    • Clasan Ibanez

      I was geting this problem too. So I used this SCRIPT and flash works now.

      • Mike Robinson

        Yes, that got it working! The problem is that you need both the and the manifest.json file from the tarball. The installation instructions I found didn’t mention that.

    • Kornelia

      Please make sure you’ve got the flash updated.

  • oldq

    white bar at the bottom of the panel express the developers continue to ignore … they can not see it … but it has many win7 users.

  • redfox

    I’d like fixes for:
    – mouse left clicks are sometimes ignored when the horizontal link selection feature is enabled
    – extensions’ icons in / next to URLbar are reduced in size
    – some https sites with self-signed certificates do not work (the ‘continue anyways’ option is missing).
    I think that 1 and 3 are high priority bugs.

  • Regnas

    Thanks for the update………. But you know what, Reborn is my default browser now…. 🙂

  • Timmeh

    Can you advise if there is a problem with the VPN connection?

  • Timmeh

    Is the VPN connection broken? The last couple of updates have just had it connecting….

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It seems to be working here.

  • Alex

    Dear Opera developers! Please, add “Start Opera in Private Mode” option in Preferences. I’m so tired to manually fix Info.plist after each update (year, Dock on Mac is a piece of …).

    • Przemek Kudła

      Try to use the command line parameter: –private

      • Alex

        He, he. There are no command line parameters in the Mac’s standard launchers (Dock and Launchpad). I have to write bash script and edit /Applications/ So, please, add a little-tiny option “Start Opera in Private Mode”. Similar option exists in Firefox.

  • Can you please post Opera’s system requirements on your web site, on the download pages? I’ve searched all over your site, and I can’t find that information anywhere. It ought to be right there beside the download button, but it’s not there, not in the help, and not even in the blogs, as far as I can tell.

    All I found was an allusion to the fact that newer Opera versions might not support older OS versions: “While we recommend that you use the latest version of Opera, we understand that sometimes this might not be possible, depending on your hardware and operating system.”

    But nowhere can I find specific information about what OS versions are supported for the latest vs. earlier versions of Opera.

    That’s why I came to your web site: I wanted to find out whether I can recommend Opera is an alternative to Firefox, for people whose Windows OS is too old to run the latest Chrome. But your web site doesn’t tell me that information.

  • Vladimir

    Opera, at startup, it opens in a window. Ubuntu 16.04.2

  • _artem_

    please make it possible to edit speeddial/bookmark TILES… i really love the colored tiles but allow me to write my own text on it.. i hate when it just take the stupid url… or just allow me to edit that stupid * text and allow me to choose colors (optional) but a tile text edit is a must have. please implement

  • Oleg

    Any updates about allowing manual access sites with invalid certificates?(not only localhost)

    • redfox

      not yet

    • redfox

      Not yet. You surely meant SHA-1 sites like . I hope, that it will be fixed yet in the v. 43 release, because v. 44 has other (new) bugs. Still waiting for one, problem-free version.

      • Oleg

        Yes, issue related to SHA-1 certificates, thanks for update.

  • Izer0

    Latest 2 updates broke find dialog .. it is showing 0 found and red background, but it’s stepping through document without highlighting keyword. When I close find dialog, highlighted keyword is shown. Win7 64 bit + Opera 32 bit.

    • redfox

      The find function in v. 43.0.2442.991 works fine (Win7/32). I haven’t tested the latest build 1144 yet.

    • redfox

      You are right. The last 2 builds have this issue – but only on some web pages, not generally.

  • HerbertGW

    Repeatable (for me at least) crash and restart when trying to reorganize bookmarks while on start page. Crash does not occur if webpage is loaded in tab instead of just start page.

    Step 1. Open Opera.
    Step 2. Go to Start Page.
    Step 3. Attempt to move bookmark from one folder to another.
    Step 4. Opera crashes and recovers the instant the bookmark touches the destination folder.
    Step 5. Open a webpage (I tested with Facebook and Twitter).
    Step 6. Re-attempt to move bookmark from one folder to another.
    Step 7. Success.

    I’ve repeated this experiment 8 times now, all with the exact same outcome.

    Windows 10 Pro Version 1607 (OS Build 14393,693)
    Opera version 43.0.2442.1144 (PGO)
    All other drivers are up-to-date.

  • Allan

    I’m still have problems with Microphone in Duolingo website in Opera.
    Even enabling Flash run in Duolingo, I can’t use my built-in Microphone.
    In Chrome I can use it normally.

    My OS is: OS X El Capitan (15G1217)
    My main machine: Macbook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012)

    Thanks and regards.

  • Gábor Kovács

    Hello! Currency converter stopped working. 🙁

  • L33t4opera

    New build (for Mac only as for now) – Opera stable 43.0.2442.1165 😉

  • Luizao Tomassi

    Is there anyway I can bring focus on to the bookmarks bar, using the keyboard, and choosing the bookmark I want. I cannot find a way to do so, without clicking with a mouse. I have to stop using the mouse.

  • Anurodh Jha

    please help me
    The connection for VPN is stuck. It takes forever and isn’t connecting to it.