Please take a look at the new developer build we’ve prepared for you today.
We fixed some synchronization issues, and new MacBooks users will find some touch bar UI fixes.

For details, visit the changelog.

Voice your questions and concerns in the comments panel. 😉

Known issues

  • Opera might fail to start if Ubuntu’s Chromium package is installed.
  • There are no Windows PGO packages this time.

Installation links:

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  • nanana1


  • L33t4opera

    Hi Kornelia, thanks for the new build, and fixes 😉

    New flags:
    – opera:flags#enable-http-form-warning
    Attach a warning UI to any password or credit card fields detected when the top-level page is not HTTPS.

    – opera:flags#enable-webvr
    Enabling this option allows web applications to access experimental Virtual Reality APIs.

    – opera:flags#print-pdf-as-image
    If enabled, an option to print PDF files as images will be available in print preview.

    – opera:flags#enable-faster-location-reload
    Enable faster location.reload() to use a reload mode that revalidates only main resource forcibly.

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      As usual, it would be nice, if we could see WHICH setting is the standard setting.

      • Leonardo Gomes

        Ask Chromium. 🙂

        Jokes aside, it really would be nice.

  • Cobalt

    Performance issues while scrolling in Google Image Search compared to Vivaldi

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Try to find something in Google Image Search, for example “resident evil”: http://jpegshare.net/4d/46/4d461a88aec627669be069a81e6b0f53.jpg.html
    2. Move your mouse cursor as quickly as possible while you scroll the page up or down

    Actual result: The page will scroll with obvious jerks compared to Vivaldi & Chrome =(

    Expected result: I would like to see the same smooth scrolling like in Vivaldi. In Chrome the scrolling performance is also higher.


    • Leonardo Gomes

      I can’t even do 2. 🙂

      • Cobalt

        So sad =(

    • kgbme

      There aren’t any problems with it, but System > Use hardware acceleration when available can tell you whether your PC is ancient; type for some more info: opera://gpu/

      ^^ Source @https://fixmynix.com/enable-hardware-acceleration-in-chrome-chromium-opera-slimjet/

      opera://flags/ MAY, possibly, have an option to make it moar better. ;-$

  • Paweł

    Hello and thank you for another update.
    It seems like 64bit DEB build isn’t available in the repositories: http://deb.opera.com/opera/pool/non-free/o/opera-developer/ 🙂

    • Angry Penguin

      I not get any update in my Ubuntu 16.10×64 yet. I see that in this blog post is linked only by one 64bit rpm and deb and not x86. Also in your link to repository is x86 and x64 but look like 64bit (build 2487) is older that x86 (build 2494)… but in this blog post is link to build .2494 for x64. So? Devs could you fix it?

      I mean:
      Link to all build – x86 and 64.
      Add new 2494 build to your deb repo for autoupdate.

      • Kornelia

        Sorry guys, I’ve updated the repo now so it should be fixed. Thanks!

      • Paweł

        Well, that’s what I said. I pointed link to repo as a proof. Luckily link in blog post worked 🙂

  • tom

    I get this error after update from last developer build:
    /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/opera-developer/opera-developer: error while loading shared libraries: libbase.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    [0207/094913.384163:FATAL:zygote_host_impl_linux.cc(182)] Check failed: ReceiveFixedMessage(fds[0], kZygoteBootMessage, sizeof(kZygoteBootMessage), &boot_pid).
    #0 0x000001bd49fe
    #1 0x000001be93cb
    #2 0x000000ab8905
    #3 0x000000ab7c7e
    #4 0x000000ab822e
    #5 0x0000007a5ca6
    #6 0x0000007acd20
    #7 0x0000018ec590
    #8 0x000001bce7ac
    #9 0x000001bcf12c
    #10 0x000001bcdd30
    #11 0x0000004552f3 OperaMain
    #12 0x7fa128bce3f1 __libc_start_main
    #13 0x000000454561

    /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/opera-developer/opera_crashreporter: error while loading shared libraries: libbase.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    [1] 10157 abort (core dumped) opera-developer

    • tom

      Ok, after reading known issues I removed chromium-browser package and now Opera works.

      • marlon

        workaround: sudo cp /usr/lib/chromium-browser/libbase.so /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/opera-developer

        • filbo

          This workaround works but seems incredibly dodgy! Especially since my chromium is leagues out of date (53.0.2785.143 — latest for Mint 17 / Ubuntu Trusty), vs. Opera 44’s current base of 57.0.2979.0).

        • filbo

          Also, for me it was:

          $ locate libbase.so # wasn’t where you said…
          $ sudo cp /usr/lib/chromium-browser/libs/libbase.so /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/opera-developer

    • Marcos Jacoby

      The funniest part is that libbase.so is not part of/is not found in the opera or opera-beta or google-chrome or vivaldi folder.
      File libbase.so seems to be chromium specific and browsers based on it tend to replace or enter these functions elsewhere.
      What I think is that at the time of compiling this version of opera-developer, escaped through the fingers in the chromium engine code the call to this file that went unnoticed by the team and was compiled in this way only being perceived after being published.
      I even uninstalled developer and put earlier versions and this file was never present.
      I expect shortly this is solved and yeah the workaround showed here works!

  • Анатолий Гусляков

    Thanks for an excellent browser. Please add buttons title bar for Linux Gnome DE.

  • nanana1

    I don’t use synchronization, is there any way to disable it or prevent it from running ?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I guess that just not logging in should be enough.

      • nanana1

        Any way to stop the synchronization running in the background when I don’t plan to log in ?

        • Synchronization should only run when you are logged in. It’s supposed to only sync with your account so if you aren’t signed there should be nothing running in background.

          • x a

            Do you plan to finally support syncing on Opera/Android with sync data “encrypted with your own passphrase” (as you frame it in the advanced configuration dialog for sync here on desktop)?

            (It’s a pity the mobile team is not nearly as accessible to communication as the fine desktop people are).

          • Leonardo Gomes

            I guess you will have better luck asking the mobile team. 🙂 Maybe you can try the forum.

          • I”ve managed to reach contact in Android team. Unfortunately there are no plans to implement it on Android in upcoming months.

          • x a

            Thanks for bothering! 🙂

            Hmm. But #1 being able to sync desktop browsers to my mobile is *the* advantage Opera yet has over Vivaldi, who don’t have a product for Android as of now.

            And #2 Opera’s edge over Chrome or Firefox ist the excellent choice to offer the user passphrase encrypted syncstore.

            You surrender both advantages.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          I don’t know any.

  • iamtelephone

    @OperaTeam – I don’t know if this is a bug or a new feature (I hope it’s simply a bug):

    – When the “Clear” button is pressed via the drop-down on the Downloads toolbar, all running downloads are removed.

    Previously this cleared old downloads and left running downloads untouched.

    Tested on Linux 64bit.

    • kgbme

      It’s fine on Windows 10 Enterprise N 2016 LTSB, Windows 10 Anniversary Update x64, works as expected.

  • currently using version 44.0.2494.0 , windows 7 enterprise x64
    before I had no such problem at all, but just found this bug (?) after the update.

    google docs keeps popping up an “unable to load file” error, and after reloading page, it pops up just a few seconds after.

    • Rafał Krupski

      Hi, Kiyoko. Have you tried to open the same doc using Google Docs in another browser (e.g. Chrome)? I have no problems with opening docs using Opera 44.0.2494.0 on Win7 x64.

      • Chrome had no problem with it.
        Actually I could open the doc and view it using Opera without errors, but the issue occurs right after I began to edit the file.

        btw, windows 10 Pro (x64) gave me the same issue.

        • kgbme

          I was gonna say… “windows 7 enterprise”, cracked copy isn’t gonna help a lot..;)

          Can’t log into Google Docs using Opera, the browser (& the company) is a -complete- mess – since switching to Chromium; but, what’s up with the 101 tabs? xD

          *It’s a local-issue, works for the rest of us

  • Tratsing

    Interesting, why Opera browser shows ,,Content blocked” message at Outlook.com, when I manually enter search term to e-mail search box. When I click on a search hint (previously written search term), then no ,,Contect blocked” message appear.

    • kgbme

      Even Outlook.com (the new version) is gone & it is now teh https://outlook.live.com/owa/

      Microsoft (& Yahoo! and Google) trying to -constantly- re-invent email. There is NOTHING wrong with the SMTP being plaintext, without ANY scripts, apart from needed server-side (CGI) ones… How many YEARS now, we’re unable to filter Google emails into a folder of needed-ones and simply, just, delete the rest (Empty the Inbox) is, simply, insane. xD

  • David_Gould

    I have set “Detect and run important Flash content (recommended)” in settings over 20 times. Opera keeps reverting it.

    Ran out of patience. How do I fix this?

    PS I don’t see the giant memory leak fixed in changelog but it’s not happening with this version.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Reverting to what? Here it remains at the default one.

      • David_Gould

        “Click to play” every time.

        It’s happened once since I posted that.

        Not really sure what’s causing it, apart from new versions.

        Maybe having 2 windows open? I have to turn VPN on and off a lot.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Do you have Turbo or VPN enabled by chance? Both will enable ‘click to play’.

          • David_Gould


            I have to turn VPN off and on every time I watch BBC or other UK channels.

            Is there a good reason for this behaviour?

          • Leonardo Gomes

            I guess it’s because plug-in data can bypass VPN so users need to enable plug-ins on their own with VPN enabled.

    • kgbme

      Funny how the “Learn more” link takes us to http://help.opera.com/opera/Windows/2393/en/controlPages.html where there’s NO mention of Flash.

      Trying to alter The URL’s “2393” version to something newer, redirects to http://help.opera.com/error/ which is the OLD Opera, which we used to know and love: http://help.opera.com/desktop/

  • Paweł

    Small suggestion: can you update example pattern for ad blocker so it’s like all the other patterns for exceptions/rules, eg. “[*.]example.com” instead of “Add a site” or add some help for regular expressions you use after clicking “Learn more”?

    It took me about 20 minutes to realize how to add exception for domains like deviantart.com, itch.io, facebook.com (workplaces), wikia.com etc. where all the content is within numerous subdomains. My first guess was *.domain.name.here close but it wasn’t close enough (* gets replaced by %2A), luckily after some time I checked other options and there were examples 🙂

    Well, now I know but some other people might get confused.

    • kgbme

      Did you get rid of the defaults?.. Because the examples *are* there, screenshot @i.imgur.com/cXl4IrN.png & they work just fine, adding “[*.]” @i.imgur.com/oKScI7I.png

      Edit: %2A is * btw., http://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_urlencode.asp

      • Paweł

        I don’t use defaults. They have no description what they are for and all sites I use work just fine. Also the bigger exception/rule base, the slower ad blocking is. Generally I allow ads from websites I like and I use often as long as ads are not invasive. After all many of those websites pay bills out of ads.

        I didn’t mean default as examples. Check other forms: Images, JS, Flash… and so on and so on. All of them *always* show example entry as a placeholder for new entry. All of them except ad blocker – it shows “Add a site” by the “Add” button.

        I’m well aware of URL encoding, I met with %20 ( ), %3A (:) and %2F (/) more often than I’d like… way too often. Still, both ‘*’ and ‘%’ are characters forbidden in domain name 😛

        My previous reply disappeared. Strange. Maybe some script considered my post as XSS attempt.

  • Alex

    “Primary selection” is broken on linux. Previously I could insert the content of the primary selection (stuff that was simply selected before) by pressing the middle mouse button. Now I can only copy and paste with the usual shortcuts (Ctrl+c/Ctrl+v) and a click on the middle mouse button starts scrolling.

  • Mateusz

    Auto Update detected as virus (I can only block it).

    Windows 7 64bit,
    AVG Anti Virus

    Was same for like 3 weeks now. Always blocking auto updater in “temp” folder, and then after 2 days Opera is updating with no problem. Could you please fix that?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      AVG is the one that can fix their software. 🙂 Contact them and say that this is a false positive.

      • Mateusz

        I understand. But I use 3 different browsers and only Opera is being detected. Also, there were no problems before with O either. It’s even more weird that after about 2 days it just updating with no problems. So I think Opera is first to go when it comes to reporting 🙂

        I can’t submit a report on AVG as it requires file to inspect. BUT as far as my brain says, AV and other Security software should NEVER be adjusted to one other software. Next time it can be a real virus, right?

        • Przemek Kudła

          This may be related to the way how AntiVirus software works. AV collects data about a new file from users. If the file is safe information is propagated to other users and eventually users are not warned.

        • kgbme

          It *is* possible that the auto-update URL is hijacked in the Registry (a rootkit, maybe or have you checked your hosts file? :))

          I’m using the torchsoft.com/ Registry Workshop, but it’s NOT free software. Sorz, can’t recall whether the Trial can function normally. Some such program can (greatly) help in hunting-down the problem, although I’m only seeing two “Opera” hits in mine… Any -further- info on WTH is going on there?!

        • kgbme

          *Have you tried the “offline package”, https://www.opera.com/computer

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    I have this page http://www.wiesbadener-kurier.de/index.htm always open in a tab in the background. When I come back to this page after some hours, the page is always crashed in this version, but I don’t know if it’s Opera or anything else.
    Now, when I reload the page (F5), the focus is not in the page or on the tab and I can not use the number keys to switch to another tab. First I have to use the mouse and click into the page. Pressing F9 does not help.

    • kgbme

      Ctrl + F5 used to be the reload, to bypass the cache; Ctrl + “R” seems to work, too.

      Btw., that page connects to some funky servers – could be the reason, maybe, screenshot @i.imgur.com/E1uXrO3.png

      • Ralf Brinkmann

        But F9 still does not work to set the focus on the page. I have to click with the mouse.

      • pseudo555

        Same thing for gmail.com, and ctrl+f5 doesn’t fix the issue.

        • Ktoś

          Just came here with the same problem, it’s highly annoying!

  • kgbme

    Opera developer 44.0.2494.0 update is listed as the latest download /update, while the article on https://dev.opera.com/blog/ Published on 7 February 2017 says: “What’s new in Chromium 56 and Opera 43” and, also, “No Results”, for: https://dev.opera.com/search/?q=44.0.2494.0

    The Opera Desktop Team’s blog (https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/) seems to have it right (& by the dates, as well), does a better job than the Dev.Opera — Blog, heh. xD

    • Leonardo Gomes

      As you should have already realized by now, dev.opera.com will have a post about Opera 44 when it reaches stable channel.

  • cosimo193

    Is this supposed to work with Chromecast? I’m currently using 43.something and I believe I installed the Chrome extension a while back and used it, but it didn’t work today. When I try it it just shows there are no devices to cast to; I’ve opened Chrome and had no problems casting to my Chromecast. I found something that said (about the Opera Developer version) “Specifically, when you install the Google Cast extension from the store” blah blah blah. Does that mean the Opera store, or Chrome store with the install chrome extensions extension? Going to Chrome Store shows the Google Cast extension as discontinued, so I’m a bit confused about whether it’s worth bothering to try the developer version.

    • Przemek Kudła

      Chromecast doesn’t work, but we are working on the fix. Unfortunately, it takes much more time than expected, so please be patient.

  • pee

    when can we expect split screen browsing i(as previewed in neon) in opera?

  • shadow118

    Any chance of getting a dark theme for the browser? (I don’t mean as a background picture, but for the whole window, like Edge for example)

  • Tratsing

    When seeking video manually forward-backwards in dotsub.com, then their player gives me an error that my browser (Opera) does not support that function. Althought I can seek video for some time, then this suddenly interfiers editing the subtitle. So, Opera is useless for editing subtitles at that website.
    Pic about it is here: https://www.upload.ee/image/6675385/5.jpg

  • Dessy Lyn

    Hi Kornelia! I’ve got a problem; the VPN doesn’t work; whenever I turn it on, the pages don’t load and I get only a text saying ‘Authentication credentials required’. However, it happens only when I’m using my laptop – when I’m using my PC, there’s no problem with the VPN. Do you maybe happen to know where are they gonna fix this, IF they are?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Settings > Privacy and Security > Clear browser data > check ‘third part data’. It should solve the problem.

      • Dessy Lyn

        It doesn’t.

  • bonifacio

    openSUSE Tumbleweed 20170214 (kernel 4.9.9-1, KDE Plasma 5.9.1)
    In my opera-dev:
    фев 16 08:50:48 linux-7nnq kernel: traps: Chrome_IOThread[3488] general protection ip:1bebb67 sp:7f4f22868fb8 error:0
    фев 16 08:50:48 linux-7nnq kernel: in opera-developer[400000+603d000]
    фев 16 08:50:48 linux-7nnq systemd[1]: Created slice system-systemdx2dcoredump.slice.
    фев 16 08:50:48 linux-7nnq systemd[1]: Started Process Core Dump (PID 4633/UID 0).
    фев 16 08:50:48 linux-7nnq systemd-coredump[4634]: Resource limits disable core dumping for process 3464 (opera-developer).
    фев 16 08:50:48 linux-7nnq systemd-coredump[4634]: Process 3464 (opera-developer) of user 1000 dumped core.
    фев 16 08:50:49 linux-7nnq kernel: nouveau 0000:01:00.0: DRM: resuming kernel object tree…

    Stable opera works normally on same profile.


  • L33t4opera

    New build – Opera developer 44.0.2505.0 😉

  • tolga Bariskan

    Sürekli bir güncelleme giriyor https://www.bahsine4.com bile bu kadar güncellenmiyor.

  • Anda Panda

    Windows 7 Professional 64 bit, Crashed all time with youtube. i listen to music on YT and all time Opera dev. crashed. I must restart and after a bit crashed again and again.

  • beBoss

    If you have a lot SD pages and start dragging first one for example to the last position down you can’t cuz dragging happens only on this items you can see on the screen, it’s not scrolling down thats the reason.

  • F Scan

    Please make an option to disable coloring of speed dial thumbnails: