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  • Kurt Zon


  • nanana1

    Thanks for this Opera 41.0.2353.69 Stable update which is great as it does not introduce the Unblock security nag on the files downloaded with it 🙂

    • Юлия

      They should either make it optional or respect the Windows setting. Apparently browsers can do whatever they want on this aspect, regardless of Windows settings. Some browsers even provide this option:

      • nanana1

        Opera browsers have always respected the Windows setting and I have applied the regedit change in my Windows setting and did not see this Unblock security tag in all my downloaded files until Opera build 42.0.2392.0 showed up and from then on, all Opera Beta and Developmental browsers builds (excluding Stable) have this Unblock security tags whether users disable it or not in their Windows setings

        As I have tested, Chrome and Firefox does not introduce this security tags in their downloaded files.

  • iG0Lka

    Error opening files from a local drive. html and pdf

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. create or save the file to a directory on the local disk, in whose name the present symbol # .
    example c:temp#manfilename.pdf
    2. in Windows Explorer, select the c:temp#manfilename.pdf to open in Opera.

    Actual result:
    Opera will display the contents of the directory upper #man, ie c:temp

    Expected result:
    should open the file filename.pdf


    • Robert Tomaszewski

      Hello iG0Lka, Thank you for filing a bug report. We will look into.

  • Been a while but Opera crashed to update this time (3 minimized windows in the dock, 3 un minimized windows)
    macOS 10.12.1

  • K. K. VinayKumar

    Request to Opera developers please add Adblock option to context menu to block some of the elements which default Adblocker has failed to remove it.

    • cicciazzo

      and please add localized ad blocking lists (ie country specific) to opera desktop and android!

  • John A.

    Please add UK to vpn as a location.

  • Thanks for the stability update! Any plans for a “Reader” feature like in Safari/Firefox? Would love one. 🙂

  • firuz_u7

    constantly loaded cursor around, I noticed in the Task Manager process is one that appears and disappears at the moment around the cursor download progress bar appears, and it is constant
    here he is: Расширение: Background worker
    Opera Stable 41.0.2353.56

    • qwerzaq

      yes, also I met the problem when it is eliminated terribly annoying

  • Spideymang

    Thanks Kornelia and Opera team!!! Have a great day

    • Kornelia

      Thank you. 🙂

  • Sawatin


  • ArkuS

    Polski blog umarł?

    • BK

      nope. ma wakacje 😉

  • Peter Maier

    Hi, since yesterday it´s not possible to open any links. And to open any stuff in a new tab. It opens just a plain white site, or it says that the address is out of order, or no connection possible and so on…
    Greetings from Nuremberg

    • Kornelia

      Hi Peter, what’s your operating system?

      • Peter Maier

        Hi Kornelia, thanks for your fast reply. My operating system is windows 7.

        • Peter Maier

          And when you tell me what to do, bear that in mind, i´m a DAU 🙂

    • Kai Ockendorf

      I don’t know if it’s the same, but had this “plain white site” during the update process…with the installer, for a couple seconds!! Happens every time btw when I start Opera Beta & Dev (both x64), stable version is ok. W10x64

  • Lord of Misrule

    I don’t like the way “disable loading of background tabs” works now. This was the feature that made me switch to Opera as my default browser. However, I found out about the flag. Please don’t remove the “Extended lazy session loading” flag in future updates.

    It would be nice if you added a short-cut combination for the “show bookmarks bar” function. I don’t care if it’s not simple, you don’t have to change the other ones you have, just add something. Even in Firefox we can do Alt-V-T-B. Now, in Opera, we can get to that menu with Alt-B but then the S character is for both the Show Bookmarks and Show Bookmarks Bar options. Why not add a different character for the Bookmarks Bar?

    • L33t4opera

      a short-cut combination for the “show bookmarks bar” function

      Hi, you can add it by yourself in Settings > Browser > Shortcuts > Configure shortcuts (opera:settings/configureCommands) > Show bookmarks bar.

      • Lord of Misrule

        Wow, done! I’m ashamed of not finding that option earlier, didn’t expect this kind of configurability. Thanks!

    • filbo

      This is also why I switched recently from Chrome to Opera. I open so many tabs, Chrome creates a process for every tab and pushes my machine to swapping.

      DO NOT WANT “lazy” background tab loading — I want *NO* background tab loading, until I bring that tab forward. With the right settings, current Opera does this *mostly* right.

      But, I want it to not load, not start a corresponding process, even for tabs which I “open in background tab” during the current session. Then it will be lean and mean. I open many background tabs, then — eventually — open them one by one, read whatever it was, and dispose of them. It is of zero benefit and *MAJOR* harm, to start those processes before I look at the tabs.

      The crummy current workaround is to operate as normal, until the machine starts to bog down. Then, regretfully, restart Opera so that it will quiesce all of those uselessly running tabs. 🙁

      • cicciazzo


      • Leonardo Gomes

        Chrome creates a process for every tab and pushes my machine to swapping.

        Every Chromium based browser does it, what includes Opera.

        • filbo

          Opera handles it better than Chrome. When starting up with an existing session, Chrome creates a process for every tab. Opera can be configured to not start those processes until you focus each tab — a *tremendous* memory & performance win.

  • Scroll fast up and down in the Task Manager in Opera causes a 60% spike for Opera main progress
    macOS 10.12.1

  • dacomboman

    Option for dark theme (instead of white) would be a nice Christmas gift! 🙂

    • Novian Andika

      i’d agree with this !

      • dacomboman

        Oh… and if it could be a super dark black theme!

        • Kai Ockendorf

          …and I guess it’s about time for a new & more modern O-Menu 😉

          • dacomboman

            + 1

          • Leonardo Gomes

            And what would be a ‘more modern’ menu?

          • Kai Ockendorf

            well, something like the “start-menu” under Windows 10 for example 🙂

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Hmm, could be interesting.

        • dacomboman

          Even Grey like the one on mini for Android would be nice!

    • Kai Ockendorf

      There have been times, years ago, they did those kind of awesome things :)) like a Pre-Alpha version of a brand new & redesigned Opera version for Christmas & an update to it on new year’s eve…exactly 1 minute after midnight!! Miss that 🙂 so it would be great to have something cool for Christmas this year 🙂

  • João Gonçalves

    A long time bug.
    In this page, I can only scroll to the second picture. No more than that. All the other browsers in the market can scroll all the pictures.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Try disabling the adblocker.

      • João Gonçalves

        Thank you. That solved the problem.
        But the question is, why?
        Is it Opera fault or the adblocker fault?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Well, ad-blocking isn’t necessarily an ‘exact science’ so things like that may happen.

          In this case, it seems to be a list issue.

          • João Gonçalves

            Thank you for the answer

    • Юлия

      Doesn’t work in FireFox for me. It freezes on second image without the ability to go forward or backward. I assume it’s the ad blocker.

      • João Gonçalves

        Thank you. You are right. I’ve tested in Firefox but without adblock installed.

  • filbo

    Again, the changelog pointer in the Linux .deb packaging points to the wrong place ( should be — this is wrong for all recent .deb packaging including 41-stable, 42-beta, 43-developer, but the directory names are not uniform: changelog-opera-41, changelog-for-42, changelog-for-43).

    • Robert Tomaszewski

      Hello Filbo, thanks for catching this. We will check and fix it.

  • filbo

    In these blog posts(*) in which you include Chromium logs by reference — “Chromium was updated to version 54.0.2840.99” — can you please include a pointer to the corresponding Chromium changelogs? In this case, the best link would appear to be: (constructed by: A_VER=54.0.2840.87; B_VER=54.0.2840.99; echo “${A_VER}..${B_VER}?pretty=fuller&n=10000”)

    (*) OR, better, (1) include the Chromium update information in the Opera changelog — the current one mentions *only* DNA-57985 and not the underlying Chromium update; and (2) include Chromium changelog link in the Opera changelog.


    • filbo

      While it would be nice to also have the Chromium blog posts, like, they are poorly organized for the purpose. The Chromium blog post states that it updates to 54.0.2840.98, .99 and .100, but does not mention *from* what version(s). To figure that out you must scroll backwards in the Chromium blog for a while (about 8 entries?) until you find the next earlier mention of the “stable channel for desktop” — which updated to version and .90. So in this case a single Chromium blog post covers your update; but I’m sure there are other cases where Opera’s update jumps past multiple Chromium updates and should conceptually refer to all of those blog posts. You can’t be expected to index their site for them…

  • Cobalt

    Not saved window state (windowed / maximized) by using Win+Arrow Up / Win+Arrow Down

    OS: Windows 7


  • Cobalt

    Thanks a lot for this: “DNA-57886 When opening new tab from other tab’s context menu it opens at the end of tab strip”

    You are the best!!! =D

  • Steve Hayes

    This page is not rendered properly:

    Chrome 54.0.2840.99 m (64-bit) does render it properly. I go to that page all the time, so that’s how I know how it should be rendered.

    It also displays properly on Firefox 50 (x86).

    It also displays properly on Microsoft Edge 39.14971.1000.0 (x86).

    • Leonardo Gomes

      That page looks the same in Opera, Chrome and Firefox here.

      Do you use any extensions?

      • Steve Hayes

        No, I don’t use any extensions. The only thing I can think of, is the fact that I am using Windows 10 x64 Build 14971 instead of the latest stable build of Windows 10.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          What about any security/privacy software that may be blocking something on the page?

          Do you have Turbo or VPN enabled?

          • Steve Hayes

            I uninstalled Chrome and all versions of Opera I had. I reinstalled this version. Now it renders the page fine. Weird.

  • Any news on the weird bug where Speed Dial extensions are zoomed?

  • vance

    Any chance in the future we will be able to cast from tabs? I get the obvious error “failure capturing video”

  • rek

    When will the support for the cromecast be fixed? You even closed the comment section of that blogpost..

    • Leonardo Gomes

      AFAIK, this is still a work in progress.

  • Watermurf

    Regarding the functionality of Opera…I have a request for a small change.

    If I’m reading an email in a client like Mozilla Thunderbird, and click on a link in that email, my default browser will open and connect to that linked website. In browsers like Firefox or Chrome, the browser will open with only one tab (the one for the linked website). In Opera, however, 2 tabs will open…one for the website linked from the email, and one for my home page. This slows the loading of Opera…and for the websites themselves, since 2 pages are loading simultaneously.

    Is is possible to have Opera behave similarly to Firefox or Chrome, and only open with the linked website? I know there’s been an emphasis on making Opera open and load more quickly, and this change would definitely help.



    Useful information thanks.

  • Yadin Elam

    never had any problem with Opera until the update today to the new version. Since then Opera freezes all the time

    • Does it freeze on one site every time?

      • Yadin Elam

        no. different sites but when a few tabs are open. I didn’t change anything in my browsing habits. Exactly the same as they were before the latest update

        • Yadin Elam

          maybe a bit more on WhatsApp Web

          • Checked to see if plug ins are all updated, and all OS updates are installed?

            Other thing to try is to clear the browser cache and then restart Opera and try it again

      • Yadin Elam

        It freezes for 2 minutes and then unfreezes

      • Yadin Elam

        OK. it is probably related to WhatsApp. No problems when I turned it off. However, I do need to use WhatsApp on Opera

  • can cause a 306% cpu spike while watching something streaming on the site (live)

    edit: also some sort of memory bug, hitting just over 1GB of RAM used for that one tab (1 tab in that window), and the memory usage is growing every few minutes

    macOS 10.12.1

    • now at 1.1GB of ram used

  • Eugene B.
    • Kornelia

      What’s your operating system Eugene?

      • Eugene B.

        Win 10. And sorry I should’ve post it in the last Opera Dev thread.

  • ktxgio

    1) Opera 41.0.2353.69 crashed when i delete bookmarks… at opera restart bookmark is still here. i tried to delete same bookmark again and now bookmark is deleted without crash

    2) this page doesn’t work correctly
    Work fine with chrome and ie11

    • ktxgio

      tested site on another pc with same version of Opera and work fine… why on my pc page is not rendered correctly?
      After i try with a portable version of Opera 42 beta and work fine. with Opera stable regular installation page does not work correctly…
      Please, could you suggest me what is wrong?

      • ktxgio

        Ok, performed some tests: Opera ad-block break page render! i i disable Opera ad-block page is redered fine
        if i re-enable Opera ad-block and reload page i have not correct render
        Excuse me for my english

        • Leonardo Gomes

          It’s a list issue. If you use ublock origin, you will see the same issue

  • DG 6909

    Hi, this site is crashing since Opera 41.0.2353.69 update!

  • Harry

    I posted this in the Opera forums but got no answer so I’ll ask it here.

    I was under the impression that for SurfEasy you could specify specific locations or countries.

    Am I wrong? If this is possible, could someone explain how to do it. I can find no options at all.

  • Ettore Lavarini

    Still a lot of crashes when deleting a bookmark or moving a bookmark from a folder to another. It happens less then the previous build, but the bug it’s still here.

    Windows 7 Professional 32bit
    Dual Core 4gbyte ram

    Opera stable

  • macOS 10.12.1 (this might be an old bug), looking up 2 different words (it uses the macOS dictionary to do look ups) in quick look ups crashes Opera

    Opera sent the crash report

  • Jens

    Primarily, I am using Opera (stable) in Arch LINUX (with GNOME 3).
    * Opera is not able to set itself as default browser (Mozilla Firefox is still set).
    * I miss the minimize/maximize/close buttons for the windows.
    * The bookmark/Opera sync between desktop and mobile (Linux/Android in my case) should be improved and synchronize reliably.
    * The GUI design could be more pretty like in/for Windows.

  • L33t4opera

    The Opera 42.0.2393.85 has been promoted to the stable channel 😉

    • Stephane Poirier

      Opera no longer works on linux64 since I upgraded to this new version!!! It systematically and spontaneously crash (segmentation fault) in less than one minute!!!

      • L33t4opera

        Hi Stephane, the Opera stable has been updated to version 42.0.2393.94, in which the crash issue should be fixed. Please try to update to this version, and see if it helps in your case.

        • Stephane Poirier

          Problem fixed!! Thanks a lot 🙂

  • BK_Malik

    There is a trojan in the .exe. Webroot has caught every time after five download attempts.