This year, in our desktop team, we have been focusing on making features we believe need to be part of your browser in 2016. So far we have introduced key new features such as a built-in ad blocker and battery saver. Today, with Opera 39, we introduce a personalized newsreader and a much-improved video pop out feature.

Improved video popout

A revamped video pop out

Video pop out lets you easily detach and move a video over to the side of your screen, so that you can continue watching while you work, play or do research.

And if you’re curious, our engineers are sharing what inspired them to develop the video pop out feature:

The video pop out feature was first released in May and has been polished since then. In Opera 39 we have added several improvements. Now, you can pop out videos from more websites, including Vimeo, and play/pause with a single click. There is also now an option to disable the feature, for those who do not want it.

We took a look at some of the usage statistics for video pop out, and it’s unbelievable how many different ways people use this feature. Some of you use it to share your screen with your kids, letting them watch video while you work on other things. Others use it for watching conference recordings, TED talks, online lectures, coding tutorials or extremely long videos (like slow TV).

Where people consume video the most

We took a deeper look at how people multitask while watching video in different geographies. The results of this research show online video preferences around the globe based on aggregated and averaged data from Opera 38 usage. The data collected does not include privacy-sensitive data.

 Improved video popout: people multitask while watching video

The top-10 countries span four different continents, showing that the online video boom is truly a global phenomenon. It’s also interesting to see that people in some countries – such as Italy, the UK and Germany – spend much more time watching videos during the weekend, while others, such as China or Spain, tend to multitask more during weekdays.

A personalized newsreader

With Opera 39 you can also experience a new way of enjoying news. Go to the start page and click the newspaper icon on the left. Opera brings you personalized news in our brand new newsreader, with one-stop news tailored just for you.

Personalized newsreader in Opera 39

The feature lets you personalize your newsfeed by selecting from favorite news sources, and choose how you would like to display article excerpts and images. There are no ads, and you can mix new sources as you like from different regions and languages.

Click“Top 50” in the newsreader side panel to get access to top news picks for a selected country. The “Top 50” is separate from your personal feed, but you can easily add sources you like from it to your feed. Find out how we select top sources for you.

Customizable block lists to the native ad blocker

We also added a customizable block list to the native ad blocker in Opera 39. With this release, advanced users can now add their own block lists. To find a new list, make a web search for blocking lists recommended for your region; then, copy and paste it into the “Custom block lists” dialog in your preferences. Once added, the browser will start using the list immediately without the need to restart Opera.

Other features

Another improvement is the search pop-up that makes searching from the browser easier. If you select text in Opera, a pop-up will appear offering the most common functions for text selection – search or copy. This feature can be turned on/off in the Browser / User Interface section of settings.

Also, this version brings an optimization pass for the Blink memory manager, called heap compaction. It reduces memory usage by several megabytes per tab. Learn more about how we optimized memory usage in Opera here.

This version includes several features for developers that we inherit from Chrome 52, such as new CSS contain property, which considers fewer elements while rendering, and the PerformanceObserver API that makes collecting real user measurement data easier.

Browser VPN

Opera 39 beta features a new, built-in, free and unlimited VPN, right in your browser. With the beta version you can now choose whether to use it as a global setting for all tabs or simply when in private browsing mode. It’s very important for us to polish this option and make sure we detect and address any severe issues, before it goes stable. You will not find it in Opera 39 stable yet, but we are working hard on this, so stay tuned.

This version includes several features for developers as well. Please take a look at the technical details described here.

Download Opera 39, and let us know how you like all these changes.

Quick fix for clearing third-party data crash.

We quickly fixed the crash with clearing third-party data. For those of you that already downloaded the Opera 39 Stable – make sure that you download the update to it. For those of you that waited for the autoupdate to kick in – we are starting to distribute the fixed version already. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Maciej Kocemba

Product Manager, Opera for computers. Previously Product Manager in R&D department and Opera Mini for iOS. Joined Opera over 11 years ago. Still passionate about coding, mountain / road biking when not working.

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  • Harry

    Regarding add blocking, “To find a new list, make a web search for blocking lists recommended for your region”.

    Could you explain that in detail please. What blocking lists?

    • Falconet

      You need to search for a list you want and paste the URL on the Opera’s adblocker.

      Like this: – You past it and you get that list.

      A few lists are available here: and

      • Falconet

        Yeah, that is it. Just confirmed it.

    • Aneta Reluga

      This is a feature for more advanced users. In short: Opera delivers a predefined list, but everyone can add their own lists as well. The lists are prepared in the correct, ready-to-import format by the internet community and widely available – you can find these by searching the web including the phrase “ad block lists” or similar. Then, the list can be added to the browser in: Settings / Basic / Block ads / Custom block lists…

      • I might have missed it somewhere, but can you please let me know which ad block list is opera using by default?

        • Alex Wazovskiy


          • Ok I see. Thanks. The reason why I’m asking is because it’s breaking some sites. For example:

            The review pages are gone and reply to comments window does not work with Opera adblock enabled.

          • Alex Wazovskiy

            This site is working for me, but I agree that opera’s adblock can make some sites malfunctioned, I have an own examples of it. It’s not the EasyList fault.

          • The site is working for me too. But can you go to 2nd, 3rd or 4th page of the review? The top list of pages works. But the pages on the bottom disappeared. And when clicking reply on comments the chat box does not show up.

          • Alex Wazovskiy

            Maybe, I cannot see the differences between site w/ adblock and w/o. You should to ask the developers and explain them your bug.

  • LoverOfLife

    Crash when “Third party services data” is ticked, and try to clear browsing data. What can i do ?

    • SteUeRunG

      Have the same problem. If you uncheck the last option (Thirdparty-Data) it works normal for me though. Otherwise it crashes.

      • Aneta Reluga

        Thanks, it is a known issue, and the developers are working on it.

  • baki

    After playing with this new version for an hour, I can say that it’s a great browser. It contains some nice extra features in comparison to Chrome. However, there are some features Opera lacks to make it my daily driver:
    – Drag and drop URLs from the address bar to the desktop (or any folder)
    – Option to disable the “Are you sure you want to open 30 tabs?” warning when I right click a bookmark folder containing 30 bookmarks and select “Open all”

  • Talgarik

    Love the video pop out feature, please make it work with and

    • Alex Wazovskiy

      Those sites uses Flash-based video player, while the pop-up video feature works only with HTML5 player.

  • xirit64

    Thanks for this nice release based on Chromium 52. When are we expecting the new Opera for Android as well which still sits on Chromium 50?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It’s better to ask in the Mobile Team blog.

      • xirit64

        Already did that in both but since it’s rarely populated there and contains either spam posts from bots (mobile blog) or you rarely get responses (forums), seeing Maciej’s previous position I thought maybe he could strike some chords 🙂 Sorry 🙂

  • ratamies

    opera://flags/#disable-direct-write has gone. Now I have to accept blurry fonts 🙁
    Or is there any solution?

  • Is it possible to ad any rss-feed to my personal news, so I can use it more like an rss-reader?

    • Aneta Reluga

      It is planned for version 40.

  • kesha2000

    Hi, team.
    Why there is no more changelogs here:
    I always used this page to track updates :(.

  • redfox

    I thought that O39 Stable will contain a fully working VPN.. or not .. have to wait for O40 Stable?

    • iPristy

      You can enable it under opera:flags and look for VPN.

      Under Linux it’s not always connecting but most the time it works for me just fine.

  • Regis胡萬心

    Web pages in Chinese like loading slow & incomplete on 32-bit ubuntu 16.04 LTS after upgrading from 38.0 to 39.0 .

  • Alex Wazovskiy

    Has Opera a public bug-tracker, or place, where I can report a bug, because I think discussing it right here is not good idea?

    • There is Opera bug report wizard

      • Alex Wazovskiy


    • Leonardo Gomes

      Unless you are talking about a security issue, it’s always better to discuss the problem here and/or in the forums before reporting jt in the BTS.

      • Alex Wazovskiy

        ОК, I simply thought that discussion here coud result in too many comments 🙂

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Being them on-topic, I don’t see a problem at all.
          It may avoid reporting duplicated bugs, may help developers to better understand the issue and so on.

  • lns

    Does the “personal news” button require activation or sth? After an upgrade to v39, i don’t have it on my “blank page”. Basically it looks like v38…

    • Alex Wazovskiy

      Yes, you should untick the “News” checkbox in speeddial’s settings.

      • lns

        Thanks, somehow that was not that obvious for me ^^

        • Alex Wazovskiy

          IMHO, developer should it make more obnious.

  • blue_screen

    Opera 39 stable is not stable! It crashes on the first thing I do when installing a new version: Clear browsing data. Very disappointing quality assurance.

    Fonts on websites are blurry.

    • jedy123

      Same for me with the crashing when clearing browsing data – OSX 10.9.5

      • Aneta Reluga

        It is a known issue, sorry for that. For now, the workaround would be to disable the 3rd party data clearing option when trying to clear data. Apologies.

        • L33t4opera

          Hi Aneta, I have found another workaround, and the culprit: enable opera:flags#browser-vpn (no need to enable it in settings), clear browsing data with “third party services data” enabled, and it does not crash anymore 😉

          • Aneta Reluga

            That’s also true, yes 🙂 Anyway, good news: the fix is on its way and should be available really soon!

    • L33t4opera

      Hi @disqus_a67fUBimjf:disqus @jedy123:disqus, untick the checkbox on the left of “Third party services data”, and see if this helps. “it is a known issue, and the developers are working on it” – the source link.

      Regarding the issue of blurred fonts, you can disable ClearType, or try to calibrate it – please take a look here.
      You can also disable font smoothing completely – please read about it here.

      Alternatively, you can try to use the “Font Rendering Enhancer” extension – to install it in the Opera, you need first install one of the following extensions: “Extension source viewer“, or “Download Chrome Extension“.

      • Jeff

        The Font Rendering Enhancer works really well. I doubled the thickness of the fonts and everything became much more legible for me.

  • anonymous_alien

    “Opera 39 beta features a new, built-in, free and unlimited VPN, right in your browser.”

    I believe that you meant Opera 40 beta.

    • No that’s right. Opera 39 beta is the latest beta as of today. But I admit it looks a bit weird.

  • Dark Magician

    On YT for some reason since it updated to 39.

    Fixes on restart.

    • Vux777

      just for the record…that was wrong favicon for YT bookmark or…tab favicon?

      • Dark Magician


  • SteveX

    Hi, some blocking lists cannot be imported, like lists of malwaredomainlist. Only work lists adblockplus style, but not simple domains lists.

    • Nekomajin43

      It works like this from the beginning. Lists must follow the Easylist syntax.

      • SteveX

        I know, but it would be useful the support of other type of lists. At this time I still prefer uBlock that allows me to use a wide number of lists.

  • KWP

    Will it be possible to also alter the news sources in speed dial? Because all we can do now is to chose various sections and not exact sources per se.

  • Alex Wazovskiy

    It would be nice, if developers could implement the automatic loading of language-specific adblocking lists after installing Opera (or when first time activating native adblock) like this does adblocking extensions. This feature could suit well to the custom lists function.

  • L33t4opera

    Hi Maciej, thanks for the article, and congrats to the Developers due to the release of the Opera 39! 😉

  • Nekomajin43

    I’ve just popped out the video, which shows a popped out video. I need to find my whirligig!

  • Varun Balakrishnan

    Weirdly I can’t find the option to add custom list for ad block. I am definitely on Opera 39. All the other new features are there. Adblock preferences are same as opera 38

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Enable advanced settings.

    • Nekomajin43

      Enable Advenced settings, then click on Custom block lists!

    • Varun Balakrishnan

      Thanks. #feelingdumb

  • Spideymang

    Thank you for this update guys!!! you rock! It’s my default browser since version 23
    Greetings from México City and keep going with cool features.

  • ZamYar

    i test opera VPN. it does not work for me. i must use another way.

    • Aneta Reluga

      Can you please clarify what exactly is not working for you? Thanks in advance.

  • Gustav Ekner

    The pop-up is breaking my translation pop-up extension ( I know this feature can be nice for many users, just make sure you don’t remove the setting to turn it off 🙂

  • R v

    VPN doesn’t work for me either. Under setting I see: “Enable VPN coming soon”.
    My browser version is: 39.0.2256.43 🙁

    • Alex Wazovskiy

      From article:

      You will not find it in Opera 39 stable yet, but we are working hard on this, so stay tuned.

      • R v

        🙁 thats a shame. I really thought they told us, when Opera 38 released, the feature would be in 39..

        The VPN really makes Opera worth it for me so I guess I have to stay with my current browser a bit longer 🙂

        • Luca N.

          Hey, there’s actually a simple way to enable the VPN.

          Open the site “opera://flags” in your browser and search for “Opera VPN”. Set it to “Enabled” and voilà, you have your VPN. 🙂

  • SteveX

    The mouse pointer bug is still present: when you go back using mouse gesture the mouse icon doesn’t change shape as usually over links. This bug is present since a relatively long time and not corrected. I have already pointed out it on other occasions.

    • Aneta Reluga

      Thanks. Seems it happens only on Win10 and Win7, at least on our testing environments. Can’t promise any ETA though.

  • Botond Sulyok

    When I delete my browser history then the browser is crashes and restart.

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, please have a look here.

      • Botond Sulyok


  • Ghirahim

    Now focus on tab stacking. Please.

    • Raylan Givens

      No, sorry. It’s something we don’t need. Always focusing on new features, Opera will become again as bloated as Opera 12. For at least 1-2 versions just focus on bugs fixing and stability. Do not introduce new features that a just a bunch of ppl using. Just read the commends… Every one wants a new feature. Can you imagine with Opera will become if start listening? Keep it ass light as possible with as less bugs as possible.

      • Gustav Ekner

        “For at least 1-2 versions just focus on bugs fixing and stability. Do not introduce new features that a just a bunch of ppl using.”

        I totally agree. But before you do this, just add the tab stacking feature.

      • Ghirahim

        Stop smoking funny things.

      • Юлия
  • jay67


    • Leonardo Gomes

      This is the Opera for Desktops blog. Issues with Opera for mobile devices should be posted in the Opera for Mobile blog or in correspondent area in the forums.

  • Bojan Kassebaum

    I guess I found a small glitch… just look at the close-symbol up in the right corner. Seems to be set as “iterate”…


  • Bojan Kassebaum

    I guess I found a small glitch… just look in the upper right corner at the close symbol… seems to be set as “iterate”…

  • Nekomajin43

    Toolbar badges in this version are black, instead of red. Are you tinkering something with this, or it’s just a bug?

  • Dark Magician

    Am I overlooking something, or you can’t edit order of extensions on the toolbar?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It was never possible and has been a long time request.

      • Dark Magician

        Funny, I didn’t need it until now. And now it irritates me a lot.

  • Paulo Freitas

    Would it be possible to add these big sports sources to the news features: – Portuguese sports paper – Brazilian sports papers – Brazilian football association official news – Argentine sports paper

    We also need an option to add sources from outside the catalog.

    And an option to create different lists for the newsreader, so I could create a list for sports news, another for gaming news, another for international news, etc..

    • Radek Rzepecki

      We are introducing RSS reader in O40, so you will have an option to add your own sources.

      • Whipme

        I hope you’ll introduce different news sections sometimes again. :/
        It’s really weird how you didn’t get that it’s actually the key feature of Opera’s news. Bring that back so I don’t need to spam around anymore.

  • good video thank you

  • Hetai-Na

    I Just love Opera Browser, but it miss a native reader for read articles cleaner.

  • Buzz

    What’s with Search pop-up? When I click on word left button 2 times it react and when tap 2 times on touchpad on word Search pop-up don’t show up? What is the diference?

    • Radek Rzepecki

      There should be no difference. What’s your OS ?

      • Buzz

        W10 64b without A U
        Opera beta 39.0.2256.42 and stable 39.0.2256.43 on both the same problem.
        Laptop Acer S3-391

        • Radek Rzepecki

          It doesnt affect all touchpads. We will investigate this. Thanks for the report.

  • Chawoobie

    I still find sites (like my bank and Amazon’s Alexa) that don’t recognize Opera and want me to switch to a “current” browser. For my bank, I can just say use current browser and all is well. For Alexa, I have to use a user-agent switcher to switch to Firefox or another browser in order to get it to load. There are a few other sites I have found (can’t recall right now) with same problem. Shouldn’t everything work fine since Opera is using the Chrome engine?

    • Aneta Reluga

      Essentially you are right – it’s just specific sites which decide to restrict their choices to a limited set of browser user agents only. Thanks a lot for the report though, we’ll try to do something about it. Could you please just provide the exact problematic URL or URLs? That would help a lot.

  • Raylan Givens

    Please, Ad Block Phase 4 give us the option to disable the icon on the address bar and generally stop counting how many ads have been blocked. Even less resources will be used. I never check this feature anyway. I understand others want it, that’s why just give us the option to disable it via a flag.

  • L33t4opera

    New build – Opera stable 39.0.2256.48 😉

    • BK

      Yep, with fix for history cleanup crash, see updates at the bottom of the post.

  • Hetai-Na

    Please, add an option to share natively pages in social networks!

  • Cobalt

    Not working Shift+click the middle mouse button in the history of the tab list (like in Chrome)


    Actual result: Tab still opens in the background =(

    Expected result: Tab should open in the foreground (like in Chrome)


  • Austen Mary

    Pls I need help on installing opera browser on PC

  • Watermurf

    Still having problems with video associated with Videos generate an error message that reads “(We’re sorry, an error has occurred when playing video (video is not readable).” This seems to be related to ad blocking (whether using Opera’s in-browser ad blocking or third party). However, other browsers do not seem to have the issue…even when ad blockers are used. Any idea why Opera has this issue?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Does it happens if you use ublock?

      • Watermurf

        Yes…tried ublock, Adblock Ultimate, Adguard…and all generate the same error message. As previously mentioned, the error also occurs with Opera’s internal adblocker enabled.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          If other ad-blockers shows the same error message then it’s probably a list issue.

          • Watermurf

            Ok…but if I’m using the same ad-blocker on two different browsers (with updated lists), they should respond in a similar fashion. Correct? Using Adblocker Ultimate on both Firefox and Opera, Firefox plays the videos, while Opera generates the error message and the videos are not played at all.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Not necessarily. Different browsers with different engines and even the same extension may not be the same on all browsers. So the same extension may work in different ways in different browsers.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Here the problem happens even with ad-blocker disabled.

    • Alex Wazovskiy

      This also happens for me with YouTube and video players, they shows errors from time to time. But I’m not reported this bug yet, because I’m not sure is it problem only on my side or not. I’m only sure this happens even with disabled adblock.

  • CfYz

    VPN =(

    • BK

      incoming.. you can flip the opera:flags VPN to play in O39 already.

  • Vojtech

    Hi, does anyone have a problem with touchpad scrolling? After I instaled the anniversary update for win 10 x64 I also upgraded Opera stable right away and the scrolling in Opera is very slow, but it is ok in other software.

  • twm

    Why is the default audio player not very responsive when scrolling through track?
    No such problem in Chrome, but Opera stable/beta/dev are all affected 🙁

    • BK

      Hi, some site example?

  • Alex Wazovskiy

    Question to developers: is the native adblock works in extensions pop-ups? Because when adblock enabled this extension’s pop-up shows loading error, but when adblock is disabled, pop-up content loads normally. Extension:

  • Lê Cảnh Phong

    i want love you hehe :DDD

  • ShintoPlasm

    Not sure if you can do anything about this, but Google’s Office Editing extension doesn’t work in Opera. Instead of opening the Docx/Xlsx from Google Drive, it gives a blank page. This is supposed to be an extension and not a Chrome app, so I was hoping this could be made to work in Opera as well. Any possibility?

    Thanks in advance.


  • Jeff

    So far, I’m not a fan of the new news tab. The old one seemed like the stories were from sources I wouldn’t normally check. Most of the ones available to click on, I already get on +Google or in my Facebook feed. You could also keep scrolling down the page for more stories. This one is very limited. I don’t see myself using it nearly as much as I would the older news tab.

  • Whipme

    Wooot, wtf have you done with news? How can I separate news sections again? I don’t want to mix Donald Trump with Pokemons.

    • BK

      sorry, no comments on politics :p

      • Whipme

        But seriously, having multiple news sections for different types of news was the best thing of this feature. And you killed it just like that.
        I could switch between different categories by a single click, and now I’m supposed to scroll the 2km of screen to read one article about science, for example. That just killed all the fun.

  • Dark Magician

    Video pop up arrow sometimes doesn’t auto hide. It’s annoying to have to move mouse over, and wait again.

    • Whipme

      Yeah, it’s annoying to have it on the screen at all (especially if you never use it).

      • Kornelia

        Are there any particular pages where video pop out button does not hide or it happens on all sites? It should auto hide every time focus is not over video frame.

        • Whipme

          I noticed it on YouTube videos. Basically, the button is there permanently and it hides only after you move mouse cursor over it.

  • arav saha i think opera gonna be the best browser,after this update.I always use opera because as always it is very user friendly

    • BK

      Thanks !

  • Jacek

    Why changelog for stalbe is not updated on since 37?
    Do update to 39.0.2256.48 is not from right source?

    • BK

      Hi, we’ve not updated it recently.
      You can find detailed changelogs here, on this blog.
      You can also find highlights in the blgposts.

  • Herr Pietrus


    Never mind, now everything is ok.

  • Alexej Vornoskov

    Ye thank you for fucking up my news! Thank you very much! Opera news tab used to be my favorite source of news for things like games and tech(and other news from time to time), where i didnt know what i was looking for. Now its gone… Now i have to see all news without any categories to devide them. Thank you, but no thanks. Are you trying to archive the same effect as back then when you removed tab stacking? That people either stay on old versions or leave?

    • Whipme

      Exactly! xD And the funny part is how they named this threat – “Better news experience” – yeah, sure :/

    • John Di

      My sources -> Add sources, and you should be able to see categories on the right, click on any category name, and you can select your sources.

      • Alexej Vornoskov

        Well duh i did that. Problem is – i dont want to see news for games, politics and sport at the same time. I dont like scrolling down few pages of olympic news or political events, when looking for what games are comming out… It worked great in last version of Opera, when you had categories, i even sometimes checked food, entertainment etc. that normally dont interest me. Now i dont have that option. Now news feed became absolutly worthless and forces me to look for alternatives(which for now means searching for specific topics in google… or adding several sites to speed dial. = reducing productivity).

        • John Di

          opera://flags/#personal-news, select “Disabled” from the dropdown, relaunch.

          • Alexej Vornoskov

            Thanks. Much better now. Sadly not all people know about that option or forget about it existing, because of not using it (T_T) But such changes should ask you if you like to use them or not. I atleast knew about blogs existing, so i went here to whine. Many people dont.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Just remember that the flag may be gone at any time.

  • tarkus

    System: Windows 10 64bit – video popup behavior:
    1. Opera Developer 32bit v.40.0.2306.0, unfortunately the video popup feature does not work at all!
    1.1. Sometimes, it’s very difficult to find the popup button (or to make it present itself)
    1.2. Instead of opening a frame (as it was the case before) in which the video is playing, it now opens a new Opera window (with the toolbar and all).
    1.3. The new window is blank, no video is playing and 80% of the times Opera crashes .
    2. Opera Developer 64bit v.40.0.2296.0, the video popup feature works as it should (with the reservation of point 1.1. above)
    Is this my problem?

    • Arjan van Leeuwen

      It sounds like you’ve enabled opera://flags/#media-detachable-view-hwaccelerated , which is an unfinished feature. Try putting it back to its default disabled state.

      • tarkus

        Thank you very much indeed! That was the problem (and after investigating I, also, found the guilty person who activated the flag!)

  • iYuzver

    Files of the filter of the blocker aren’t updated for me. Only one is updated, all others are dated the 1st august. Screenshot:

    Apparently, only it is updated Antiadblock filters. It is updated, apparently, every day at the first start of the Opera.

    List of my filters:

    RuAdList without EasyList




    EasyPrivacy + EasyList

  • K. K. VinayKumar

    The built in ad-blocker should have an entry in right click menu to block certain divisions of web page just like the one the “Ad Block” extension has. Because many times one or two ads manage to escape the ad-blocker on few random websites.

  • Freddy

    The browser window still flashes black when closed. This bug was introduced a few versions back. I noticed it also happens in Chrome, so it might be engine related. Has anyone at Opera looked into it?

  • Newton Carneiro

    lindo chega a ser até eletrizante ,pós faz mas o menos uns 6 anos que conheci nosso Opera ,num computador bem antigo ruim demais ,e nada ia ,ai encontrei nosso poderoso Opera , e de la pra cá nem pensar em mudar ,pós amo tecnologia ,e a facilidade aqui além de ser a melhor do mundo ,respeita um internauta ele sendo bom ruim velho ou novo ,te amo nosso Opera

    • Kornelia

      Please use english so we can understand and help you.

  • Victoria

    Is there a way to make the address bar smaller? It’s stylish but horribly large when I minimize the window. It takes up too much screen space on an otherwise great browser.

    • Harry

      The days of customizing Opera have long since passed.

      • Victoria

        I turned off the tablet nav and that seemed to help quite a bit but it’s kinda dumb that it is default.

        And yeah, I know :

  • Toothlover

    maxthon is also using this feature

  • Regis胡萬心

    All Chinese websites are no more readable on 32-bit & 64-bit Ubuntu 16.04 LTS after upgrading from 38.0 stable to 39.0 stable . Opera browser is removed from my three laptops: Asus, Dell & Toshiba.

    • Kornelia

      I just checked and seems fine on Ubuntu. Maybe some specific sites not working for you? And by ‘not readable’ what exactly do you mean?

      • Regis胡萬心

        All Chinese characters are replaced by small squares on all Chinese web sites .

      • Regis胡萬心

        No such problems is found on 32-bit Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS . It seems that something is wrong with Opera 39.0 on 32-bit & 64-bit Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS.

      • Regis胡萬心

        The said problem is solved by carrying out “sudo apt-get install fonts-noto-cjk” then “sudo apt-get remove fonts-noto-cjk” on both 32-bit & 64-bit Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS .

  • Not sure if it’s something I did, but since yesterday, my Speed Dial is zoomed in and I can’t get it back to normal. What I mean is the content inside the boxes is bigger than it should be, even though the boxes are normal size. This is bad for Speed dial extensions, which display several kinds of info in the box. Now I can’t see all the info.

  • ammodytes

    Can anyone tell why i have UAC shield on Opera icon, and how to remove it??? i hate that prompt always when I start my Opera.

    Best regrads.

    • Kornelia

      Hi there, where it is visible (task bar, application icon?) and in what situation?

      • That looks like it is a desktop shortcut icon

  • Izer0

    Tabs icon loading with more than 400 tabs still not fixed. Do you have problem with using LoadIcon API function? The color if icon is the only one quick point to find required tab. And it must be an primitive problem to fix it guys, because all icons is in cache and time to time opera load it all. Are you able to fix this 5 mins problem???

  • Bruce Allen

    I have tried to install Adobe flash multiple times. It simply refuses and every time it installs on Chrome. I want it on Opera but I get a message like can’t read Manifest – something like that. I made Opera my default browser – and still it tries to load on Chrome. What is up with this? anyone got a solution?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Go to using Opera and download Flash installer.
      Close Opera, run the installer and it should work.

      • Bruce Allen

        It doesn’t work – still tries to load into Chrome – for like the 40th time.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Load what? If you mean the page that opens after the installation, it will be opened in the default browser.

          You need to check opera://plugins/ to see if Flash is listed and go to a page that uses Flash to see if it works.

          • Seems Chromium 52 has a change of some sort that breaks many sites including Pandora and others, they look for Flash Player flat out with no click to play expected

        • Athlonite

          you need to untick install chrome and the make chrome the default browser when you download the install for flash

      • Try
        Choose your OS and select PPAPI plug in

  • bigref

    How about some non-progressive news sites? You have every left wing site on Earth. How about including some offerings for the other half of the literate world? Frankly, if you do not change in the next 30 days I am gone. Back to Firefox and Vivaldi.

  • Athlonite

    Thanks for screwing up sites that use flash for games like Facebook I try playing slotomania and all I get is a msg saying “couldn’t load plug-in” well what plugin is it that it can’t load not only that local news videos on their site are also balked with the same msg …. according to plugins page adobe flash is installed and enabled so WTF Opera what have you changed since O38 that now stops things from working hmmmmm

    • Kornelia

      What’s your flash version?

  • hassanraza

    i am just waiting for that vpn…..

  • Jozef Pistej

    task manager in opera stable 39 not showing CPU usage Win 10 x64

  • Scott Satellite

    I really liked the news feature the way it was, as it showed me things I wouldn’t likely find otherwise. Is there a way to restore that feature to the previous settings?

    • Kornelia

      You can press ‘Customize start page’ button on Speed dial page and check ‘News’ to have it displayed under all speed dials.

      • Scott Satellite

        Thank you so much, that really helped, I can see all the news again!

      • Whipme

        This is not intuitive at all. It’s too slow to jump from one section of news to another. And it’s bad to see news there on speed dial page.

  • kenalxruss

    I always come here to get a few tips, but more to laugh at all the peeps that keep urging Oprah to be more and more like chrome, ha ha!
    That being said, the ideal browser would be all things to all people.
    A console where the most basic of users and the most experienced would be the ultimate feature, allowing users to customize the browser to their exact needs, from bare-bones minimum to complete tech/spec/stack readouts to fully bloated, as per each user’s desires.
    Ah, to dream…
    Thanks Opera Team! You rock!

  • Mary Jane Austen

    I’m having audio problem with my opera beta browser what could be the problemsI would really say this one of the best car review site I’ve gotten to.

  • Can stop a page reload with a press of the ESC key

    OS X 10.11.6

    What day did the 39.0.2256.48 update come out?

  • faysal

    im using opera 39.0.2256.48, the new-way of newsreader is very nice, but i think its more better if i can create/add folder to make ‘my-sources’ more manageable

  • Downloads & Speed Dial are sharing the same zoom factor (they have not in the past)

  • Ataköy Çilingir

    yenibosna çilingir servisi

  • Scroll up and down real fast in the Opera task manager & Opera has a 40% cpu spike

    OS X 10.11.6

  • Checo

    Awesome! I love it!

  • This is one more reason for me to consider using the product.

  • eXzentrik

    Bug in bookmark bar: Moving a bookmark subfolder to the main bar, the browser crashes. Doing this in the bookmark manager, it works without problems.

  • CPU spike on (might be the animated page)

    OS X 10.11.6

  • Robi Setiawan
  • ktxgio

    this site does not work correctly
    work fine with chrome

  • ClickToPlay not working right on
    The audio starts audio playing but the video is behind the click to play

    the video is a .mp4 and uses a Brightcove2 video player

    OS X 10.11.6

    • opera://plugins/ Shows nothing in a normal window, but they do show in a private window

  • L33t4opera

    New build – Opera stable 39.0.2256.71 😉
    For the time being there's no DEB packages for this version.

  • ultraviolet

    is there any way to stop the video on the main page from playing and still have the pop-out player running?

  • Scott Satellite

    My news feed has disappeared again over the weekend, it used to automatically load on the speed dial page.

    I don’t seem to be seeing the fix that worked in August so here I am again asking for help.

    Opera News feed is the number one reason I use Opera, I wish the developers would be more careful about disrupting this feature. This is the 4th time I’ve lost and had to figure out how to restore it this year and its never been quite as nice as it was when it still used to be called Discover.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Why are you commenting in a old post instead of doing it on a more recent one?

      What do you mean by ‘My news feed has disappeared again’? If you are talking about news on start page, then it was removed.

      • Scott Satellite

        Because a moderator had a helpful reply on this thread that fixed my problem the last time I had it

  • Mustafa Aydın

    Bug in bookmark bar: Moving a bookmark subfolder to the main bar, the browser crashes.
    antalya vip transfer

  • Mustafa Aydın

    That being said, the ideal browser would be all things to all people.
    antalya şoförlü araç kiralama

  • R123

    // _,_
    Dear Opera developers: Can you add support for Netflix video at 1080p resolution (or higher)? This could increase Opera share in browser market.
    x Chrome, Opera and Firefox support playback of Netflix movies in 720p resolution in Win7, Win8.1 & Win10. IE11 in Win7 support only 720p (it uses Silverlight 5).
    x IE11 plays Netflix movies at resolution 1080p in Win8.1 and Win10. Edge in resolution 1080p or 4K in Win10.
    Adding 1080p or 4K in Opera would especially important for Win7 users (all browsers play Netflix video at 720p in Win7; there is no Netflix app for WIn7)
    Win7 is on 48% PCs and will be major Windows system for 5-10 years.
    //_ _,.

  • Michael Ojeaga Karlipha

    Opera is the best, I love the android app it is asy for me to Download South African music from my favourite website