Hi there!

Today’s release is our stable candidate, so you should expect it to s deliver stable quality, as well as some fixes. Please check it out and let us know if you encounter any issues!

The most important fixes are:

Downloading of executable files will now be more secure – Save as dialog will be displayed by default


  1. DNA-54097 Power saver mode gets disabled when a new browser window is opened: This is now enabled all the time, even when opening a new window or private window
  2. DNA-54378 Unable to remove some exception entries: This is now fixed and you shouldn’t have any problems with removing ad blocker exceptions

Installation links:

The changelog contains detailed list of bugs and fixes.

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  • nanana1

    Thanks for this 2nd Opera 38.0.2220.25 Beta bug-fix stable release !

  • The “All” link in the Downloads page still not working: if you click All it does nothing, but works perfectly in Stable.
    Same bug in Developer.

    • Tomasz Procków

      Thanks for report. I’ll follow up that internally.

  • ive

    Thx for this new version 🙂

    Here is just some stuff I would like to have/really liked (in Opera 12):
    – recently closed tabs – show all/at least more
    – tab-stacking!
    – let us choose the size of the speed dial icons
    – some mouse gestures are missing, e.g. “duplicate tab” (right click, down, up)
    – I am almost only using the bookmark bar now, since getting to my other bookmarks is just one click too far away. In Opera 12 I could just put a button where I wanted it, one click and there they are. I kind of dislike the whole new bookmark page, just a clean list as it was before is just fine. V7 Bookmarks extension shows how it could look
    – there’s import for bookmarks, but no way to save my bookmarks? or am I missing something. yeah there’s sync, but I don’t really trust it that much anymore since it fucked up my bookmarks multiple times already, so it would be nice to just have a button to save my bookmarks to say a .html file before I try sync again or if I want to try another browser ..
    – adblocker is nice, how about blocking tracker as well
    – there’s an extension that makes it possible to use Chrome extensions, could that be possible out of the box?
    – distinguish between what’s blocked by click to play and what isn’t
    – RSS Reader
    – NoFlash
    – Select text like Opera 12 https://addons.opera.com/de/extensions/details/select-like-a-boss/?display=en
    – private tab in a “normal” window
    – new tab by middle clicking into the free space right of the +-Button
    – looking forward to VPN 🙂

    I found extensions for some of the missing stuff, but I think I should not need THAT many extensions :/

    • Davide Repetto

      >new tab by middle clicking into the free space right of the +-Button
      Tried middle-clicking “on” the “+” button?
      It does the same thing that clicking into the free space right of the +-Button did on Opera 12.

      • ive

        thx for the reply but uhm, middle-clicking on the +-Button for a new tab does nothing here oO
        and the whole point is, that I don’t have to to click exactly on the button ^^

    • Ricardo J. Barberis

      – size of speed dial icons: that page is zoomable, so I just zoom it out so I can see more icons, it’s not ideal but might be useful to you.

      • ive

        thx for your reply, I know that it’s zoomable, that would be enough for me, but sadly it also zooms for bookmarks 🙁

    • Kornelia

      That’s a long list of suggestions 🙂

      • ive

        Opera 12 was just THAT good 😉
        That’s where this “new Opera” eventually will end up again, hopefully 🙂

    • Gloriam

      We’ve already got a recently closed tabs feature btw.

      • ive

        well yeah, I know that. I wrote that I want to see all of them or at least more of them. You only see the last idk 10-15.
        “- recently closed tabs – show all/at least more”

        • Gloriam

          Ah, didn’t know about that limit.

    • NanoPi

      I used Wrona History Menu to get a better visibility of recently closed tabs.

      • ive

        thx for the hint, I’ll check it out 🙂

      • shani

        Does Wrona History Menu crash Opera for you too? It doesn’t happen every time, but recently quite often. I just click on the button on the toolbar to see the most recent websites, but it won’t open the list, instead Opera crashes after a few seconds and reopens itself.

        • NanoPi

          it doesn’t crash me ever.

          I’m using Windows 10 64bit

        • NanoPi

          updated to opera dev 40 today. got one crash (I was greeted by a “opera developer internet browser has stopped working, sending information to microsoft” dialog box) when clicking that button. this happened after a bunch of page crashes and I’m not sure if those are the key to this crash.

          • NanoPi

            just got another one in 40.0.2288.0.
            seems like crashreporter caught it this time.
            I closed a bunch of tabs using right click “close tabs to the right”
            then I clicked on the extension popup button

  • Vux777

    I think save dialog is even worst/annoying thing than “accept danger” popup
    yea, there’s a flag…but that’s not permanent

    • Herr Pietrus

      Totally agree! What a stupid, irritating idea!

  • Good fix ! Battery saver settings is now remembered properly 😉 One more request, will you do a comparison with Edge browser in Windows 10 and show how much power does Opera save with Power save mode on. Because historically, IE 11 was touted as the most efficient browser than Chrome, I suppose MS managed to make Edge as efficient at least. 🙂 Thank you, keep the updates flowing (y)

  • Zero Kiryu

    When I try to close some tab, Opera freezes and then crashes (not everytime but quite often). I’m on Windows 10 1511 64bit

    • Kornelia

      Thanks for the report. We’ll take a look at this.

    • redfox

      No problem on W7 32bit.

      • Kornelia

        I couldn’t reproduce this on Win10 neither. Any extensions installed Zero Kiryu?

        • Zero Kiryu

          No extentions installed. I forgot to mention that I installed Opera beta as usb installer. I’ll install it as standart and let you know if it keeps crashing.
          Update: OK, it doesn’t crash anymore.

  • SteveX

    Hi, I think that a dialog window with the file information that I try to download (size, url, etc) is missing to this browser. It would be very useful to know these informations before starting the download. The old Opera had this feature, and every other browser has it (maybe not Chrome, I don’t know, never used it).

  • Gloriam

    By the way, the issue I have with Opera Beta with Windows 10 (can’t scroll in any opera elements, be that the bookmark bar, or speed dial, news, ect) if I switch between tabs (let’s say 2 speed dials) I can suddenly scroll again.

    On normal websites everything works fine, and on Windows 8.1 everything works fine as well.

    Really hope this can be fixed, I have this problem on 2 laptops.

    • Kornelia

      How do you scroll? Using touch pad or scroll wheel?

      • Gloriam

        Scroll wheel.

        Just to be sure, tried it with another mouse (the one from my 8.1 machine), no changes.

      • Gloriam

        Found the solution, X-Mouse Button Control was causing the issue, I’m using 2 cheap mouses with no reprogrammable buttons, so I’m using it to force certain actions, for some reason it didn’t work well anymore with Opera.

        I’ve since forced it to use Scroll Up and Scroll Down with the program, works fine now. (Turning it off also worked, but that’s not a solution for me :P)

        Sorry if this caused you some loss of time, forgot about the program. >_<

  • Guilherme Bevilaqua Medeiros

    recently closed tabs crashes when I use it on a touchscreen laptop (windows 10 here)

    • BK

      Confirmed, thanks !

  • Walkie Talkie

    Hi! Please check the work of force refresh with Ctrl + F5. It doesn’t work in Opera Stable on my PC.

  • bwat47

    “Downloading of executable files will now be more secure – Save as dialog will be displayed by default”

    Are there plans to have a preference for this in settings? It seems a little confusing that there’s a setting for ‘ask where to save each file before downloading’ that doesn’t seem to have any effect now and the only way to disable this is in opera:flags

  • nanana1

    Opera 38 has just been promoted to stable channel :


    • BK

      Good catch!

  • DataZByteS

    Is there theme support planned? Not the speed dial image, but I mean colour of the actual window elements? Would love a dark theme for navbar ect.

  • This is now fixed and you shouldn’t have any problems with removing ad blocker exceptions

    Gümüşpınar Halı Yıkama


  • L33t4opera

    The Opera 39.0.2256.4 has been promoted to the beta channel 😉

  • A. R.

    When will tab stacking be available for Opera?