Today is our first, stable update of Opera for computers for 2016.

It’s a very strong start for many cool features we plan for this year. So, let’s have a quick dive into the features we brought to Opera for computers version 35.

Mute tabs

Sometimes, you close a tab just after you opened it because there is a loud ad or auto-playing video.

Now, we’ve made it easier for you to mute the sound from a website so you can continue viewing or reading the page without closing its tab.

From the tab’s context menu, we also added an option to mute all other tabs. This is especially helpful in some cases when you are, for example, listening to music on YouTube while browsing sites with auto-play sounds and videos that interfere with your music. browser desktop

Improved downloads

We’ve made many improvements to the download popup in Opera for computers, and, for version 35, it’s high time we roll out a refreshed interface which gives you a better view of downloaded files.

Beyond the interface, we also included quick links for the most used file formats: documents, PDFs, images, music, videos, archives and others.

better.downloads.view.opera35 browser desktop opera

Many of you reported that, especially on slower networks, Opera for computers exits without warning that a file is downloading. Now, we will double check with you to ensure that your file has been downloaded. You will get a popup message to confirm if you want to close the browser while you are still downloading in the background.

Customize as you like

We love testing how you use the browser because that’s the most efficient way to get feedback from real people about Opera for computers.

We see that you love customizing your browser. And, Opera for computers has options for customization. Thanks to you who agreed to send us anonymous usage statistics. We were able to see the frequently-changed settings.

This is why we introduce a new, basic section in Opera’s settings.

Now, you can easily decide on options for start-up behavior, downloads, bookmarks bar or cookies. We have not only gathered big data, we also listened to live users’ feedback and added the possibility to change themes directly from settings.

opera browser desktop customise themes wallpaper cool cat

Good News for Linux Users!

Linux systems coverage has increased. We made Opera 35 Stable for 32bit platform architecture and we’re also adding RPM packages.

These are the most visible changes we introduced in this release. There are many more changes under the hood. Read through the changelog if you want to see them all.

It is just the beginning of 2016. Stay tuned and you will hear about a lot of cool stuff we have planned for you. And, as always, let us know what you think about Opera for computers in the comments.

Installation links:


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  • José Humberto

    Great work. Thanks…

  • senja1

    Reading this, I realise that even current Opera employees dont know what Opera was before…

  • There’s no changelog link

  • iPristy

    So that’s good, no more router interface crashing, there was a problem with 34. Thanks…

  • Kev87

    And there is also the separate search bar and other changes, like mentioned in

    • @kev87:disqus, thanks for linking. Yes, all the changes mentioned there are also in this release.

      • Stanislav Stratil

        I would like to use separate search bar, but its still useless in this state. Are you planning to add some improvements?

        • Kev87

          I agree, for example a little dropdown menu where you can choose which search engine you want to use and with some search history like in firefox, would be nice

  • pidgin

    “Failed to prepare update”

    • Kornelia

      What’s your operating system?

      • pidgin

        win7 64bit. This is when I try to update from “About opera” window

        • Aneta Reluga

          Thanks for the report. I am unable to reproduce on the same system as of yet, can you please restart Opera and retry?

          • pidgin

            Heh, I tried it again (got the same error) but now after restarting it is at version 35 and up to date

          • I have seen the same thing in Windows in a VM, when doing the update from about opera

            I Sometimes wait a few minutes and then try again or like what others have done is to quit Opera and open it again, seen it on Win 7×64, not often on Win 8.1 x64, (not seen it on Win 10 x64 fast ring)

    • pierogi

      Same happened to me. Just close out Opera completely and try again.

  • qwerzaq

    still there was only Opera x64 and everything will be excellent

  • Roby

    Know what feature you should add to Opera?
    It should reopen all closed tabs after a crash by default.
    It’s not the least bit nice to lose a dozen of your tabs while researching something. Happened to me 3 times last month and oh boy did it piss me off.

    • PopovP

      O yes! This would be perfect! Also ctrl+z feature will be as appreciated!

      • Ricardo J. Barberis

        ctrl+z to restore last closed tab as in old Opera?
        We now have ctrl+shift+t for that 🙂

        • PopovP

          Ha! This is something that I wanted since the New Opera.. and it was there the whole time. Thanks! 🙂

    • Roby

      Another feature I’d like would be the ability to limit the bandwidth used by downloads. Downloading large files tends to mess with someone else in the household who’s trying to watch YouTube for example.

    • Aneta Reluga

      Actually it does, after the first crash. The session is wiped out only when a crash loop occurs (which is supposed to prevent any misbehaving tab or extension to generate the crash loop again)

    • Aneta Reluga

      1) Do you remember the exact steps so that the crash could be reproduced?
      2) If your session was wiped out, it means that the browser entered a crashloop (probably caused by some misbehaving tab content or extension). When only one crash occurs, the tabs aren’t lost. Because of this, it is important if you can remember the exact steps when this occurred, and also which extensions you had installed. Are you able to help us with this?

      • Roby

        Sry for not being of any help but all I can say is there were at least 8 tabs open each time if not more. Different tabs in each case so there’s no particular culprit I could point out.
        Only extension running was Adblock Plus.
        A window popped up saying Opera is not responding. I tried waiting but in the end I had to close it. Guess it was a crash loop then.

        PS: I think the crash happened when a new website was loading each time.

        • Aneta Reluga

          Ok, thanks. There are some malicious sites out there which attempt to break the browser behavior, there are also others which do this because of bad coding not malevolence, and we are on the hunt to identify and fix the results. I can only say I’m sorry :/

    • SKS

      or you can use TabHamster extension.

      • Roby

        Will give it a try.

  • Pavel

    Hm, 1Password is not working: “Either the helper is not running, or something is preventing it from communicating with the 1Password browser extension.”

    • Kornelia

      This is not an extension from Opera store so we cannot ensure it was verified and checked on the browser. You need to contact the author directly.

      • Pavel

        Kornelia, thanks for the answer! Yes, I realize that, but who knows, browser API could be also broken 😉

  • drkrvn

    Great! Opera is finally getting back to it’s superiority over other browsers.

    One thing that often bugs me: When I open a second window, browse in it and then close my first window, all my tabs of the first window are lost. This has already caused me loss of many important tabs. And no, lurking through my history in search for that one important tab is not a solution

    • @drkrvn:disqus it is known issue, but I cannot promise when we will fix it.

  • Pavel

    Should we expect automatic disappearance of duplicated bookmarks, or they need to be deleted manually, hopefully for last time again?

    • @disqus_Rcbdxy4wfx:disqus it should happen automatically.

      • Pavel

        Nope. Didn’t happen. Bookmarks (in my case top-level folders and bookmarks in bookmarks and bookmarks bar) still there. OK, well on bookmark bar I removed manually already.

        • Tommy Wille

          Do you have many bookmarks? I believe it iterates through all of them before doing any removing.

          • tdudziec

            Bookmarks should be deduplicated in automatic way.

            You can check opera:sync-internals when next deduplcation procedure would start.
            see- > *Next scan time* parameter and check if this works for you.

      • Pavel

        Yay! On the next day duplicated folders have disappeared! Thanks!

      • Pavel

        Sigh. Logged in on couple my “other” PCs and here you go again

  • DamianL

    Please consider ability for adding bookmarks (icons) next to address bar, it would be so much more convenient on 16:9 screens…
    Here is an example

  • Opera keeps crashing on some pages with video players (for example, doesn’t happen in other browsers.

    • Kornelia

      What’s your operating system?

      • Windows 10 x64

        • Kornelia

          I cannot confirm this crash.. Will try on other machines.

          • Click those links a little, sometimes it takes a while

          • tdudziec

            George :

            Please in settings page enable :
            #Show advanced settings

            then in settings page disable
            #Use hardware acceleration when available

            This should help you a lot in decreasing amount of crashes

          • eXzentrik

            Dear developers, is there any ETA for a fix for the HTML5 freezing problems under Windows 10 Build 1511? I know it’s most likely a Blink/Chromium engine bug, but if you say that it’s such complex to fix that it will take another 2 months until a fix, I will switch back to Windows 8.1 for a while.

            By the way: The freezing bug can be easily triggered by switching between several streams in and on other HTML5 video hefty sites.

            With HWA on -> the whole browser freezes here. Without HWA -> only the affected tab freezes. I use a GeForce GTX Titan X with the newest WHQL driver.

          • Eugene Tareyev

            Same here. Bug can be reproduced on
            Win10 x64 latest stable build.

          • littledoremi

            Can’t reproduce the crash on Windows 10×64 as well without hardware acceleration.

        • Aneta Reluga

          Could you please check if this happens also with HW acceleration disabled? Thanks.

          • If you mean the”Adjust Speed Dial animations for slower hardware” setting it’s the same with it on or off.

          • Aneta Reluga

            Apologies, I should have been more specific. It’s: Settings -> Browser -> Advanced settings section: tick ‘Show advanced settings’. Then, right above, System section: untick ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’.
            Also, what is your graphic card? Thanks.

          • With that option disabled only that tab freezes (can’t scroll, can’t click), can only close it.

            GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX 750 Ti

          • I cleared my browsing history and it looks like it doesn’t crash anymore. I feel so stupid, i was sure i tested this on a clean install too.

            Anyway, sorry for wasting your time.

          • Eugene Tareyev

            Disabling HW acceleration helps, but browser is almost unusable without it.

      • Denis

        High CPU on pages with video players (for example
        Windows 10 x32

  • Javier Bastardo

    Downloading as I type, thank you for this and specially thank you for the 32bit support! I can finally have Stable Opera back on my old laptop running Xubuntu, love you guys even more for this!

  • Shion

    Year has passed since I asked developers to fix download popup stealing focus from current tab. But it’s still unfixed. Few months passed since I asked for an option to hide sync-button, as it is used only for logging in and has no more use after that. Option isn’t even considered. Extension buttons order change – many asked, noone got. Stability – still not there. Speed – could be best among other chromium browsers, but FireFox is still faster.

    So in light of all this I asked all my contacts if they’re still using Opera and found out that I’m the only one left. Once I find normal speedial plugin for FireFox, I’m moving too. Even if I don’t, getting used to FireFox would be a lot easier that getting used to Opera’s “new” old stuff, bugs and indifference.

    • Ricardo J. Barberis

      > Year has passed since I asked developers to fix download popup stealing focus from current tab. But it’s still unfixed.

      A bit annoying, yeah, but I don’t donwload a lot of things so it’s very minor IMHO.

      > Few months passed since I asked for an option to hide sync-button, as it is used only for logging in and has no more use after that. Option isn’t even considered.

      Vey minor complain, again IMHO, I mostly don’t notice that button.

      > Extension buttons order change – many asked, noone got.

      Not in my case, that never happened me (Opera 34 on Linux, 64 bits).

      > Stability – still not there.

      I don’t know what stability issues you have but I don’t remember any on my side.

      > Speed – could be best among other chromium browsers, but FireFox is still faster.

      LOL, Firefox is slow as molasses here and Opera is jus fine, a bit slow to start sometimes but that’s it.

      As I hinted above, platform might be the issue.

      Edit: Meanning that Firefox on Linux usually doesn’t work as good as in other platforms, not that Firefox per se is slower than Opera.

      • Hiding the sync button is in progress 😉

        • Denis

          >Year has passed since I asked to fix download popup stealing focus from current tab. But it’s still unfixed.

        • pierogi

          When will this be added to stable? I really want to hide the sync button.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            It’s being tested on developer 36, so maybe when 36 goes stable.

  • badbadger

    If you minimize the current window and open a new one, then new window will automatically minimize. …a bit pointless. (Mac OS X El Capitan)

    • Radek Rzepecki

      The new window opens with same size as the previous one, that’s correct.

      • badbadger

        The same size – OK, but also minimized – makes no sense. Quite uncomfortable. Such things only in Opera … In Safari works well.

        • Radek Rzepecki

          you mean minimised with cmd+m? I see it. couldnt reproduce it before. I will have a look now.

          • Radek Rzepecki

            reproducible when the window is resized. Yep, that’s a bug. We have it fixed already on developer stream. We will include the fix in the next stable update for you 🙂

          • badbadger

            Well, that’s great 🙂

  • L33t4opera

    Hi Zhenis, thanks for the article, and congrats to the Developers on the release of the Opera 35! 😉

  • xirit64

    Is voice recognition supported in any Opera stream?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      What OS? It use to work for me on Windows 10.

      • xirit64

        Windows 7, 64-bit. Works in Google Chrome.

      • xirit64

        So, does it work for you now?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Ok, it seems that i misunderstood what you was saying. I thought it was about the feature to hear the translated word/sentence but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

          I guess you are talking about speak something and Google recognise it and show the translation, right?

          Well, i see the mic icon here but since i don’t have a real mic, there is no way i can check if it works or not.

      • xirit64

        “I guess you are talking about speak something and Google recognise it and show the translation, right?”

        I’ve been trying to say “Exactly 🙂 ” the past hours but Disqus categorizes it as spam, so here it is in another place lol.

    • Aneta Reluga

      Ugh. Thanks. DNA-49146

      • xirit64

        Thanks Aneta!

  • muratservan

    Where to report wrong translations?
    And you guys please bring back old Speed Dial. When I login to my account I want my Speed dial ready to use. I know some people want to use different SD on different computer but can’t you put an option us to set a default Speed Dial folder?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I think you can report them here or in the BTS:

      • yigido

        I reported as bug to Opera.. DNA-49133
        I hope it will be fixed in next release.

    • yigido

      Yes, “Mute Sekmesi” sounds funny in Turkish. It should be “Sekmenin sesini kıs”

  • Spideymang

    Excellent update, thank you for the support Zhenis and opera team!!! please I just want to let you know that it will be great that in the next release you can include the feature of the extension expander please!!!
    Greetings from Mexico 🙂

  • proffibra

    It’d be nice to have fixed the scrollbar bug when viewing PDF files. 🙂

  • Anonimo

    I thought chrome.tabs.update(tabId, {muted: true}); would work already in Opera 35, but I see that I was wrong… Will that be updated in some next builds or we will have to wait for Opera 36? And by the way, as I asked it already few times, is still missing, when it will be available? I can’t change audio icon in my extension, since there is no way to tell if tab is playing audio… Hope to see that soon.

    • Thanks for info. We missed this API but will work on it. If you want to track just watch for DNA-49145 to appear in changelogs. Probably from Opera 37 though. 🙁

      • Anonimo

        I admit that I didn’t check beta, but chrome.tabs.update(tabId, {muted: true}); works in developer 36. But still, the missing parts are:
        chrome.tabs.get(tabId, function(tab){;
        and chrome events:
        chrome.tabs.onUpdated.addListener(function(tabId, changeInfo, tab){;

        PS. Thanks for quick response.

  • Joe438

    Opera 35 is not loading for me. Windows 7 64. I updated through the about page, manually downloaded, restarted computer. Opera 35 is not loading. What information would you like from me?

    • Joe438

      As near as I can tell, it was Site Settings plugin that was not allowing me to run Opera. Uninstalling the plugin and reinstalling it after the browser was installed seems to have fixed the issue.

      • Could you tell us where exactly you got this plugin? Was it or some other extension from Opera Addons store?

        • Nekomajin43

          I am the developer of this addon. I have no problem running O35 with this addon installed. If you actually find any problem, please report it here or on the GitHub page.

        • Joe438

          Yes, that was the plugin. Disabling it would repeatedly crash Opera, which is why I had to uninstall it. I am reluctant to say for certain that it was the cause as I have not been able to replicate it and my work schedule keeps me from being able to investigate this thoroughly.

    • José Alberto

      @Joe438:disqus I have the same win 7 64 and 32 too but like i’m not patient with fails on browsers I decided install old version so for that ¿what plugin or add on is the problem?

      • Joe438

        It is hard to say for certain, but it seems that “Site Settings” was the culprit. After uninstalling Site Settings, reinstalling O35, and finally reinstalling Site Settings I had no issues.

  • I will continue waiting for the stable version for Windows 64-Bit, I expect a release soon and not too distant.

    I still do not lose hope. 😉

  • postdante

    “Customize as you like” – it sounds like a joke when you think about the late Opera 12 with it’s capabilities in that regard 😉

    Please do continue improving. I hope for the best for Opera.

    • yigido

      Good slap!

      • muratservan


  • Josip Kozarac

    Like in v34, in v35 monitor won’t go to sleep while Opera is running 🙁

    The result of the powercfg.exe /energy command =>

    The program has made a request to prevent the display from automatically entering a low-power mode.
    Requesting ProcessDeviceHarddiskVolume1Program Files (x86)Opera35.0.2066.37opera.exe

    Until v33, this feature was working.

    Windows 8.1 Pro with all of the Windows Updates.

    • Huh, so its Opera that’s doing it then? Interesting. I was wondering why my monitors won’t go to sleep. Thought it was win 10 bug.

      • Josip Kozarac

        Oh my God, I’m not the only one with this problem 🙂

        Look, you can close the Opera browser, set turning off the monitor to one minute and wait. If monitor goes to sleep after one minute, Opera is the bad guy in this story…

        • Aneta Reluga

          This issue is already fixed in the higher versions; should be patched with the next Opera 35 update. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

          • Josip Kozarac

            Ohohoho, I’m very happy to hear that 🙂
            OK, I’ll sit here and wait for the new subversion of Opera!

  • Walkie Talkie

    32-bit Linux, at last! Thank you.
    There’s a little bug here on Ubuntu Unity 12.04. While right clicking on the tab panel (not on the tab!) I have empy menu’s entries where Pin Tab, Mute Tab and Mute all the Tabs should be.

    • Łukasz Jagielski

      Thanks, bug reported 🙂

  • ktxgio

    interesting release! Good!
    Thanks a lot!

  • Nekomajin43

    Guys, I might be missing something, but I can’t find the separate search box switch in the Settings (it is enabled by default in the flags). It should be in the user interface section, but it is not there.

    • xirit64

      Enable the advanced settings.

      • Nekomajin43

        It is enabled.

        • xirit64

          Then it’s strange as it definitely has a grey dot in front of it. It’s under “User interface”

          • RafaellaG

            you see a grey dot only if the “Power User Settings / Konami Code” is aktiv.^^

            And only there you can enable/disable the separate search box …until current Opera Developer, where you can change this setting per “customize start page”.

          • xirit64

            Wrong, Power User Settings have a triangle with an exclamation mark inside. And I can do it in Stable just fine since I could do it in Beta as well, from where it came from.

          • RafaellaG

            Sorry, you’re right. Grey dots show the advanced settings.

    • Sierra

      Same thing happened to me after update. Clean install solved the problem.

  • Raymond

    I noticed the application is now renamed to “Opera Internet Browser” rather than “Opera” for v35 on the Mac. What was the reason?!

    • Vux777

      so that Mac users don’t confuse it with theatrical presentation ツ

      • Raymond

        LOL. Opera, the name of the software has been used for decades. Is the name also changed on Windows and Linux?

        • Vux777

          not sure
          I use standalone installs with custom desktop shortcuts (installation didn’t placed shortcut on my desktop or taskbar )

        • No, “Opera” is the only the name it has on Linux.

    • Did not notice that till you mentioned it (it shows in the Applications folder), not sure if that was part of the auto update.

  • Nico

    It’s just a small thing, but please can you change this behaviour?

    When upgrading Opera, the first start after the upgrade shouldn’t be maximized. Instead, Opera should open with the same window size that it had before.

    I know that you changed that behavior for new installs and it makes sense. But when I upgrade Opera, I don’t need it to be maximized. I know it’s just one click to change the size of the window back to what it was before and it’s only a minor annoyance, but maybe this is something you could consider for the next release.

    Thanks for the update, Opera is getting better and better with each release.

    • What OS are you on?

      • Nico

        I’m on Windows 10 64-bit. I’ve updated using the Installer.

        • Mateusz Madej

          We’re aware of this issue and working on a solution. Thanks for your comment 😉

  • Gustavo

    How I can mute all tabs always? I prefer activate sound when I want it.

    • xirit64

      Assuming you are using Windows you can pin “Volume Mixer” to your taskbar, fire it up whenever you want to and mute Opera.

      • Gustavo

        But I want activate for a single tab. In old update, I activated the flag opera://flags#mute-tabs and a sound icon has appeared near add-ons icons. One click on it for mute all tabs always, old and new; click again for activate sound. If I want sound, I activate it in tab context menu. I liked. Now has gone. I’m using Windows 10 Pro x64.

        • xirit64

          Allow me to say that you must be the only person in the world who does it in reverse, muting the browser completely and then unnmuting each tab individually, that’s pretty peculiar lol.

          • hansw

            Well, at least we are two ;-). In nearly every case I do not want a page to play any sound. If I want sound (because I’m watching a video – on purpose) I can turn it on.

            Default-on is nasty especially when it comes to auto-play advertisement videos.

            One solution could be to be able to create a muted window or an option to mute all tabs in a private window by default. Of course an option to turn sound off by default would be the best!

  • Madao

    In an old update you changed how Opera behaves when the “size of items” option of Windows 8 is set to be more than 100%. What you did made things appear larger, which breaks the functionality of some websites. For example if you put a video on youtube in theater mode, the video does not become larger in size when expanding, it stays more or less the same.

    Is there any chance that you can add an option in the settings to disable the thing you added that changed Opera’s behaviour when it comes to the “size of items” option of windows?

  • Please, make opera follow exactly the same font size of the desktop on Linux.

    This is quite noticeable because on Linux the most used UIs like GNOME, Unity and KDE, use a bigger font size (11 pt) by default that on Windows (9 pt), and then Opera makes them even bigger. The result is that the address bar is huge (with 13 or 14 pt font? IDK). I noticed that the rest of the interface have a different font size too, but it’s not really that much.

    • Łukasz Jagielski

      Hi, could you provide some screenshots for that? Maybe it’s that hidpi detection kicks in and changes font sizes, you can force default dpi setting with –alt-high-dpi-setting=96 commandline.

  • Live Streams on Facebook don’t seem to work video is choppy or freezes
    HD is blurry example (that was a live stream at first)

    OS X 10.11.3

    • Kornelia

      Can you check if the option in Preferences -> Websites -> Plugins is set to “Run all plug-in content”?

      • It is not, I have had it set to “Click to play” for a long time now

    • Kornelia

      We’ll analyse this issue. It’s reported internally as DNA-49134.

  • RRR

    How install Opera 34 version? Opera 35 version not working live stream. Message error Flash Player. How fix it?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Where it’s happening? What OS?

      • RRR

        My OS version is W10. Print screen example.

        • Aneta Reluga

          We have it reported, as Kornelia said; however, could you please close your browser, update the Flash Player plugin and retry? Thanks.

          • RRR

            I tried download on the Adobe website, but the link is broken. [ ]

          • Should work just fine for getting flash player

   is the current stable version of Flash Player as of 2/6/16, there might be another update on 2/9/16

          • RRR

            Ow yeah, finally. I install Flash Player Beta 21 and work. 🙂 Thanks guys.

        • Update flash player and it will work.

    • Kornelia

      We’ve reported this issue internally and we will analyse it: DNA-49134.

    • Nekomajin43

      I have the same problem. Win7 32 bit.

  • sgrandin

    A couple of basics: Can we put the tab bar on the bottom yet? Are the thumbnails per row on the Speed Dial sized to the screen yet or do we still have to size the screen to the thumbnails?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Can we put the tab bar on the bottom yet?


  • The new opera://downloads/ looks nice

  • Stanislav Stratil

    It would be nice to have some independent “Recently added bookmarks” folder, which will show like 20 or 15 new bookmarks.

    Please think about it.

    • Vux777

      I had similar idea for my extension but gave up on it long time ago because Opera doesn’t expose dates for bookmarks like chrome does (only for folders)
      not sure why

      maybe devs can access it somehow internally

    • Spideymang

      It would be great to have dates in bookmarks and the possibility to sort it not only alphabetical.

      In chrome store you can install the extension “Recent Bookmarks”

      It’s the only way you can know the recent bookmarks, please Opera staff take note of this feature to have it native in Opera!!!

    • ForumKal. Com


  • Jozef Pistej

    I have problem with site: Scenario: I save diagram in my google drive, I want open it in, in first step i have to “Authorize this app in Google Drive” with my goole account – that is ok my diagram is opened correctly. After some time (30 – 40 min) I am asked to authorize again, when I do it “Some error ocurred” and I have to reload page (F5) – Win10 x64 in opera stable (34, 35), opera developer(approx. last 5 releases) I other browsers after openning diagram I am never asked authorize again.

  • Eugene Tareyev
    • Aneta Reluga

      Well. We are aware of this issue but is seems somewhat random and it is really tough to identify the root cause since – honestly I have actually NEVER encountered this, and I’m a hardcore Opera user both at work and at home :/

      • My guess might be RAM usage by Opera from an old Chromium bug.

        Can people check to see if Opera’s RAM usage is near the total amount of RAM in the computer?

        • I’l make sure to check the next time, but I don’t think that’s it. I have been getting this bug semi-regularly for months now.

      • Eugene Tareyev

        Sometimes – couple times a day. I’ve disabled mouse gestures and it’s gone. Please fix this bug.

    • Aivier

      Same problem, about three months.

      And some time will freeze, i should use taskmgr to kill opera and start it again

  • surunner80

    Video doesn’t play on Coub in Windows XP:

    • RafaellaG

      Cookies disabled/blocked?

      • surunner80


        I think it’s because h.264 not supported in Opera under Vista & XP.

  • surunner80

    And bookmarks still do not work, if Opera start with key –disable-remote-fonts

    • Aneta Reluga

      Thanks, it’s internally tracked as DNA-49167

      • surunner80

        Good to know

  • Stanislav Stratil

    Maybe Im just weird, but I will say my opinion…

    Its about that “Menu” in the upper left. I know, that you have done it becuase some people didnt even know, that its a button. But now, when there actually is a “Menu” instead of “Opera” I find it somehow out of place, and even disturbing (yes, looks like im weird).

    When there was “Opera” I could just take it as a brand, and it was pretty much ok, cause that browser is called Opera, so I somehow liked that, but now, when there is “Menu” it does feel like… It wants to remind me, that there is a menu, like “Hey, Im Menu, and Im still here, EVERYTIME!”.

    So, why it still needs to remind me, that there is some menu?
    Windows XP – There was Start. Windows 7 and up, there is a logo. (no text)
    Firefox – There was “Firefox”. Now, there is hamburger menu. (no text)

    I think that text, in the menu button, is a past.
    It somehow reminds me old times… “File, Edit, View, Favorites…”

    Sorry for this blogpost… but I just dont like that “Menu” being there.

    • L33t4opera

      Hi Stanislav, if you want, then you can bring back the “Opera” label, just go to opera:flags#alternative-main-menu-label, select “Disabled” from the drop-down, and restart the Opera 😉

      • Stanislav Stratil

        Nice, thank you! But its in the flags, so there is no way it will stay like that for too long. 🙁
        I will switch it to “Opera” and just hope, that they will come up with some new menu button. 🙂

  • catup

    They are great features. I love them!

  • Click to play plug ins broken on

    The audio starts playing on its own, but you can’t click the click to play (might be that the click to play is behind the video controls, happens on other sites also)

    OS X 10.11.3

    • Kornelia

      Confirmed. I can only hear audio. Thank. I’ll report that.

  • devirto

    Good looking ‘Downloads’ Thanks but now “Others” shows the same as “All” on 100% … !!!?

  • Pavol

    Please add some customization of the UI and toolbars like it was years ago in Opera 12. In this case, ‘old’ Opera was much better than current Opera 35. I would really appreciate having address bar and bookmar bar close to each other, side by side and not having bookmark bar below the address panel.

  • fancloud

    Please improve this feature: I use it very much, actually and it’d be useful open url in a new tab

    • xirit64

      About your first screenshot did you know that after selecting that text-url you can drag it to the top (tab area) and it will open in a new tab?

      About your second screenshot why don’t you use a mouse gesture for it, just drag the link down with your right mouse button.

      • fancloud

        That topic wasn’t open by me. I just select one of the many concerning this problem.
        About your suggestion: yes I know them but I’d still prefer highlight-right click-go to web address (in new tab). Faster, easier and safer.
        The second screen was just posted as example: “please do just like this”. Anyway, thank you

        • xirit64

          “Highlight-right click-go to web address” is not faster though since it requires two actions more and you still need to find where the entry in the menu is (= more lost time)

          • fancloud

            I don’t want to discredit your opinion which is a valiant opinion too. But when you often use the right click menu your hand automatically goes in the correct position. When my top bar is full of tabs and so I can’t easily drag url in empty space to the right, I have to put it between two tabs paying attention to not overlay one of them or the url will be open in this one. And this requires time too.

            Overlooking all these aspects we have to admit that in its current function, that “go to web address” command is totally useless!! Tell me one case in which someone need to open one link in the same page. If devs can’t improve the function we are begging for, it would be better to delete it. As it is right now it just hurts my nerve 🙂

  • Jan Velecký

    Hello, is there quickly way to pin and unpin tab? If there are no any, I would like that anyone can pin/unpin tab with doubleclick on the tab.

    But configurable mouse actions on tabs (like we’ve got configurable key shortcuts) would be even better (middle-click, double-click).

  • Can we please get a setting to allow all full screen videos permanently? It’s really annoying to keep clicking allow all the time an all different sites.

    • L33t4opera

      Hi Maxim, you can disable it, go to opera:flags#simplified-fullscreen-ui, select “Enabled” from the drop-down, and restart the Opera 😉

      • Awesome, I was hoping this was already in. Just always forgot to ask/check.

  • Alex Yandukin

    Could you please post release notes for this Opera stable version at the usual place

  • Click to play works on the ad but then the main content video on—is-that-ted-cruz-in-a-wig- is behind video controls and you can’t click to play

    OS X 10.11.3

  • Hi! I have a little problem in this new version, the Opera logo in the taskbar doesn’t appears after the last update was installed. The functionality in not affected in any way, but is annoying. The rest works great 🙂

    • BK

      Thanks for this report, we will look into this.

  • Sebastian Perez Ferretti

    Hi! I have installed Opera 35 in Ubuntu Linux, but after the installation i selected to not add Opera to the update ring, and i have not auto updates. I changed my mind, and i want to have auto updates. Is a way to enable it? Because i search in the web and i don’t find a method. Thanks.

    • Sebastian Perez Ferretti

      Well, i added the apt repository as is said here: is it enough? Thanks.

      • Łukasz Jagielski

        Should be, let us know if it isn’t.

  • Plug ins listed on opera://plugins/ don’t seem to be in any order

    OS X 10.11.3

  • yigido

    Opera crashed after some basic browser works. I created a bug report please check it (DNA-49300).
    It is annoying that crashes on the latest releases of Opera on Windows 10.

  • Page load on is jerky

    OS X 10.11.3

  • Nana Penny

    how do I stop new speed dials from automatically going on top of my start page? This is new because the older versions put them on the bottom. I like them going to the bottom so my most used dials and folders are on top for easy access. Now I’m having to constantly resort, or have my most used hidden in the middle 🙁 Or maybe, is there a way ‘lock’ certain folders or speed dials on the top. Help if you can please. Thank you.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Afaik this is how it works now.

      • monkeyfish

        It did this with v34 as well. I agree, it is annoying. Maybe if you had hundreds of them you’d want them at the top where you can find them. But bookmarks is where you put hundreds of items now, speed dials should just be a few. I guess most people don’t add them often enough for it to really matter.

  • Łukasz Janik

    or opera, will be a test of html5, at 100%? that is, the 555 on 555, now is 520.

  • Carlos S. Na

    I have experienced frequent crashes after trying to watch videos (the new style) in facebook.

  • dawest58

    I’ve been having problems lately loading new tabs or clicking on something in an open tab where it doesn’t load. I have to close the browser and reopen it for my click to work and I’m getting really frustrated having to do it time and again. I’m starting to use my Chrome again and transfering my bookmarks, but I like the pictures in Opera’s bookmarks. That being said, I’m not seeing a fix in this new update

  • Aba Wbh

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  • Natalia Sergeeva

    Where all extentions are gone? I seems that everything I used is still instulled, but I am not able to use it! Why make updates that are ruin previous features!

  • Aivier

    Can’t find ‘Save as…’ in download page while right click item, Please add this futures.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Do you want an option to save something already saved?

      • Aivier

        No, Some time i just want save file to desktop or usb disk ,not wait it finish and copy it , i will forge it.

        But some website will not show direct download link to user, they will start download by javascript , so i will cancel it and go download list , right click file URL , save as

        • Leonardo Gomes

          And why don’t you save the files directly to where you want them to be?

  • fancloud

    Please add some “sort by” options in downloads page. (time remaining, MB reamining, total mb…)

  • Buffering videos on Facebook seems to be flaky, about 30 seconds will buffer then, have to wait 5 minutes for another chunk to buffer (tested with HD) (Facebook changed the video player recently)

    OS X 10.11.3 BrowserJS Opera OPRDesktop 28.0 core 1750.0, February 3, 2016. Active patches: 22

  • catup

    hello, the images on this website can not be displayed but opera developer is doing very well.

    • Images loaded for me, anything blocking (ad blocker or something else)?

  • ktxgio
    standalone (usb) installation fot tests…. could be my new predefinied browser

  • Flash Player udpates has not hit the auto update yet, after today the current Flash Player will be Version

  • Andrew Nagle

    I noticed that you’ve added the website domain to any HTML5 notifications with this. While I understand that some people like this, I would much rather not have it. Can we get an option to disable this behavior?

  • Kathy Nawara

    I never get my share button?

    • Are you talking about the OS X Share button?

  • Secretland

    The Mute Tab button is very cool. No need to close the entire tab . . .

  • Secretland

    Opera best browser, Firefox and Chrome sucks too much, They always crash in Youtube videos

  • dawest58

    I’ve been having to close Opera often due to not being able to perform operations, like clicking on a link and then it does not load. This happens also in the new version. I’m really considering going back to Chrome.

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  • Helder

    I’m muting my tabs accidentally a lot.

  • christian

    An older issue is still present:

    With advanced keybindings enabled ({“Keybindings”:{“Settings”:{“AdvancedEnabled”:true}}) typing a single . (dot) into a Facebook chat window opens the site search, typing a single number changes tabs, zooms the page etc.

    So I have to disable advanced keybindings or take care not to start a Facebook chat message with a . or number… 😉

    Win 7 x64

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    Thanks a lot!

  • pedro ludovico

    im heaving broblens with my interface its all old school like windows 97 .is there any way to get it back to normal?

    • What OS are you on and what parts look like windows 2000? (there was no Windows 97, the Windows 2000 look is used a lot for the classic ui on Windows rather than have the transparency)

  • Ad before video fails to load on which prevents the video from being watchable

    I got

    The dynamic ad sets feature is not enabled for this provider

    in Safari 9.0.3 is loaded fine

    I paused Ghostery in Opera (Safari also has it with no issues) and still nothing

    OS X 10.11.3

  • Seems some cache files are getting corrupted in the Opera cache

    For one site the main content was failing to load. I fixed it by going to

    opera://settings/ then Privacy & security and then using the search to find (would be the same for others) and tell it to delete the 4.4 MB of stuff there, then a page reload and relogin and the main content is there

    OS X 10.11.3

  • ShintoPlasm

    I was wondering – did you guys remove the Easter Egg that allowed removing the Google search bar in the Speed Dial? The keyboard combo no longer works here… *sad*

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Nope, it’s still there.

  • Pavel Aleksandrov

    This version of Opera has been horrible for me – it’s slower and freezes constantly. At least the synchronization has been kinda fixed. Win10 64

  • Rick Smith

    Just trying Opera again after ten years+ with Firefox, and about to forget it.
    No Nosquint or equivalent. I can’t customize the size of text and webpage
    independently, and I find myself using the bottom scroll bar constantly.
    THAT isn’t going to happen. Adios, unless there is an add-on I don’t know of.

  • Bug in Opera zoom (doing the zoom via keyboard shortcut)

    open in one window and then in another separate window open the same page ( and when you zoom in and out Opera applies the zoom to all windows with open

    OS X 10.11.3

  • L33t4opera

    New build – Opera stable 35.0.2066.68 😉

  • JA

    With version 35 and the revamped Download tab, the “resume” feature has disappeared. Previously there was Resume, Restart and Cancel – but now only Restart and Cancel exist. I’ve seen large downloads fail for various reasons and the Resume feature worked *really* well – but now everything has to start over.

    Is a Restart option available/hidden/etc? (crossing fingers….)

  • NimeshT

    How are the download files being grouped into categories – By Extension or download mimetype or something else? Downloaded few png images from Oracle Support (SR attachments) but are displayed under “Others” instead of “Images”.

  • Dave

    The version of Opera is really awful for me like never before – it’s so much slower and freezes constantly, relaunch it every 10 mins. OS X 10.11.3

  • NaotaChannel

    I used Opera years ago, and now . . I’m back with it again.
    Why? Because it works. Firefox has become a buggy mess.

  • Fallon Borden

    Opera (35) is not working, It don’t load speed dial, configuration or websites
    OSX 10.11.3 (15D21)

  • Freempg

    In previous Opera versions I’ve been able to hide the in-your-face Google search bar on Speed Dial with easter egg keystrokes on the Settings page (Arrows: Up Up, Down Down, Left Right, Left Right, b and a).

    I have nothing more or less against Google, apart from their power lust to be in our faces at every opportunity, which is doing them more harm than good, at least for me.

    The more time I waste time trying to get rid of the Google search bar, the more I despise Google, and will abandon Opera for it. In fact, I just typed this into the Google search bar, basically out of spite and frustration:

    “What is the name of the new Microsoft browser [I know it’s Edge]. I want to get rid of Opera because it is Google Chrome.”

    It’s a sad day when I return to a Microsoft browser, but at least Edge shows promise of being freely configurable.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      You can still do the same.

      And starting in 36, it will be even more easy to hide the search box.

      • Freempg

        Alright, I’ll hold on. But partly for not having time for this. I can’t be the only one out there thinking the same.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          You only need to do it once, unless you never upgrade from a previous version/build and always do a clean installation.

          • Freempg

            I did a clean installation on a laptop out of the box running Windows 10. I have tried a half dozen times.

          • Freempg

            Here’s another one for you. I set my Search Engine to DuckDuckgo. I use the address bar for searches. Lo and behold, I noticed the Google rather than the Duck icon in the address bar. Took a look at Settings, sure enough, Google was reset as my default search engine.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            What is the version (complete build number) of Opera?

          • Freempg


          • Leonardo Gomes

            Strange, i just did a test here and my setting wasn’t reset.

            Try checking with a clean standalone installation, your profile may be corrupted.

          • Freempg

            I installed this latest Opera from their website three days ago on an out-of-the-box laptop running Windows 10. Still can’t get rid of the Google search box (I’ve done it with the requisite keystrokes with other versions on different systems, no problem). Now it’s acting as if hardcoded. And the setting slip reverting from DuckDuckGo to Google was/is disturbing.

  • snagarrett

    PLEASE add “Force New Tabs” to open option. I don’t want to press the new tab button or Ctrl+3 or press a middle mouse button to open a blank tab first. This is an extra step that is such a nuisance when you open hundreds of bookmarks and links a day. I am constantly overriding my current tabs and losing information. Also please add a “Lock Tab” option and “Save Browser Session” upon exit.

    I Love Opera and I’d switch to it full time if it weren’t for the lack of customizable options such as Firefox has!

  • Selam

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  • Pedro_Pdr

    I like opera but in my manjaro with kde plasma 5.5.1 the adress bar use huge font size.. how to change that?

    Screenshot here:
    I have firefox open to compare. You see that fonts on adress bar in firefox are more consistent than the huge ones in opera adress bar.

    Any solutions?

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  • Lisa Amelia
  • Lisa Amelia
  • R123

    Dear Opera developers: Can you add support for Netflix video at 1080p resolution (or higher)? This could increase Opera share in browser market.
    ,Chrome, Opera and Firefox support playback of Netflix movies in 720p resolution in Win7, Win8.1 & Win10. IE11 in Win7 support only 720p (it uses Silverlight 5).
    ,IE11 plays Netflix movies at resolution 1080p in Win8.1 and Win10. Edge in resolution 1080p or 4K in Win10.
    ,Adding 1080p or 4K in Opera would especially important for Win7 users (all browsers play Netflix video at 720p in Win7; there is no Netflix app for WIn7)
    Win7 is on 48% PCs and will be major Windows system for 5-10 years.