No fluff! I got your message about being too non-technical, so I’ll be more focused and review all the changes we stabilized in Opera 35 beta. In this version, we focused on removing duplicate bookmarks, introducing a separate search bar, cleaning up the settings page and a few other improvements.

No duplicate bookmarks

When we started syncing bookmarks, we found that many of you had duplicates of the same URLs. Some extreme corner-cases reached more than 1000 duplicates. We debugged a lot of the sync protocol and considered many different scenarios, but we didn’t get any closer to a solution. Therefore, we introduced a duplicate-removal tactic in Opera 35.

When you aren’t signed in and syncing, the algorithm is pretty straightforward: we pick candidates for the duplicates removal based on their ID in the bookmarks model.

If you are syncing, things get a little bit trickier because we cannot remove duplicates until they known to the server. Otherwise, we introduce duplicates again. We figured out a solution, and to consider any possible performance drawbacks, we tested it on Windows XP Core 2 Duo machine (our sysadmins hate us for doing that, since it is not officially supported). We saw in our logs that duplicates are no longer an issue.

Thank you very much for helping us figure out problem and let us know if you’re still seeing any duplicates.

A(n optional) separate search box

We know that many people prefer to use a separate search box. But, we’re taking it slow and testing to see if we want to enable this option by default. In Opera 35, the search box appears as an advanced setting. If you enable it, the separate search box will appear next to the heart button in the browser chrome. I’m unsure whether advanced users need it, but now you know where to find it. Tell us what you think about the box and we’ll weigh you opinion with our tests to see if we start providing this by default.

A cleaner settings page

The settings page is the third-most visited internal page just after Speed Dial and history. With testing, we saw that many people visited the settings page to personalize browser according to their tastes. So, we introduced a “basic” section in Opera 35, where you can decide about browser’s behavior on startup, how downloaded files will be saved, change your theme and more. We believe that simplicity matters and the current settings page has become too complicated. Therefore, we’re hoping to make it easier to use. Check it out.

Simple settings

A more basic browser vocabulary

I’ve seen many of you joking about the recent change of the menu name from “Opera” to, well, “menu”. We know that this change makes no difference to our loyal users, but when people install our browser for the first time, it does. Instead of enigmatic word that states our brand, the term “menu” describes the feature itself. We saw that many more people clicked on the menu when it was labeled “menu” instead of “Opera”. It’s similar to the change we made from our previous Discover feature to the more generic and function “news”.

Minor changes intended for new users

Joking aside, small improvements like how we talk about the browser make a difference for new users. So, we made another simple change: when you install Opera, we maximize the window on the first run, so you have one less click to worry about before using the app.
And, there’s more for new users. Now, it is easier to turn on the bookmarks bar from the heart-menu popup. We saw during testing that many people look there for an option to enable the bar. We tested having the bookmarks bar turned on by default and saw an insignificant difference in the feature’s use. We decided to give you a choice to turn it on, when you need it.

Improvements under the hood

One of the most important changes we made under the hood migrates all the internal pages (start page, about, etc.) from a technology called WebUI to Chromium’s new Private API. All JavaScript communication is now done through this new extension API. It gives us better structure and we can maintain our code more easily.

We’ve been gradually moving to this API for a while and we’re not changing just to make our lives easier. In Opera 35, we upgraded the download manager to this API and restyled it. It is not just nicer version of the previous one, but it is also gives you quick links to PDFs, documents, images and more.

Download manager

Less unfinished downloads

When we talk about downloads, one of the most annoying situations many of you complain about on the blog has to do with closing the browser while downloading a huge file on slow network. Now, Opera will ask for confirmation if you want to close browser when you are still downloading in the background.

Improvements to muting tabs

Many people like me listen to music on YouTube. It plays on an open tab somewhere on the tab bar. All of a sudden, it’s a loud tab. I mean a really loud tab! If you like me, you panic and close the tab. Why should you have to do that, when you actually want the content there? Now, you can easily turn off the sound for this tab using a mute button. There are many more use-cases you provided us during our testing on the developer channel.

Based on your feedback and our belief in simple-yet-powerful design, we decided not to show the mute button on each tab (instead, it appears when you hover over the tab) and we removed the main mute button. We made the context menu richer, so when you right-click on a tab with sound, you can mute your other tabs.

That’s about it for the changes in this version. If you use Linux, you might be interested in knowing that we are going to provide RPM packages. It’s a small improvement, which hope will make you happier.

Let us know how you find the latest Opera beta release. Your feedback makes us stronger.

Installation links:

Chromium version: 48.0.2564.41

Changelog: Full changelog link

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  • L33t4opera

    Thanks for the article Zhenis, and congrats on the first Opera beta 35, which supports the i386 architecture, and provides RPM packages for Linux 😉

  • András Ács

    So your bug tracker contains the tag “can’t fix”? 😉

    • Marcin Mitek

      There is a “Won’t fix” solution 😉

      Won’t ≠ Can’t

  • Kev87

    Wow! That’s the nicest blogpost I’ve ever seen in my life! Maybe a bit too technical 🙂

    Thanks for this fantastic update!

    • Aneta Reluga

      “A bit too technical”
      *sits in the corner and weeps in desperation*

      But seriously, thank you for your kind words 🙂

      • Nekomajin43

        He’s just joking. It is perfect!

        • Thanks guys 🙂

        • Kev87

          Of course I’m just joking. I enjoyed reading this detailed post. It’s like it should be 🙂

      • SuperTommy

        I think it’s perfect. 🙂

    • Cryio

      Haha, the Opera 11-12.1 blog days were the best. So in-depth.

  • Nachiketa Ramesh

    I wish you guys would update the Settings and Themes UI to match Downloads, News, History and Bookmarks, just for consistency sake. Love the changes. Opera is becoming really awesome.

    • @nachiketaramesh:disqus one step at a time. Now we focus on the refreshed start page as you can read in one of our developer releases. But at some point we will revisit the settings page as well.

      • Herr Pietrus

        don’t do that, settings are cute 😛

        but you must update the downloads and news page to fit the new, great SD with new, great icons “bar” 🙂

      • Alexander Evseev

        The settings page is the best. I even open it sometimes just to see how nice, clear and fresh it looks especially with some awesome background. Please, do not touch the settings.

        • @alexanderevseev:disqus 🙂 well, I love this situation. Two users ask for different things 🙂

          • Aneta Reluga

            Let’s just ask around in our miracles department!

  • iPristy

    ABP extension it’s not blocking ads any more, that’s bad.

    • It might be the extension issue, or our bug.
      Could you please specify what websites and what ads?

      • iPristy

        In Opera 34 works fine. What sites wccftech, softpedia and so on.

        • Kornelia

          I’m not seeing any ads when Adblock Plus is enabled. What is your operating system?

          • iPristy

            W7 64bit.

          • Aneta Reluga

            Thanks. Mine are blocked on the same system; maybe you have some exceptions defined?

          • iPristy

            Nope all stock. It just don’t work…

          • Aneta Reluga

            Sigh. I have a very cluttered profile, after multiple updates, yet my result is like this:
            My ABP is 1.9.4 version.
            I would recommend to temporarily clean your profile and try again, maybe something in the profile collides (unlikely, but why not try).

          • iPristy

            I did try clean install Opera 35 and ABP and it’s the same problem. It’s works in Opera 36 and 34, if nothing else i will skip this version.

  • Leo Liu

    WOW, it’s so amazing for me to see the 32-bit Linux build coming to beta.
    Great news!! But it would be perfect if Windows 64-bit were released.

    • @chenjohnliu:disqus problem with 64-bit version is that many plugins don’t support 64-bit and we cannot guarantee the full functionality of the browser. So, there is no benefit for users after all.

      • Leo Liu

        Oh, you are right 🙁
        Function is the most important thing!!

      • I still do not lose hope of seeing a Windows 64-bit version soon.

      • Leo Liu

        @zhenisbeisekov:disqus I just came into an idea!
        Maybe you can do a Windows 64-bit developer version first, when all things goes well, moves it to the beta, just like the pattern of Linux 32-bit.
        It’s not so important that developer build has full function.

      • Rafael Luik

        You mean the 32-bit NPAPI plug-ins that aren’t going to be supported anymore anyway…?

      • GOD

        That argument is no longer valid and untrue. Opera is the only web browser not to have a 64-bit version. And all major mainstream supported plug-ins are 64 bit compatible as a result.

      • GOD

        That argument is no longer valid and untrue. Opera is the only web browser not to have a 64-bit version. And all major mainstream supported plug-ins are 64 bit compatible as a result.

      • bwat47

        Isn’t chromium dropping support for legacy NPAPI plugins anyway? I can’t think of any PPAPI plugins that aren’t 64-bit.. even the major NPAPI plugins have 64-bit versions (Flash, Java, Silverlight)

  • pokemiu

    Nice work as usual.
    It would be nice though to give users the choice to display (or not) the main mute button.
    It was useful for me.

    • @pokemiu:disqus The same functionality is available under the context menu on tabs. We need to keep it simple, so adding features won’t slow us down in the future.

      • Nekomajin43

        I think to whole point of this mute all function is to easily mute the whole browser. Like a panic button. Now, it’s useless from a context menu.

        • pokemiu

          I think so too.
          The main button allowed us to see at first glance if it was on or off. Besides in the context menu, there is only “mute other tabs”, not “mute all tabs”.
          An other issue is that if I “mute other tabs” and open a new tab, the latter plays sounds. So how do I prevent Opera from playing sounds.
          Anyway, it’s not a big deal, just my point of view on a new feature that could be improved.
          I also understand that you need to keep it simple as you say. If you don’t want to give the users the choice, maybe you could ask them by surveys how they want the new features to be implemented. That would be more representative than reading our feedback here ;).

          • Nekomajin43

            The solution is easy. Just a single switch in the settings, like with the search box.

          • @Nekomajin43:disqus it is not solution, because only an advanced user as you would ever check it. We have too many buttons on the top UI, yet additional one won’t help.

          • Nekomajin43

            Come on. You’ve just introduced the same with the search box. So the code already exists.

            For me, the home page button on the left is absolutely unnecessary, because I’ve never used it. So will you satisfy me too and remove it? Of course you won’t. This is why you have to give us the choice.

  • This is the kind of release notes I want to always see! Nice read.

    • @max1c:disqus I hope many of other people will agree with you 😉

  • Cryio

    Is it possible to include the feature I last requested in time for release?

    The ability to press Space to confirm the opening of tons of tabs from a single Speed Dial. It’s annoying having to press Enter or manually click on it.

    • Aneta Reluga

      Your request has been further passed already, yes, along with quite a number of various other requests from different users. We read the messages, pass them and ask around so that they get evaluated. We just don’t always comment on each and every remark, but it has been read, rest assured.

      • Kai Ockendorf

        Ok Aneta! I already wrote it in the past, but I’ll give it a try again…one of the most awesome features was to change tabs by mouse gesture (right mouse click + scroll wheel)!! You have no idea how much I miss it & want to have it back :)) By default, not with an extension!

        • Aneta Reluga

          Thank you for the improvement suggestion! But please remember that I cannot make any promises; I’m just the messenger. 🙂

          • Kai Ockendorf

            Sure, but thank you! Btw, it was exactly that feature why I start to love Opera years ago 🙂

        • @kaiockendorf:disqus I can confirm that @anet_qa:disqus collects all the feedback and helps us to make better decisions about the product. However, we cannot resolve all the requests, especially when many of them are conflicting 🙂 We hear your feedback and it helps us to improve the product.

          • Kai Ockendorf

            Thank you! I still have hope that one day this feature comes back 🙂

    • Could you please explain why you need it?

      • Nekomajin43

        It’s easier to hit space than enter.

      • Cryio

        Virtually every form in Windows or on the general web can be “accepted/enabled” by pressing the Space Bar instead of Enter if said entry is highlighted. It works for most Opera features as well. But the new dialog pop-up when wanting to open all the websites at once from a Speed Dial (29 sites in my case), won’t go away if I press Space. It absolutely requires me to press Left Click or Enter.

        It’s a matter of convenience (mostly) and consistency.

  • Nekomajin43

    Thanks for the detailed blog post!

  • L33t4opera

    For those of the users, who are interested in new flags in this build:
    – opera:flags#alternative-main-menu-label (Windows, Linux)
    Changes main menu button label.

    – opera:flags#bookmarks-bar-toggle-in-manager
    Enables bookmarks bar toggle in the bookmark manager and the bookmark pop-up.

    – opera:flags#country-dependent-default-theme
    Makes the default theme depend on the user's location.

    – opera:flags#crash-monitoring-posix (Mac, Linux)
    Enable monitoring of crashes in browser.

    – opera:flags#extension-toolbar-expander Enables the dropdown menu in case extension icons don't fit on extension toolbar.

    – opera:flags#first-run-partner-content-update
    Makes partner content update to be checked immediately upon first run.

    – opera:flags/#news-on-startpage Enable news on start page.

    – opera:flags#show-search-hints Enables showing of search hint popup.

    – opera:flags#show-start-page-hints Enables showing of start page hints popups.

    – opera:flags#simple-settings-page Enables simple settings page.

    – opera:flags#enable-print-preview-simplify
    Enable the simplify page check box on the print preview dialog.

    – opera:flags#crash-monitoring (Windows)
    Enable monitoring of crashes in browser.

    – opera:flags#frame-color-awareness (Windows)
    Makes certain UI items contrast with the frame color.

    – opera:flags#search-box-in-address-bar (Windows)
    Enables the possibility to add a search box to the addresss bar.

    – opera:flags#start-maximized-switch (Windows)
    Enable support for --start-maximized command line switch.

    • Andrey

      But when copy to clipboard a link to the flag, there instead opera://flags/# – chrome://flags/# )

  • Jay

    Thank you for finally releasing a 32-bit of the beta version. I hope that 35 stable will also have a 32-bit edition. 😀

  • mies

    One more feature request regarding speed dial. Please make it easier to use page screenshots as thumbnails instead of text thumbnails. Now you should open site and press heart button (only this way you may change thumbnail). But new speeddial items are mostly added using “Add a site” button on speeddial itself. And this button automatically generates text thumbnail and you cannot change it 🙁

    • BK

      Yes, this is broken and this will be fixed. We can’t promise when.

    • Stanislav Stratil

      “But new speeddial items are mostly added using “Add a site” button on speeddial itself.”

      This is not true (at least for me). I had never used this “add site” buttton, only once, to see how it looks. There are people, who just wants to disable this button.

  • Davide Repetto

    Very nice update article. I like it!
    I’m also happy about the 32bit linux build and the rpms.
    Thanks! 🙂

  • Cryio

    Opera seems to hate . Here is an article:

    The site seems to be micro-loading every second, the scrolling becomes either broken or a stutter fest. The comments don’t use Disqus, but sometimes they don’t work at all.

    • Vux777

      works fine here, very smooth scrolling
      win10 x64 beta and dev
      I also use ghostery

  • escruting

    Nice update guys. A couple of things:

    – The choice to only show the mute button on hover is good, but once you mute it, the muted icon should stay visible even when you dont hover over it. The browser needs to tell us what is happening when something is happening and not hide things around.
    – The new downloads page is good (waiting on some downloads popup improvements). But please add the remaining time to the tab title, it could be like this “Downloads – 56h12m left” or “Downloads – 56:12” or even just show only the time left, because we are already seeing the downloads favicon.
    – I dont use Opera turbo, but i think the browser should show some visual hint that it is on turbo mode instead of just a little tick on the menu popup. Maybe another button should appear next to the Menu button and say “Opera Turbo” with an icon with the typical speed velocimeter related to Opera Turbo. I think the orange or green color would look nice on this icon.

    • Nekomajin43

      +1 for both of them!

    • @escruting:disqus
      1) we made a decision to stop animating the equalizer, we showed for the loud tabs, because:
      a) we wanted the top UI remain uncluttered,
      b) we wanted to keep the existing way of notifying users about the noise through the equalizer.
      c) we considered the side effect of the small equalizer to be way too small, but we decided to go this way, because if user muted the tab, he interacted more with UI and can distinguish even delicate changes.
      2) we investigate more about use-cases for downloading, so if we could share some your ideas about it, it would be great. Not only requests for particular indicators, but how you actually use it.
      3) Totally agree. It has been forever on our todo list, and maybe at some day we will finish it.

      • escruting

        2) Well, with Opera 12 i liked to download something and minimize Opera with the Downloads page active, because it showed the minutes remaining to finish the download on the taskbar and it was really useful. Now on Win7 we have the green progress bar, but its not as useful.
        I dont think everything needs to have a use-case, when something is useful it just is, no matter the use-case. Of course the best way to handle this is just put an option and let us choose if we want to use it or not. Maybe a checkbox on the downloads page just like the one you did for showing/hiding the bookmarks bar.

        On a related note, it would be nice to have desktop notifications when a download finishes, and be able to open the download folder or something when clicking on it.

        Another thing related to downloads, please, make the remaining time more precise, if it will take 1 hour and 10 minutes to download, i want to see “1h10m” not “1 hour” (for example).

  • Pau B

    Can I get back the non-tiled thumbnails version of Speed Dial from Opera 30? Please. Or at least, the flag to choose web preview or tiled Speed Dial thumbnails. Thanks. 🙂

    • Kornelia

      When adding bookmark to speed dial, you can choose preview of thumbnail.

  • Cenon415

    Thank you very much for the update. It was very informative!

  • Nice Update:

    Few wishes from my side:

    1. Sometimes i want open on left side a new Tab, don’t ask why but i need this sometimes. Maybe you keep a little bit space between the OS X full view mode button and Tabs … for double click to add a new Tab on left side.

    2. I use now again Adobe Flash for some websites like, Facebook 🙁 no issue with Opera but in comparison with Google Chrome this Facebook Adobe Flash game doesn’t works smoothly (graphic speed) I don’t now if it related to Opera or to Adobe Flash latest version 20. Google Chrome has Adobe Flash built-in as Plugin with Auto-Update.

    Flash is for me dead solution but some sites like Vevo, Facebook, Product configurators on E-Commerce and Games needs it.

    3. Translation built-in Opera maybe with Google Translator or Microsoft Bing Translator? Twitter prefer Microsoft Translator. It should work with selecting words or translate full page. Maybe you can do it better than Google Chrome and others.

    4. Thumbnail small Tab Preview like Vivaldi

    5. Bookmark Handling is for me important because i manage a lot of Bookmarks with many Subfolders.

    6. Is Opera compatible for HiFi Web player with lossless Trac. files Tidal HiFi Streaming is only supported in Google Chrome.

    • Stanislav Stratil

      3. There is a built-in translation in opera? I never knew, and never used these, really. I found them always annoying. Install this extension and you are good:
      I think its the best translator solution out there, including other browsers.

      4. I actually starting to like these big previews, but as they are big, im starting to miss scroll feature in them. If you could scroll in these big previews, it would be great, otherwise there is no much sense to use big previews.

    • 1. Why?

    • Jozef Pistej

      2. i agree, playing videos in other broswsers is smoothly and no stuttering (Win 10 x64 – all Opera browsers)

  • Pavel

    I do not believe you couldn’t reproduce bookmarks duplications, It happened to me like dozen times when I connected and synced new instance of the browser.

    Last time it happened again (about a week ago) when I just Signed up.

    And… I just noticed that I am signed off… again… for some reason… I signed in and…. it created duplicates again, ta-daaa!

    Are you KIDDING me?…


    And, yes, are you going to fix constantly disconnecting sync?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Well, i never noticed any duplicated bookmarks here. Except, maybe, for the “default” folders some time ago.

      So maybe it isn’t/wasn’t that easy to reproduce.

      • Pavel

        It is still reproducible, as I mentioned in previous comment – it just happened to me again… All they needed to do it to contact anyone who experiencing this issue and check on his account.

        • Kornelia

          Thanks Pavel. I’m sending your report to our developers, who were working on bookmarks duplication.

  • Pavel

    I noticed that Opera is not updating by itself for me over last couple of versions.
    31 to 32 had to update manually, 32 to 33… again “Opera is up to date” and I waited quite a time… (more than a week or even two) now, you announced new version 34 week ago and I still not getting the update.

    • Kornelia

      Hi Pavel. You should get an update two days after release at the latest. What is your operating system?

      • Pavel

        Hello, Kornelia. The OS is Windows 10.

        • Kornelia

          When you go to C:WindowsTempOpera Autoupdate, there is a file opera_autoupdate.log. If you could send me this file, so we could see what’s causing your problems. My email:

          • Pavel


  • sgrandin

    Don’t know what it’s intended to do, but trying the Simplify Page option in Print, I found it runs on and on at the Yahoo home page.

    • Kornelia

      I’m not sure if I understand correctly – print window disappears when you trying to print Yahoo home page?

      • RafaellaG

        I think he/she means that if you check simplify plage you’ll get the “loading page…” endlessly and if you click cancel, Opera says something about “unknown protocol” (…no application associated with the “chrome-distiller:” protocol was found…) .

        • sgrandin

          Yes, that’s right, but I didn’t cancel, just unclicked the “simplify” box.

        • Михаил

          same, how enable this feature

  • DizzyRobot

    Nice update, especially the download manager.
    Glad to see the search bar on the way coming back. But on my opinion it is useful only when it can switch among search engines easily just like the old Opera and Firefox , by this way it saves me from typing again or Ctrl+C/V when results from a single search are not satisfying enough.

    • Stanislav Stratil

      Yeah, In firefox, you actually need to do ctrl+c/v only once, cause you can then just ctrl+left click on the search engines which you want to search in, and then check the results in opened tabs. In old opera, it was working also with ctrl+enter.

      Also in firefox there is addon, where you dont need any ctrl+c/v, but only to select text, right click and ctrl+left click for resluts. It can be even configured, that context menu will not close after your search, which allows you to immediately search in other search engines.

      I hope that some similar solution will come to our opera.

    • Kornelia

      Thanks for sharing your opinion with us.

    • Why do you want to compare different results from different search engines?

      • Stanislav Stratil

        Maybe not compare, but for me, its useful for finding information about something in different sources.

        Lets say, I will see title of some movie on some website – I want to get more info about it, and check if its translated, so I want to select text and search for it in info database and different subtitle databases.

        And this will apply also for that search field. – Write there movie title, and search in different search providers for this purpose. – Opening search results in new tabs.

        • Myself, I do it quite often, and usually Google or Yandex search with additional keywords are just fine.

          We don’t provide much flexibility to the search engines, because there are many spamware companies outside, who would automatically change the settings for users, so they are forced to use a service they don’t like. It is a trade-off solution.

          • Stanislav Stratil

            But this is not about default search engines. Its about that new search field, which currently support only 1 search engine. We want to have all of them here. I have 22 installed search engines, and I would like to switch between them in that new search field.

          • RafaellaG

            Why don’t you (open a new tab and) search within the normal adressbar?

            Btw. if you mark a word in the search result and right-click this marked word you can use (search within…) with all search-engines you added to the settings (manage search-engines).

          • Stanislav Stratil

            From the times of opera 12, its considerably slower to search like that.
            Look, in O12 it was like this…
            I wanted to search for something in… lets say 5 search engines. What I needed to do? Type it in search field only once, press arrow down to choose 1st search engine, press Ctrl+Enter, then press arrow down to another search engine, and again Ctrl+Enter, and like that 3 more times. – With these simple steps it was much faster.

          • Stanislav Stratil

            Oh, I think I should clarify myself… By switching search engines, I dont mean to change deafult search engine. But only that one in new search field.
            I want to by able to have default search engine in omnibar – Google and others in new search bar. There will be no change to default search engine.

      • DizzyRobot

        Not to compare them. Just because sometimes the results of the first try are not useful enough, or I need more specialized info, then I will choose another engine instead. By the old-way search bar, no additional typing needed.

    • Jan Velecký

      I am glad to see search bar also. It is beatiful. But it 1.) must have ability to switch between engines to be useful. Drop-down menu (which can be activated with [Alt+]PgDn would by great, but switching with Alt+keyword would be brilliant)
      Next thing 2.) that it missing search history and also suggestion from history of search, not only from suggestion from Google.

      3.) Missing ability to add search engines comfortable. Why don’t support OpenSearch? Even Chromium supports it…
      4.) Cannot focus search bar with neither Ctrl+E, nor Ctrl+K. Alt+Enter also does not work.
      5.) Add ability to rename and change keywords for bultin search engines, or ability to delete them…

      Without these things it not very useful. I am not shure it’s not intent to. To claim that nobody uses it…

      And another idea, search box in speed dial should be instantion of this search bar, with these proposed features. 🙂

      Good day.

      • BK

        OK, let us have a look into this then.

        • Jan Velecký

          Great 🙂

  • One of the longer change logs I have seen in a while

    • Kornelia

      Christmas spirit 😉

  • Leonid Sinev

    Input fields (browser) not working in private mode. i can’t search bookmarks in private window, i can’t input address of page in this mode 🙁

    • Kornelia

      Hi Leonid, what’s your operating system?

      • Leonid Sinev

        Windows 7 x64 SP1

    • Marcin Mitek

      This is tracked as DNA-47124. Sorry for inconvenience.

    • Kornelia

      This happens on maximised window only for you?

      • Leonid Sinev

        Thank you for this idea. Yes. This happens only for private windows created from maximised ordinary windows. Size of private window after that soes not matter. If created from not maximised window – input works even on maximised private windows

  • ionHaze

    Is there any way to disable mute button for tabs? When you have many tabs it`s realy hard to select tab with sound (half area of tab is used for mute button and half for close button).

    • Stanislav Stratil

      I know they are trying to make some good solution for it, but this sounds like a problem. Maybe they should rethink that.

      What about putting that mute button next to arrow button in upper right, and hide it? It will show up only when there is playing sound, and after click, it will mute all currently playing tabs.
      But this solution still needs little more thinking though.

      • ionHaze

        I think button in the context menu is enough. I don`think that muting tabs is so frequent operation to give it button on the tab.

  • nick_el_son

    Complete crash of system after auto updating beta from 34 to 35 🙁
    When I’m trying to open Opera, it freezes on speed dial page and if I do not end its process from task manager, it causes black screen of pc.

    Tried uninstall / install – with no result.

    System: i3-370M / 4GB Dual-channel DDR3 / SATA HDD / Windows 10 x64

    • Aneta Reluga

      Can you please do the following:

      1. In the user environment variables, create these variables:

      name: OPERA_CRASH_KEEP_LOGS and value: 1

      name: OPERA_CRASH_EMAIL and value: any email value you prefer (but let us know the email later so that we can identify your crash by the email)

      2. Start Opera a number of times and make it crash (however dire it sounds 🙂 )

      This would be most helpful for us. Thank you in advance!

      • nick_el_son

        Done 🙂

        + I think I’ve found a problem: at first Opera freezes a bit when I open it. Then it rapidly starts to fill RAM (from initial 1GB to 3.7GB – I have only 4GB of it). And finally it terminates itself (or just goes blackscreen).

        • Aneta Reluga

          Ugh, I’ve never seen such memory consumption with our test pages, Alexa sites or regular browsing. Do you have an URL you would care to share – maybe it would be easier reproducible? Thanks once again.

          • nick_el_son

            It’s not any specific site, I just opened the browser – speed dial only that’s all 🙁

        • nick_el_son

          New discovery – all these problems start when I log in for synchronization.
          Till this everything is ok.
          Could you please do something with this?

  • Flavio Suárez

    Hey, I have legitimate duplicated URLs!! I have the same URL in different foders, because the same URL fits on several subjects of interest! This will be a problem???

    • Leonardo Gomes

      There shouldn’t be afaik.

      • Flavio Suárez

        Great! Thank you

    • @flaviosurez:disqus no, worries.

      We treat a bookmark as duplicate, if it has the same URL, title, type (bookmark or folder) and parent. So in your cases they are not duplicates. There are also some smaller tweaks for Speed Dials.

      • Flavio Suárez

        Great!!! According V7 Bookmarks, I have 9610 bookmarks in 1080 folders! Thank you

  • Kev87

    This bug hasn’t been fixed yet 🙂

    • Aneta Reluga

      Indeed, but it’s on our fix list. 🙂

  • Cryio
    • Aneta Reluga

      Can’t repro on Win7 x64. Are you on Win10 maybe?

      Also, can you please perform steps described in – we would then try to identify specifically your crash by searching our crash DB for the email value you provide (just let us know the value please). This can be any email you wish, even one you don’t normally use – needed only for DB search purpose.

      • Cryio

        Yes, Windows 10 x64, using Flash 20 PPAPI.

      • Cryio

        Ok, ehm, I tried opening that site again, it worked now no worries. But it crashed like crazy the last time I tried (3 times). Maybe a combination of tabs was at fault? I really can’t recall what I had open at that exact time.

  • Pedro Bruno

    Arrow keys for control flash videos don’t work in full screen mode.Youtube, Vimeo works fine (Html5 players), but in sites like DailyMotion, the controls work in window mode but not in fullscreen mode.

  • Robert

    32 to 35 assembly disgusting in terms of optimization, not only in the beta and stable versii.Inogda on when you open the page instantly gives an error after updating but opens when you listen to music and quickly switch the brazuer namerto necessary to complete the process hangs, freezes and even when entering at some sites

    • Aneta Reluga

      1) Can you please provide site URLs where the browser freezes?
      2) What is your OS?
      3) Do you have Turbo on?
      Thanks in advance!

      • Robert

        1) often hangs at the entrance to the site and when listening to music, rarely freezes on other sites when playing media files
        2) OS windows 10 64bit
        3) Turbo disabled

        • Aneta Reluga

          That was valuable. Thanks, we’ll investigate.

          • It often freezes on sites with HTML5 video content. Twitter is one example.

  • Wendell Lima

    Hey Zhenis, how are you, I’m from Brazil, let me congratulate you and you staff for this software. About changing the name Opera to menu it’s a good idea, and one question: what do you think about create a home button? I miss it. Sorry for my bad english.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      First you would need a home page.

      • Kev87

        Maybe the solution for this is even simpler. Give us an option in the settings to set which page this button ( has to load. On default it is like it is now, the speed dial. When you want to have, I just say something, google as your homepage, then in the settings you can set it to the google url, or whatever page you want. It’s a bit the same concept as the actual startpage on browser startup right now. You can choose between latest visited page, your own chosen startpage and the speed dial. Now just expand this functionality to that button, and that will solve his and a lot of peoples request without changing to much to the default behaviour of the browser right now. No need for changing to much, or adding another button, just a add a simple option 🙂

        • Aneta Reluga

          Bookmarks bar utilization might fulfill your expectations without duplicating existing functionality. What do you think?

          • Kev87

            That’s indeed another way of solving this, but the button is already there and the functionality of such a home button is different in other browsers. I don’t say you need to copy other browsers, I think that it’s fine now that it brings you to the speed dial, sine opera actually invented it and you still have the best implementation of it compared to other browsers. But there are lots of people who are asking for a homepage button, so a little customization option in the settings will make them happy I think. I would keep it in default like it is now, but if you want to change it, you can.

  • Dark Magician

    Windows 64-build please.

  • jedy123

    I personally don’t care for a separate search box. If you do include one, make sure the option to disable it is easy to find in the preferences, I suggest the user interface menu.

  • Gloriam

    Really like the new changes, especially the mute buttons, the search bar on the side is nice and I think I’ll use it for awhile.
    One great plus of the seperate search bar is no auto-fill, so thanks!

  • Gloriam

    Bug report, I can’t seem to visit this forum on Opera Beta at the moment. but I can in IE11.
    I was able to do so yesterday before the update.

    • Aneta Reluga

      Indeed. Thanks for the report.

  • Since it is still in this release, may I refer to

    This is highly annoying.

    • Aneta Reluga

      It’s in the evaluation queue, but I’m unable to make any promises. By the way, there are more requests to the changes to this dialog, and one issue hard to reproduce, as well as a number of other pending changes. Anyway, thanks for insisting.

  • catup

    hello, there is no duplicate bookmarks but it has duplicate speed dials. Every time when I reinstall opera, it generates a same speed dials folder. Now I have many speed dials folder having the same name. Also, no one pay attention to the white icon (blank) shown on the start menu of windows 10 threshold 2? It is really annoying.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Every time when I reinstall opera, it generates a same speed dials folder. Now I have many speed dials folder having the same name.

      It happens because every new (re)install has a different ID and is seen as a different Opera by the sync server.

      You can delete the unwanted SD folder from other devices.

      • catup

        Is this a bug?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Not that i know.

  • catup

    Synchronization in China is so so slow. But I remember opera presto synchronized very fast and did not have duplication problem.

    • Aneta Reluga

      We are aware of some issues and are working on it. Thank you for the report.

      • Bobbie M. Warner

        Problem: Pin tabs don’t work. I closed out Opera and reopen, all my pin tabs gone.

        Problem: Advanced keyboard shortcuts, cycle right through tabs doesn’t work if you watching YouTube video. (num pad key 2)

        Problem: No way of restoring session if Opera crashes.

        Problem: Can’t use keyboard in new private window for a few seconds after opening.

        Request: Can you add extensions to sync?

        • Aneta Reluga

          Hi Bobbie,
          I am unable to reproduce any of your reported issues here on Win7, so could you please add info what is your operating system, and also what is your exact Opera version?
          As for your request, well, syncing extensions is still being evaluated.

          • Bobbie M. Warner

            Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/48.0.2564.41 Safari/537.36 OPR/35.0.2066.10 (Edition beta)

            Pin tabs and restoring session only works if “Continue
            where I left off” is checked off. Is there any way of keeping them separate? I like opening a specific page or set of pages, but also want to pin tabs and be able to restore my session if Opera crashes.

            Advanced keyboard shortcuts, cycle right through tabs doesn’t work if the YouTube player is clicked on, for example, seeking through a video, then pressing number pad 2. It will fast forward the video instead of cycling right through tabs.

            Another problem I noticed. If Opera is running, my monitor never goes to sleep, also my screen saver never turn on. If I close Opera, both sleep and screen saver works like normally.


  • sgrandin

    Just opened the Speed Dial for the first time since installing this Beta to discover the first few rows only vaguely resemble what was there before. It’s as if sites I have opened the past few days have been added up top, as if Opera new had turned into Firefox’s mess of an SD. What the heck??

  • sgrandin

    Why does the new Opera treat the user’s startup page (or home page) and its “Start page” (address bar icon) as two different pages, unlike every other browser I’ve used in the past 20+ years, which treat those as synonymous? The latter include Netscape, Opera (6 to 12), IE, FF, Vivaldi and Slimjet. It’s wasteful and confusing.

    • Aneta Reluga

      I assume you would like to have a settable home page? Can you please provide a use case suggestion which would satisfy your expectations? Thanks.

      • sgrandin

        Simple: If I set my “on startup” page to be Yahoo, then I expect the start (or home) page icon on the address bar to open it too. That doesn’t happen in Opera new, but instead opens the SD (or Opera page if no SD?). So, there are two problems: 1) there is no way to get from a page such as this one to my home page, Yahoo, using the address bar; and 2) you’ve messed with the standard web terminology in a way that causes confusion. With all the other browsers I mentioned, including Opera 12 now for close to two decades, home/start for startup page and home/start on the address bar are one and the same. Why have you split them? As a practical (and linguistic) matter for users, it’s not at all helpful.

        • Aneta Reluga

          Wow, so many emotional assumptions out there over a simple UI design. I would respond by asking you: why on Earth should we do exactly the same thing as anyone else? Wouldn’t you then emotionally talk about copying or even ripoffs?

          Back to the point though. When trying to strike a balance, various decisions have to be made. It is just impossible to make all users satisfied with each and every aspect, and that’s it.

          • sgrandin

            You have a “start page” button on the address bar, but it doesn’t go to the user’s start page, but one you’ve arbitrarily designated as such! Just to be different. As kids used to say, Puh-lease…

            As one who has used and contributed frequently to improving Opera since 2006, and still uses Opera 12 even though it’s long in the tooth, I make no apologies for being pissed off at what you at Opera are doing with this new Opera. I don’t care about the change of engines, as some do or did, what I care about is functionality. Given a choice, you’ve frequently (if not consistently) gone with making basics harder for users: placement of tabs, the Speed Dial layout/configuration, messing with the user-set home page, the failure to offer scalable print/preview, and any number of more basics I’ve mentioned over the past couple of years on this blog.

            In this context, the reason I have so many other browsers on my desktop is not only because of the weak coding/choices of some websites and of the weakness of Opera 12 with printing (vs. IE11, FF), but in anticipation and hope that one of the alternatives now being developed will fill the void satisfactorily for my needs. After nearly two and a half years, I think hope and patience has grown thin for Opera to do so. I wish that were not the case.

          • Aneta Reluga

            You are absolutely right in one thing: the speed dial button should be described as “Speed dial” not “Start page”, but that’s beyond me.

            As for your general impression: I understand you feel somewhat disappointed in your need for an absolutely perfect browser, and some of the changes do not suit you. Well, bad news here: it is virtually impossible to make a perfect thing which would remain perfect for everyone for an extended time. People here are trying to make the best product there is; do you really think someone sits out there and viciously plots to make your life harder? Would you do so?

            Anyway. Yes, we listen to the users and yes, we try to do the good product that suits their needs. The results are published every now and then, on this very blog. We can only hope that we’re going in the right direction. And that’s it.

  • yok

    very very nice this browser thank you Paykasa al

  • Kyle

    Hey, I’ve been a loyal opera user for over 10 years now. I always thought it was the best, the coolest browser out there. But ever since I’ve upgraded to Windows 10, I haven’t been getting the same performance from Opera that I’m used to. It takes forever to load and hangs a lot. Please do something about this, lest I will be left with no other option but to move to Edge (much faster, surprisingly). Thanks.

  • Siko69

    Hey ! Give us a DARK THEME please !! 🙂 (Like Edge in Windows 10)

  • ElDani82

    Quote: “we decided not to show the mute button on each tab (instead, it appears when you hover over the tab) and we removed the main mute button.”

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s three quarters of the most use from that feature removed again! What if I am browsing on multiple tabs and some audio annoyance pops up? Do I really need to hover my mouse over all tabs first to find the culprit?

    I really really wish you devs at Opera would offer more settings so a user of your browser can choose which features to use and which to hide.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      You can right click on tab bar and select “mute other tabs”.

  • To Ny

    The new system to avoid unfinished downloads is perfect! It often happens to me; I start a huge download, then I forget I started it and I close the browser without any warning :/

    I don’t understand a separate search box. It’s perfect to use the same box to do everything. I can’t imagine any situation when it’s better to have a separate search box. Firefox uses this system and I never use it. It’s pretty useless.

    But I LOVE the Firefox’s muting tabs system ! It’s just an icon on the tab, near the close button. You click on it, the tab is mute. You don’t need to do a right-click or anything else, it’s just direct, easy and user frendly 🙂

    • Vux777

      you can mute tabs in opera by clicking on tab favicon
      -while something playing, there will be equalizer animation (or whatever is called) on tab favicon

      -on tab hover, it will show mute tab icon
      this is better when having many tabs opened, no need for third graphic in that cluttered space (tab fav + close button + mute button)

      Another search box would be useful if we could set different search engine for it
      one for omnibox, and another for search box

  • michsens

    What happened to the opera://flags/#linux-libnotify-toasts setting? There is only information with those native notifications but there is no possible interaction. How can I disable this unfinished libnotify notification? 🙁

    • Łukasz Jagielski

      Hi, Opera tries to provide native integration wherever possible and there is native Linux notification system. Depending on which implementation of notification server you use, the behaviour of notifications may vary. Please let us know what notification system you use, you might find this website helpful

      • michsens

        Thanks for your fast response. Well, my system is a Debian 9 with a KDE 5.
        Further investigations showed me that I was wrong that no interaction works but clicking the body of the notification has the same behaviour like clicking the cancel cross in the upper right.

        • Łukasz Jagielski

          We decided to take an action here and make those notifications more interactive where possible, stay tuned 🙂

          • michsens

            Thanks a lot. Can I be of some help somehow…? I did some Opera/Chrome extension development.
            Another opertunity is the use of button notifications but this is not yet implemented in Opera’s API.

          • Łukasz Jagielski

            Follow the blog 🙂

          • Łukasz Jagielski

            You might want to check this build, we added an extra ‘Activate’ button to native notifications

          • michsens

            Well done. Thanks.

  • Bobbie M. Warner

    Windows 7 screensaver and monitor sleep not activating when Opera is minimized or focused.

  • Can we have a download manager where a download can be custom started with a “Add a download” button? And a URL sequence download?

    Opera already used to have a very good download manager (including the above mentioned features) many years ago. I just hope it makes a return.

    • Aneta Reluga

      Thanks for the suggestions. If by “URL sequence download” you mean a solution similar to the wget command, I’d personally be so ever happy with it. Huge change, but to be taken for consideration.

  • WL-`

    Anyone having problems with twitch? The stream won’t show. It’s just a black screen (not the grey screen with twitch logo) but the rest of the website loads fine though including the chat. Tried Firefox, Chrome, and Edge and it worked fine though. Tried disabling all extensions and it still doesn’t work. Using Opera Beta 35, Win 10 64 bit

  • Frode P. Bergsager

    Of course we have a lot of duplicate bookmarks.
    Some of us have used Opera Link for our bookmarks, this have generated a lot of duplicates. I have spent several hours trying to clean up on many occations, but some duplicates are impossible to get rid of.

    • Aneta Reluga

      Can you please try to perform the bookmark cleanup on the syncing page ( )? This should help as it eliminates the transfer factor and works directly with the server side.

      • Frode P. Bergsager

        Thanks. Now it is cleaned up, down to about 8000 bookmarks with no visible duplicates.
        I was not able to delete bookmarks on this web-page version of Sync, had to do it in Opera Beta Bookmarks. A previous import from Opera Link was not needed anymore after I imported the bookmarks directly from Opera 12.17, and had to be deleted.

        Now I have only one question left, how do I export this bookmark list back to Opera 12.17, Chrome or Vivaldi?

      • Leonardo Gomes

        Hmm, i don’t see a bookmark cleanup option on that page.

        • Frode P. Bergsager

          There is no option for duplicate removal, it is implemented as standard when bookmarks are stored on your sync account.

          I found no delete option for unwanted bookmarks on the webpage, and I had to access my bookmarks through Opera Beta Bookmarks to remove unwanted bookmarks.

  • Jademarisa

    I’ve just uninstalled Opera 34 because I didn’t use it, still waiting
    for improvements that makes it worth using it for me. Until Opera gets
    classic menu bar, real skins and a proper bookmarks vertical menu, I put
    it on stand-by, meanwhile I’ll keep reading the blog for your progress

  • monkeyfish

    Does the clean-up remove the obscure and fairly useless Konami code for power user mode? All I’ve used it for is removing the search box from the speed dial page. Surely that could just be provided in Advanced Settings, or flags (since power users will be using flags already).

  • Keiv M. Salmon

    currently using this beta and youtube video pages are broken. used a user-agent switcher, selected chrome on windows and now the pages work fine.

    is this some browser sniffing with google feeding broken pages to opera?

    i know bing image search is broken in opera until you switch user agents.

    why is this garbage happening again? i thought the move to chromium/blink was supposed to elliminate this.

  • SGRZ

    Please, fix the issue to use Google with Opera 34! Can’t click on results on the bottom side.

  • L33t4opera

    New update – Opera beta 35.0.2066.23 😉

  • benT

    I have just now installed Opera 35.

    There are no bookmarks!!!???
    Why were they not ported from the existing Opera 12??

    What happened to the sessions??

    ALL GONE!!!


    urgent reply please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sol666 .

    I don’t really like opera. for some reason it hangs up midway through loading a website and then keeps churning away until I stop the page loading and then press refresh. Annoying. At the very least add a damn block all tabs from loading button if ur not going to add a load tab only when clicked on function.

  • lago

    why no sounds? I have the latest version.

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