Opera santa’s hat

A happy holidays to all our users and readers from all of us in the Opera Desktop Team!

We will be taking a break until new year. There will not be any product updates until January.

Thank you for your continued support, interest, and feedback in 2013! It would not be fun without all of you around. We look forward to continuing the great work in 2014.

Have a happy holiday!

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  • Aoyagi

    I’m having happy holidays with Opera 12, thankyouverymuch.

  • Cryio

    Happy Holidays team ! Your earned it!

    We’re eagerly awaiting Opera 19 fresh next year !

  • xxy137

    It was not a blissful year, forsaken support for Linux: (

    • oblv

      I just hope I can catch Santa using my cookies as a bait and get informations from him about the Linux release.
      Sorry to all the crybabies out there.

  • 0.o

    Jan 2014, bugfixing intensifies.. But anyways, Well Done, you earned it 🙂

  • SkyWarriorBR

    Happy Holidays! I hope you guys rest enough to stand us next year 😉

  • blu2

    I wish you a nice christmas time (:

    I hope Opera will be get better and better in new year.

    Hopefully Opera will support in 2014 native mp3 playback and websites logo-focusing on Speed Dial fields ( for many sites it’s very practical )

    And so many users waiting for a real bookmarks manager and for a Linux version of Opera Blink. That’s my 4 wishes for the new year (;

  • Ice007

    Merry Christmas & best wishes for 2014.
    Enjoy the time with your families and friends!
    Semper fi

    (I would have added a great Christmas smiley – but you “experts” just had to switch to Disqus…own fault)

  • Kurt Zon

    Merry Christmas to you all and the very best for 2014

    Ohh, and
    Thanks for everything in 2013 🙂

  • BS-Harou

    Marry Christmas! 🙂

  • gorankx

    Well one thing is sure, no presents for you guys in opera. because you have been very naughty in 3013, destroying such nice browser and forsaking linux users and aboding M2 and blogs forums and f***it the list of your bad doing is veryyyyyyy looooooooooooooooooooong……..

  • Flavoi

    Have a great holidays guys!

  • franmart27

    I would find this feature:
    – Import and export bookmarks in our html..

    When this feature will make its reappearance? Thank you

  • Marco

    Merry Christmas everybody.

    And a Happy New Year.

  • kapsi

    Happy Christmas from snowless Poland!

  • Кostadin

    Happy holidays to all of you!
    I would be glad to see a post “From all of us to all of you” with some exiting Opera Mail Pre-Alpha stuff :))))

  • Dmitry Kirin

    Thanks Daniel! Godt Nyttår and Wesołych Świąt! 🙂

  • Happy new year team. New year gives us health, happiness and of course Opera for Linux* 🙂

  • ayespy

    Happy Holidays to you as well!!


    I will never forget the day. February 12, 2013. It will be a day, as was once said by a great American president, that will live in infamy.

    I will remember that day as long as I live. For me, that was the day that Opera died as a web browser.

    I woke up that morning, happy to browse the web as I did every day. I turned on my computer, I started up Opera 12.13, and I visited my favorite technology news sites.

    And it was then, on February 12, 2013, that I, like many people of my generation, received the startling news: Presto would be no more; WebKit would be the future. At that very moment I knew that my world would be changing in a way that I could never have predicted.

    I must admit, I was at first a man full of hope. But then the second most infamous day in history occurred. It was May 28, 2013. On that day I thought I would experience Opera 15. But disaster struck, for I am a Linux user, and Opera 15 did not run on Linux.

    I wept! I cried! I screamed! Why? For I was a man who had been denied.

    And yet here we are, so many months later, and I am still a man who has been denied. I look upon the Opera 20 prereleases, and I weep yet again, for there are only Windows and Mac versions.

    We Linux users, why are we shunned? Why are we rejected? Why are we treated like the scum upon a rotting pond? Why are we denied?

    But a new year may bring change for all! A new year may bring hope; it may be a glorious future. Will there be a future for Opera? I, as a man of honor, do hope so. I desire Opera to be the most successful and widely used browser ever. Yet that cannot happen as long as I, a man who uses Linux, is denied the opportunity.

    This is not just about me. This is a matter concerning all Linux users. We want the best. We desire the best. That is why we use Linux. That is why we would like to use Opera. But still we remained denied!

    Please, deny us no longer! Provide us with the pleasures that we, as men of Linux, seek and desire. We want the newest Opera web browser on our computers. We want it bad. We have cravings, and we need the Opera web browser on Linux to satisfy our crushing need.

    We beg of you, let Opera 21 be the one that supports Linux! Let Opera 21 be the one that relieves us of the pressure and pain we feel. Please, deliver us from this hell we have been subjected to for months on end. Deliver us from this torture. All we ask for is Opera 21 on Linux. Will you deliver? Will you?

    • Bogdan Sokolov

      Very emotional! Read in one breath.

    • Kiyoko Kisaragi

      absolutely agree. I stick with Opera 12 on all OS’ I use. I do actually also use Opera 15+ since I don’t have to install chrome when Opera 12 come to compatibility issues with some google stuff (I’ll uninstall chrome on my linux once Opera Next is available). 😛

    • Томица

      A great writing, thank you so much GEORGE_LOVES_BIRDS. I agree on almost all the points. Except that I don’t really hope Opera continues with support for Linux.

      Let me make it quite clear. I have been in love with Opera for over 10 years. I love my browser. But I honestly strongly oppose the Webkit change. I will not use Webkit Opera, no matter when it comes out for Linux. I don’t think Linux users crave for yet another Webkit-powered browser. At least I don’t.

  • Tomáš Pavlík

    Wish u all merry Christmas and very happy new year!
    (Dont get drunk too much 😀 )

    And to you, Opera, of course. 🙂
    U’ r’ doing a great work, really, i thank you for it; but my poor Gentoo (and Arch) miss the new “blink-based” Opera very much. :3 I’m trying to stick with 12, but it’s getting to be harder and harder. Idk, it seems the O’12 just getting old.
    But on Windows, i can’t complain. Opera 15+ is getting to be fast as lightning. Chromium, FF, Maxthon, Fenrir etc. (end of thinking capacity, maybe? 😀 ) can all go hide themselves. And i never, ever encountered a SINGLE crash with Opera Stable. ONE with Opera Next and maybe two, three with Developer stram version of Opera. Yes, i miss a few things, but i can live without them 😉

    Thank you and again and wish you all merry Chiristmas. Im going to play “Star Wars, Revan, Audiobook part 2 on YouTube on Opera 18 🙂 )

  • L33t4opera

    Thanks for the wishes, Daniel 🙂
    Happy Holidays to all of you folks – developers, and users 😉

  • Ra-Mon

    I wish you happy holidays and all my best wishes for the future.

  • Emil Huber

    I really like what Opera has done this year. There have been so many great changes.
    Some people can’t understand the “Opera 15+ thinking”. It is a complete new browser and when there is something new there are people that like and people that hate it. Your personal opinion is ok but please do not comment on every post again with: Opera 12 was the best, Where is Linux-version, … Opera knows it now…

    Merry Christmas and happy new year.

    • Ice007

      Da wirst Du aber bei vielen auf Granit beißen. Opera Presto war eben viel mehr als einfach nur ein Browser von vielen. Er war (ist) ein Universalwerkzeug das in dieser Form einzigartig ist.
      Opera Blink ist das nicht. Der ist eben tatsächlich “nur ein Browser wie andere auch”. Er ist nicht schlecht – aber auch nichts besonderes.

  • Bruno Machado

    Happy holiday!

  • Tyrone Biggums

    Burn in hell Opera

    • There are many reasons why people will burn in hell, but writing software and making it available free to anyone is not one of them, not even if that software is useless to most users.

  • loveyao1420

    in 2013,opera reased 18.

    in 2014,opera reased 38.

    i like 11 11.11 11.64 12 12.10 12.15,chang little,have a great pleasure.

  • Leonardo Gomes

    Happy Holidays
    Boas Festas
    Feliz Natal
    Merry Christmas

  • serkbugs

    Merry Christmas guys!
    I hope you all have good holidays and will receive a lot of gifts
    but the most of Linux users this year will celebrate these holidays without present from you – Linux version of Opera.
    I waited all 2013 year for this present from you. I did not switch to Chrome because I thought that you will do it. You do not 🙁
    This is really sad. I do not know if this part of market still important for your company or not. From my point of view I can say now – we are not important.
    Thanx a lot for all before Blink Opera but I am switching to Chrome(ium) now.


  • Happy holidays to all Opera team. We hope 2014 will be the year of Opera.

  • Konstantin Paramonov

    Happy holidays!
    If anyone from staff is reading this, there is a crucial misinterpretation in the russian interface. “Get extensions” in Opera menu is translated as “Select extensions” which is confusing, you doubt where it is gonna get you: onto Opera’s internal page or the Addons store. “Extensions” and “Select extensions” placed next to each other always makes me think which one I need to choose.

  • Deqn G.

    Happy holidays to all Opera teams!
    I wish you 2014 to be the year of Opera for Linux at its finest!
    Continue to do your best after all these reorganizations and “Put the fun back into computing!”

  • Skel Azgar

    Opera 21 is really great! Please give us Linux version of this amazing product