A weekend without testing new Opera Next build is just no fun at all,
so we are giving you another build to play with. This time it contains
mostly bug fixes around tab bar area and couple of crashers, neatly
eradicated by our developers. Check out the change log below for more
details. Have a nice weekend, stay tuned for future updates.


  • Disappearing text in Google search is no more!
  • Number of fixes for tab bar
  • … and more

Full changelog


Known issues

  • DNA-8270 – Most of HTTP sites don’t load with off-road mode enabled.

Marcin Mitek

Tester on Windows platform @ Desktop Team since 2012. Based in Wrocław office. PC gaming enthusiast. Commutes to work on his fixie, Killer Bee.

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  • badattitude

    What happened to the Opera ‘reload every’ function? I can’t find it anymore